#10 Web TV: How To Find an Accountability Buddy


Can you relate to this? You want to get fit (and not be embarrassed in a bikini or even a neck-to-knee poncho) and decide you will start running of a morning. You buy the new running gear, set the alarm for sunrise and steel yourself for the discipline you will need to start your new fitness regime.

Morning comes, the alarm goes off and you roll back over and go to sleep. Tomorrow you’ll start.

If you had to meet a friend or a personal trainer to run together you would have forced yourself out of bed. You don’t want to let them down and besides, they’ll remind you how slack you are!

The same thing happens in business.

Imagine if you had someone in business who would force / inspire you to do what you know you should do.  Someone to hold you accountable.

In this short video I share with you how to find that person and importantly, how to work with them to build your business.

I think you’ll like it.  Enjoy this quick video in this week’s episode of Wonderful Web TV. Your Monday dose of Motivation, Mindset and Marketing.

I’d love to hear your comments and any tips you’d like to share. Share your thoughts below. I’ll come back and join in the conversation.



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  1. Hi Janet,

    That is a wonderful idea. I have found that I always work much better when I have had weekly contact with someone else. I particularly like your experience regarding the goals that you and your accountability buddy had set in the first six months. It shows how important it is to be realistic.

    I was wondering if I could make a suggestion regarding the use of another term besides “why”?
    Instead of asking “why didn’t you………?”or “why didn’t that work?”, maybe try substituting “what was the reason that you didn’t………?” or “what do you think was the reason that didn’t work out?”.

    The theory behind that is “why” allows people to justify. “Reason” goes deeper and can provide an answer.

    Thank you again for a great suggestion. I am going to contact a couple of people I know and ask them to join me for the “mini-mastermind”.

    • Great suggestion re replacing “why”. Language really is very important when masterminding with people. Realistic goals are a real challenge for entrepreneurs because I think many of us really are chronic optimists (read out-of-touch).

  2. I like the idea of a partner that you can meet with face to face once a month with email communication between meetings.

    I think that trust is the most important element. You need someone you can trust with your business goals and plans, but also someone you can trust to share your fears, failures, setbacks and doubts.

    You also need someone that has some different skills and is able to offer a different point of view. I think if you’re too similar you may miss opportunities or be too narrow in your approach

    • Excellent point about rust. It is absolutely essential. Also a great point about having very different skills and experiences. I quite like having people of different personality types in my group (extroverted, introverted, detailed, big picture) to get lots of different angles of view.

  3. WOW, my accountability buddy sent me a link to this video when it arrived in her inbox this morning. (Which she checked, after we had finished up with our very own ‘accountability coffee’ session.) Such great timing.

    I’m making so much more progress than before we started getting together regularly. I’ve found a great fit for my goals and headspace, and I know that she has also found a similar connection with me.

  4. Ahh, yes, one of the major reasons Coaches need coaches too! Even though we know the great questions, we don’t often ask ourselves the right ones!

    Thanks Janet, another great tip. xx

  5. Hi Janet
    I have a buddy whom I met through the interenet studies and I am going to convert her into my accountability buddy if she lets me.
    We have as yo mentioned both creted goals that are just too big for us, reasong being that we were looking at out mentors and being encouraged to creae too big a goal for ourselves.

    So thanks again Janet for keeping it real!
    We need to find our strengths and we sometimes need someone to encourage us to do just that.

    • Linky it is important to set yourself a big goal to aim for so you know your destination. But when it comes to the week-by-week goal setting I found we can really over-estimate what we can get done. But look back over a year and it can be incredible what you have done simply by taking taking consistent, manageable steps.

  6. Janet,
    I was just crushed as a very loyal subsciber of your this is a topic that had my interests immediately, The reason why I was so upset if that after really being excited hear the video after seven attempts I could not get it to play. I have no idea why however I wanted to tell you so that perhaps you can figure out a way that I can still hear it. I thank you as usually as I always enjoy your emails.

    • Larry that is so frustrating. I’ve sent you an email with ideas but it would be handy to know what web browser you are using? for eg Firefox, safari, Explorer? The only thing I can think of is you may need Flash or something else on your computer (they are free)? Let me know after you check out my suggestions in my email. If anyone else is having problems let me know too please. In the mean time, you can watch the video over at itunes. Here’s the link:

      You can also subscribe to the podcast through itunes (you download itunes for free) and it will automatically download every episode for you.

  7. great topic here, for me i should say first of all he/she must be somebody i can trust and someone i like, co’z there is nothing worse than meeting with someone you don’t like ehhh!!

  8. edmond0925 says:

    Thank you for sharing this video… I learned a lot on finding my accountability buddy. Thanks to you!

  9. sandraw2580 says:

    Excellent post! Love the topic.. I have been exchanging emails and ideas with couple of friends on skype and I just realize that they are my accountability buddy!

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