Ask Janet: The Last Click on The Safe Combination

Linda SageHi Janet,

I have a list, I have great feedback, I have a book just published, I do well on my personal training/coaching, but not in big enough numbers.  I am missing the last click on the safe combination, to open the flood gates. I still learn myself, I update, and am working each day, everyday!

If you have any suggestions, I would be thrilled to hear them.

Thanks for your interest.


Janet: I love Lisa’s phrase “I am missing the last click on the safe combination, to open the flood gates.” I’m sure a lot of people in our community can relate to what Lisa says.

It can be so frustrating when you know you have incredible value to offer. Like many people, when you do have a client you have the skills and unique ability to really help them. You very likely have great intellectual property and get excellent results implementing that knowledge with your clients.

Believe it or not, if you are reading this and you have the same frustration as Linda you are actually quite lucky.

You see, you have what many people starting an online business don’t have.

You have:

1. A niche
2. Intellectual property (you have knowledge and you put it into action with your clients)
3. You already have clients who love you because you help them get results.


If you are not attracting the number of people to your business you would like and you are not converting those people into buyers it usually comes down to one thing. Well, at least to start with.


Here are 3 areas to focus on creating crystal clear clarity.

Clarity on who your ideal client is

You need to be very, very clear on who is your ideal client. If you find yourself saying “I can help anyone” or something general like “I help women” then you are not clear at all.

For Linda, I can see she is a personal coach and covers a lot of things such as business coaching, weight loss and personal development. Very often we can help many types of people but, in order to give clear messages to your potential clients, you need to emphasise the area you have greatest success with. More importantly, you need to emphasise the areas that attract the most profitable clients.

A way to rephrase Linda’s specialties above is “I work with professional, entrepreneurial women who have been focusing so much on growing their business and managing their families, they have put their own health last. Now they find themselves overweight, lacking energy and feeling unattractive and unconfident. They want to feel proud of themselves again. I know when I’ve helped them master this aspect of their life I can then help them use their new confidence and self-esteem to create the business of their dreams”.

Can you see how that is far clearer?

Clarity on how you help your clients

Are you very clear on the way you help your clients? The clearer you are on the systems you use to solve your customer’s problems, the more confident they will be to work with you. Take the time to create service and product  packages to offer your clients. Your potential customers need to be able to see that you are different to everyone else out there. You differentiate yourself through your unique story, your personal strengths you bring to your business, and importantly the structure you put around the solutions you provide. They need to feel confident that you know the path to take them from where they are now to where they want to be, and you have a very clear map to guide them.

Clarity for your customer

When a potential customer visits your website, or communicates with you via social media, email, phone or in person, is it very easy for them to self-identify as your ideal customer? You need to be very clear, especially on your home page, who you work with. You can do this by providing an opt-in gift that really speaks to the perfect customer. So in Linda’s case, it would be wonderful to create a gift to entice new subscribers that was entitled something like “The Business Woman’s 5 Step Guide to Being Slim, Fit and Bursting With Energy For Life” or something along those lines. If they can’t see straight away that your website is designed to solve THEIR specific problems they will go searching for somewhere that does.

There are many things you can be doing to attract and convert a stream of wonderful clients but if you don’t have these 3 areas of clarity, you will be building your marketing on dodgy foundations. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. If you need help getting clarity on who your ideal customer is and how you uniquely serve them, leave your comments below and we’ll see if we can help you get a bit clearer.



  1. Great advice Janet, and very timely for me too as I clarify my own niche. I too have just published my book, which targets a general niche, and I’m now refining my ideal client and the area I’m most passionate about.

    Thank you for your wisdom – Di Coop

  2. Hi Janet,
    Thank you for this information, it is great and seems so simple…. that is why it is so good to share and ask questions.

    I will be implementing the changes and see where I go from there.

    Great advice, thank you for your time.


  3. Hey Linda you said it right when you said SIMPLE. The thing is, you are very, very close and the changes to make are very simple…which is why clarity is the key. I said simple though, not easy! Getting absolute clarity and designing programs that reflect that clarity can be very difficult, simply because you need to make a lot of choices to get there. If you have a mastermind group, this is a perfect time to involve them. If you have favourite clients who fit your ideal customer, ring them up and ask them for ideas. They’ll often know exactly what you need to offer and the words you need to use to describe your offerings.

  4. Hi Janet, very timely words- this is the area that I have the most trouble with. Identifying my niche when I am looking at so many options is a challenge-and its also scary. I realise that what is holding me back is the fact that l might choose the wrong one! At least I have identified the problem- now all I have to do is solve it! Thanks, Kay

  5. HI Janet and Linda
    Thanks for the question Linda, I identify with you because I am a Personal Trainer and had my own gym. It is such a diverse industry and your clients are just as diverse in what they want from us even though they all think they just want to be fit and healthy. By the time they walk into the gym they have so many areas that need work that we as trainers become quite versatile in what we do to keep the busines going.

    My question to you Janet in this regard is if I am a generalist but pretty good at many things, can I have different membership sites in different niches and still be successful?

    E.g. I am building an ebooksite for authors in genres like fantasy, biographies, novels etc.
    Focused on mentoring authors

    I am also a harpist and need to keep that going with a website revolving around using the harp for music at events.

    I am a kinesiologist and life coach and want to drive my life coaching from a website as well.

    So, looking at all of that, the coaching/mentoring theme is predominent, I just cannot seem to get it all in one website business.

    I am not planning on doing it all on my lonesome self, I might outsource the author coaching to my daughter.
    To get started I would have to set up the website and get it all running smoothly and then move on to e.g. the harping website and the the around December I would like the life coaching/kinesiology website up and running.

    Everything I did up to now was very hands on and with moving around a lot in life, my businesses seem to suffer. my solution to the problem is to take it all on the web and cut back on overhead costs. My aim is to be able to travel and still keep my businesses going successfully.

    I hope this makes sense to you.


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