About Case Studies

Why Submit a Wonderful Web Women Case Study?

At Wonderful Web Women, I really want you to take action and make changes to your life and business because of the knowledge you have gained through our resources, or through the contacts you have made by being a part of the Wonderful Web Women Community.

Learning something new. Applying the knowledge gained. Then getting results from the application of the knowledge is still a real thrill for me.

Generosity is giving to the people in need. Joshua 11. 52Virtues - a WonderfulWebWomen/Niche Partners Pay-It-Forward Project

I would really like you to share your successes with me and the Wonderful Web Women Community as it is always a really good exercise to acknowledge your successes and it is even better to share them so that others can be inspired by your success.

Your Case Study can be something small you have done, or it could be a major project you have achieved.

I have put together some case study guidelines to help you, just click here for more details.

You may submit more than one case study and I’d love to hear your success stories.

Janet Beckers


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