Google Chrome RSS Feed error

Why is it when I click on the RSS Feed icon when using Google Chrome does an error appear?

Google Chrome is another web browser that I use a lot. However, I wanted to add an RSS Feed to my Google Reader account from the new 4thdimension mastery website of Janet Beckers.

To add an RSS feed to your reader, you normally just click on the RSS feed icon at the top of the page and a new window opens with some instructions.

The RSS Feed icons in Google Chrome as shown on

However, if you do click on either of these 2 icons, a window opens with a lot of text that does not mean anything!

This is what results when you click on a Google Chrome RSS Feed without a special Google Chrome extension

So what do you have to do to make the RSS feed work properly in Google Chrome?

To make the Google Chrome RSS Feed work properly you have to add an extension to Google Chrome, so how to do this?

Go to the Google Chrome RSS Subscription Extensions page and Install the plugin.

Google Chrome RSS Subscription Extension page

Click on the Install Button and a message will appear warning you that the extension will have access to your browsing history and private data on all websites. Just click Install.

Google Chrome RSS Subscription Extension Warning Message

After you have installed the Google Chrome RSS Extension, a new icon will appear in your navigation bar, as shown here when navigating to 4th Dimension Mastery.

The new Google Chrome RSS Feed icon will appear in your navigation bar as shown here on

Now when you click on the new icon, the RSS Feed page will now open successfully, with an example page from shown below

What the Google Chrome RSS Extension feed page looks like

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  1. Darrell
    8 years ago

    Chrome’s my default browser, thanks for that tip, was wondering why Chrome wasn’t doing the business!

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