Article Marketing-How to Advertise Effectively for Free

In this week’s episode, Janet Beckers interviews Kristi Sayles.

Today’s topic is, “Article Marketing-How to Advertise Effectively for Free.”  Today you will learn how a school teacher got involved in internet marketing, and how someone with no HTML knowledge developed over 24 software programs.

Kristi will also share some invaluable tips and tricks to help you market your business and services for FREE, using Article Marketing.

Kristi Sayles is a published author, writing software creator, and internet marketing coach. She also happens to be an elementary teacher at Camden Elementary in Camden, Tennessee.

We are also very proud to feature our Wonderful Web Radio Rising Star interview.  In this segment, we speak with Shelley Weitenberg of


  1. Pettina26 says:

    Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful tips here.. I will these type.

  2. Its so nice to learn from you, I will try these kind for improvement.

  3. This is a great option for all who wants to learn more how to involved in on line marketing. Thanks for the information.

  4. The one disadvantage of posting articles to ezine article directories is that spammers use them and some of the bloggers that use them use them don’t abide by the terms and conditions. I took all my articles down because bloggers were adding links to the articles that made it look like I was endorsing products that I would never endorse. There were links to buy pharmaceuticals from Canada, snake oil type remedies from quacks, and books and products I’ve never heard of.

    Anyone submitting articles should be aware that you can end up having your good name associated with junk products…

  5. Shared such a valuable information, I was in search of this for the past 3 days. Anyways, thanks for sharing and continue doing this with more such content.

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