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janet white 130x160Hi, Janet Beckers here, the founder of Wonderful Web Women.


So you’ve created your video and you’re ready to add your branding, snip out the bits where you turn the video on and off and maybe do some extra clever editing. Below you’ll find how-to videos for the most common video editing programs. Make sure you start with the “introduction to editing” video. It is truly awesome.


Links To Video Editing:

  1. Introduction to Editing
  2. Basic iMovie Editing Part 1
  3. Basic iMovie Editing Part 2
  4. Basic iMovie Editing Part 3
  5. Basic iMovie Editing Part 4
  6. Basic Windows Movie Maker Part 1
  7. Basic Windows Movie Maker Part 2
  8. Basic Windows Movie Maker Part 3
  9. Editing YouTube
  10. Editing with Camtasia
  11. Using Handbrake for MAC
  12. Using Handbrake for PC
  13. Exporting iMovie
  14. Demystifying Video Creation

Last Words

If you need help with editing your videos simply send an email the and we’ll let you know the different ways we can help.

If you have edited your video using this Geek Zone Course then let us know! We’ll help spread the word for you via social media and Rising Stars Radio. Then go and take a dip in your Celebration Box. You deserve it.

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