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One of the most common questions we are asked is “what software should I use to set up my internet Business?” There are so many shopping carts, auto-responder programs, web site builders, merchant accounts etc etc etc that the choice can be overwhelming. In fact, this can be enough to stop many people in their tracks.

Over the years we have researched and used heaps of different software. Some have been brilliant and we still use them today. Others cost us literally tens of thousands of dollars in lost sales, over-paid affiliate payments and staff time in trouble shooting problems. That doesn’t include the emotional strain of dealing with dodgy technology and uncooperative suppliers. How do you put a price on tears?

We now use a very powerful but simple combination of software tools to run our business. Each part of the software puzzle is used because it is the best at that part of the system, is simple to use and is great value. In fact, some of them are free and the rest are low cost.

In the video below, I walk you through the software we use. I show you how it is used, what we like about it and also, what are the limitations of them. This video is 1 of 6 videos in this month’s Wonderful Web Women gold member module. This month’s module takes you behind the scenes of a successful list building funnel, shows you why each section works so well and how to implement the same in your business simply and quickly. You can get life-time access to this training module by joining as a member today. This no-fuss training has been getting excellent reviews.

Any questions you have on the software I show you in this video, just leave below. I’d love to hear any questions you have and any experience you have with choosing software to run your business so leave your comments below. I’ll come back and join the conversation.




Links to the software:

Hosting (

WordPress (comes free with your hosting. This creates your website)

Optimize Press Theme ($97). Puts your free wordpress software on steroids.




  1. Can’t help wondering why you need aWeber if you are running 1ShoppingCart Janet.

    • Hi Terence, Well we do the same thing in our business, Use aWeber as well as 1ShoppingCart. The reason for us is that Aweber has more functionality than 1SC in regards to broadcast and autoresponder emails!

  2. Hey TK. If you watch the video you’ll see we don’t use both together. I talk about what circumstances you would use one (we have other products apart from our wonderful web women business that don’t use 1sc) and when to choose to use 1shoppingcart. Which one do you use in your business TK?

  3. Hi Janet, thanks for the great info. H comes at the right time-l actually have a quote for changing my website -a much more expensive option. l will certainly be looking at this a lot more closely! Kay

  4. Hi Janet. Just a quick question – was of all your website created using Optimize Press, or just your launch/ membership pages? Thanks, Kay

    • Hey Kay,
      Everything on our website is created using Optimize Press. The only part that isn’t is the blog, which I call our Community Hub. Anything where you see the url at the top start with uses WordPress with the Thesis theme.
      This is historical, in that our main site and our blog were separate (a hangover from trying every software out there!). So we needed to have 2 separate wordpress installations just to keep it simple for us, rather than change everything into the one site after we had years of content on the blog. We could have put Optimize Press on both parts of the site but seeing as the blog was separate anyway, we used Thesis because it has a lot of flexibility to change the look and feel and I had some creative things I wanted to do.

      If I was to start from scratch though, I’d probably just use Optimize Press and keep it simple as you can add a blog in using Optimize Press.

      It’s pretty clever software and unless you want to make a lot of changes to the look of the site, it will do everything you need.

      Hope that helps.

      With web master quotes, you are really paying for their skills to put it all together and the time to do it all.
      If you would like to get more quotes to compare, drop me an email. I’m happy to introduce you to our preferred suppliers. The people we use ourselves.

  5. Hi Janet,

    In this video you refered to deepertrainingsa in the next videos…
    Where are these others videos as I don’tknow where to go for the next one in the series?



    • Hey Liz. This one of 6 videos in the training module this month for gold members of Wonderful Web Women. You can read all about this module as well as the other training material you get as a member over here.

      You will get lifetime access to this module which after this month is not available to anyone else. In fact, this particular module is earmarked to be part of a $197 program due for release next month.

  6. Great info Janet. Do you know if you can use Optimize Press on a WordPress site using Thesis theme or do you use OptimizePress as the theme on a wordpress site?

    • Hey Fay. You have to choose between the 2 as they are both wordpress themes and you can only have one theme per wordpress site. As you can see as we have done though, you can have more than one wordpress installation on a domain. It just means that everything under a particular folder (in our case /blog) is on a separate wordpress and theme. I don’t recommend you do this unless, like us, there is a historical reason. Simply because you have 2 costs associated with design and also you need to keep 2 installations of wordpress and themes up to date when they release updates.

      Both themes are great but Optimize Press is simply awesome with the extra functionality it has and how well tested it is for creating squeeze, sales and launch pages that are proven to convert.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was really stuck with where to start so I can re-create my website, and the software needed etc to build my business further. This video is worth GOLD to me . I thought that I would have to spend hours to do it all and now it seems that I won’t. I love creating and actually enjoyed making my current website and doing my blog so I am REALLY looking forward to playing with

    Thanks again Janet

  8. Hi Janet!
    i was watching your video and noticed you use 1shoppingcart with optimizepress. My question is how did you get the email opt-in to work with optimzepress and 1shoppingcart without receiving an error?

    I am following this and it has been so difficult to get it to work together. Thank you for your help

  9. This really answered my downside, thank you!

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