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Free Action Plan and Blueprint: The 5 (and a half) Steps To Create a Passionate and Profitable Business Online

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Hello and welcome,

I’m  Janet Beckers. If we haven’t met before I’m the founder of wonderful web women and it’s great to welcome you to our community here.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to work with thousands of people around the world through our online training programs.

Our programs get results and we’ve been honoured to win numerous awards in recognition of that.

We help you create a successful business online that is not only profitable and designed around your lifestyle. We do so in a way that it is built on your passions and can actually make a difference in the world.

Here at The Wonderful Web Group, we tend to attract people who are difference makers, even if they don’t realize it at first. My job is to help you Shine Online and that’s what our training is designed to do.

The 5 (and a half) Steps To Shine Online

After working with so many people,  I’ve discovered that there are basically five and a half steps to create a successful business online. But here’s the thing, the order that you do those five and a half steps is different depending on what stage you’re at in business.

If you’re ready to create your business from scratch, you do the steps in one order.

If you already have a successful business that is working really well for you, and you are ready to leverage your expertise, reach a global market and stop exchanging time for money; then you do the same 5 (and a half) steps, but in a different order.

 Either way: if you’ve been trying to create success online and not getting the results you want, it’s very likely that you’re just doing the steps in the wrong order.

Gift: Free Training and Business Blueprint

I have a gift to welcome you to our community.

You see, I don’t expect you to enrol in our programs immediately. I know I have to earn your trust and see if we are a good fit for each other. The best way I know to do that is to over-deliver by gifting you training I know I could easily sell.  The kind of training that is no-fluff and designed so you can implement quickly and get results straight away.

When you register above, you will receive:

Quick Quiz

  • The 1 Minute “Quadrant Quiz” to identify which of the 4 types of entrepreneur you are, so you know exactly where to start.
  • The Success Quadrant Blueprint: Totally no-fluff report which outlines the 5 (and a half) Steps to Shine online and lists how to implement each step for each entrepreneur type
  • A one page checklist for each entrepreneur type which lists, in order, the exact steps you need to follow to create a passionate and profitable business online. One that is designed to last for years.
  • A series of short and powerful, total content training videos to help you take action (with transcripts for people who prefer to read)

This training is totally no cost to you.  When you register above, with your name and your email address you’ll get immediate access.

I can’t wait to help you, welcome you to our community and see the difference you are going to make.



Founder Wonderful Women
International author, speaker, mentor and
multi-award winning entrepreneur
(including Australian Marketer of The Year)


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