Kristi Sayles

Talking to Kristi Sayles, I learned that she’s not your “typical” internet marketer.  Kristi is actually a school teacher who has created 24 software products to make things easier and more streamlined for people who do business on the internet.  She’s extremely talented and has a wide range of skills – including the ability to sing and play the piano!

One of the most fascinating aspects I discovered when talking with Kristi is how she got started with internet marketing in the first place- considering she loves her work as a school teacher (and she still does it despite her success with internet marketing).  Kristi has always been a bit amazed by computers, going back as far as the Commodore 64 she had.  She remembers it taking over 30 minutes to get online!  But what really got her into computers in terms of using them as a business tool was when her son became a software creator, and developed a teaching-type program that sparked an idea for Kristi.

Kristi had been writing for a few magazines- and knew that the only way to get your work published in a magazine was to send off a query letter.  And the only way for that query letter to get you the “job” would be if the editor thought the query letter was good enough to assign your article and print it in their magazine.  So Kristi had her son create software to generate query letters, using information that editors told her was what made a good query letter.  She said her son created the software in about an hour’s time; and she then placed it on Click Bank and started getting sales!

Kristi didn’t stop with the query maker software though!  Using the template that her son had given her, and two things she is really good at – writing and teaching – she went on to create a resume creator, essay creator and business plan creator! After awhile, Kristi realized that an article creator would be really helpful for internet marketers, and went to work creating that.  The article creator takes the “writer” step-by-step through the process of writing various types of articles, and explains what makes a good article so you know that when you get finished, you have an article worthy of promoting your website or product.

To find out more about how Kristi Sayles, one of our Wonderful Web Women, uses free internet marketing strategies with article distribution,  listen to her recorded interview, read her transcript and become a gold member of Wonderful Web Women.

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