An Introduction to Wonderful Web Women

Wonderful Web Women is a business coaching organisation and community designed BY Business Women FOR Business Women. We specialise in helping you create a passionate and profitable business that leverages the power of the Internet.

Wonderful Web Women workshopWe understand you are busy with many demands on your life so you need your education to be organised, flexible and respects that, although you may be on a steep learning curve, you are intelligent.

You also need the inspiration from successful women who you can relate to and the support of other women who are on the same journey as you.

Plus… want to have fun!

Introducing Our Fearless leader

Janet Beckers from Wonderful Web Women

Janet Beckers is the founder of Wonderful Web Women and Director of Niche Partners Pty Ltd. When Janet launched Wonderful Web Women she had no list, no-one had heard of her and she was down to her last dollar .

Within 8 weeks of convincing the world’s most successful women to support her launch, she had matched her previous 12 months income, built a list of thousands & won an award for the best membership site on the Internet. And that was just the first 8 weeks. Phew!

Janet is now the founder of a successful and dynamic online community, an international speaker, best-selling author and mentor and has helped & inspired thousands to create their own success on-line. She is a multi-award winner, including most recently, Australian Marketer of The Year.

She is passionate about helping YOU create success on-line as well.

Janet also has a life outside of the Internet. She is the mother of 2 gorgeous children & wife to Douglas The Wonderful Web Man. She is passionate about the environment, her family & friends. One day she will learn how to stand up on her surfboard.

Introducing Our Coaching and Mentoring

We support women (and enlightened men) in all stages of business. Many of our members have established businesses and are looking for ways to attract a world-wide market, stop exchanging time for money and create a fantastic lifestyle business that only the Internet can do so well.

If you are just starting out in business and have a passion you’d like to create a business around, then we can help you to. And if you already have an Internet presence and are looking to take it to the next level with higher valued programs and successful launches, we can support you too.

Our programs range from introductory programs to strategy specific “how to” programs. The best place to start is with our Inner Circle membership program as this will give you great grounding in the basics and then sophisticated best-practice training in the topics that are important. You can check out our expanding suite of programs in the Success Store and Mentoring links above.

We have quite a few high value free training programs and webinars which give you brilliant strategies you can implement in your business. This allows you to get a feel for the value we offer as well as get actionable knowledge you can get results with quickly. We’ll let you know of any specialist training modules we have on the webinar topics if you want to dive in deeper and invest in training with us. The choice is always yours.

A Note About Action

In business you are not judged by how much you know. You are judged by your results. You can only get results by taking action on what you learn so that is something we focus on a lot here. So much so, that we have developed a world-wide reputation for creating supported opportunities for you to take action.

For example, we have created 4 collaborative ebooks, a collaborative published book, run give-away events, video competitions, product creation competitions….the list goes on. These projects have been the catalyst for hundreds of women to finally start the business they have been talking about for ages, but just needed an opportuity, a deadline and support to get started.

Introducing Our Community

We have some amazing women and men in our community. (It may surprise you to find that around 10% of the members of Wonderful Web Women are men. They like our approach to business).

You can find them over at The Wonderful Web Community Hub, at the Facebook Community and also at events we run. Take the time to introduce yourself. Through our community there have been numerous friendships formed, business deals done, Joint Ventures formed and even business partnerships created.

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  1. Dee

    Hi – I just signed up today, and also purchased the special $8 Business plan. But I haven’t received the welcome email with the link to the free Action Plan and Blueprint. I even signed up again this evening, thinking perhaps I’d done something wrong earlier. Still nothing. Any thoughts?

    • Ferraiza Cyriz Velasquez

      Hello Dee. This is Ferraiza, Janet’s assistant. I will be sending you an email to confirm a few more details with you as I’m checking your account and the emails you have received. Thank you 🙂

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