Mission: my lifestyle is supported by passive income

¬†Yesterday I was fortunate to interview Kirsty Dunphey. We had some terrible problems with the line so the recording has some weird bits in it, but excellent gems in amongst the buzzing! Kirsty shared her story of retiring when she was just 27. She had some real “take-away” attitude gems that I would like to share with you.

You can find out more about Kirsty, and get great discounts on her books (just for us) here:

Kirsty grew up as a true entrepreneur in a family of business people.
A great example of her early entrepreneurial spirit was organising a birthday party for herself at 5 years of age, so she could score great presents. Only problem was, it wasn’t her birthday!

Interestingly, her wonderful business parent role models also gave her the resolve to be different to them.

Gem #1: Your past does not determine your future. You are not genetically predetermined to have a certain life plan. You can choose your own.

Kirsty shared with us that she was looking at her personal mission statement which was stuck near her phone. This is what it says:

Gem # 2: My lifestyle is supported by passive income
Keeping this mission statement close to where she works keeps her focused on the outcome.

Kirsty retired at 27. When I asked her how she defines retirement, she said “I only work if I want to. My passive income supports my lifestyle”

Gem #3: Passive income gives you the choice of how you spend your time.
Kirsty opens new on-line business, presents and writes because she chooses to, not because she has to.

Kirsty creates passive income through investing in real estate and creating  2 online businesses. (you can link to them here). She believes strongly in spreading her risk.

Gem #4: Always have a plan B
In every venture Kirsty has started, she always had a plan B. If something didn’t work, she always knew she had something fulfilling to take it’s place.

Of course, this is just a fraction of what we covered. Kirsty shared the strategies she uses with her 2 web sites (2 different target markets), how she builds her lists and how she communicates with her list (great tip re using trivia questions). You can listen to the recording (sorry about the buzzy bits near the end) in the gold members area of Wonderful Web Women.

Here’s the ink again to Kirsty’s offer.

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