Creating Your Own ebay Empire

In this week’s episode, Janet Beckers interviews the beautiful and very successful Amanda Clarkson.

Today’s topic is, “How to Create an Automated ebay Business to Keep for the Ultimate Lifestyle or Sell as an In-Demand Asset.”

Ebay is the way to build an asset and make passive income in the 21st Century.

More about Amanda Clarkson
Amanda Clarkson lives the eBay dream on the Gold Coast of Australia. She and her husband Matt bring in $50,000 PLUS every month through eBay and the whole business is automated. In fact, it is so automated they have the time to travel as well as concentrate on creating multiple streams of income which all stem from eBay. In fact, Matt and Amanda now enjoy 13 streams of income via the net and now spend the majority of their time helping and mentoring everyday people all over the world create their own highly profitable, automated businesses.

Amanda is a down-to-earth business woman whose honesty and generosity with her knowledge has inspired many of our Wonderful Web Women members to create their own successful eBay businesses.

We are also very proud to feature our Wonderful Web Radio Rising Star interview.  In this segment, we speak with Margit Robson.

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