#12 Web TV: Setting Your Emotional Intention


In this week’s episode I share with you how to BE PRESENT in your business, as well as working on and in it. Each day I don’t just set my goals and to-do list. First, I set my EMOTIONAL INTENTION for the day. To find out what I mean and how this can work powerfully for you, watch this quick video in this week’s episode of Wonderful Web TV – your Monday dose of Motivation, Mindset and Marketing.

I’d love to hear your comments and any tips you’d like to share. Share your thoughts below. I’ll come back and join in the conversation.



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  1. Patricia Thompson says:

    It was good. But if you set your emotion intention and as the day progress other factors distract from that intention?How do you get back on track

    • Great question Patricia. I find I need to write my Emotional Intention somewhere as a reminder for me throughout the day. If you are my friend on Facebook you will note that quite often I share my Emotional Intention for the day publicly. This has a few benefits. Firstly it inspires others and generates discussion. Secondly, by stating it publicly it reinforces to me that I am serious about this intention. Thirdly, each time I pop over into Facebook that day there is a reminder for me (and if my intention was to stay focused on tasks until completion then seeing this intention written on Facebook reminds me to get back to work!).
      If I don’t write it somewhere (such as my computer, my diary, top of my to-do list) I will forget it and get distracted. So to get back on track:
      1. Write your intention somewhere you will see it often throughout the day
      2. When you see it and you realise you are not practising that intention at the moment, stop what you are doing, take a moment to focus all your attention on the message written down and IMAGINE what it looks and feels like to be doing as you intended, then get back to work while you hold that feeling you just IMAGINED.
      3. Be kind to yourself. I usually speak to myself out loud (well actually I tell my dog Leo) or you can just say in your mind…as if you are talking to the 3 year old you “You got a bit off track didn’t you? But that’s OK sweetheart. That’s can happen easily. But you’re back on track now aren’t you? See, you can do it”. I know. Sounds a bit barmy eh? But it works. And Leo agrees with me 🙂

  2. Lovingly present and focused!! Powerful Janet. I love that. It really needs to come from within doesn’t it.. The emotions you are feeling and set your intentions on feeling that day. Certainly is a great reminder of how we envisage our day to go.

    Sometimes it doesn’t always turn out the way we hope or plan, but without setting it for the day, what else do we have to manifest how we would like our ideal day to go 🙂

    Thanks Janet

  3. Hello Janet I’m Patricia Koby. it great thank you for your messages

  4. I start my working day meditating to get the all important internal balance right.

    I also remind myself that I am being of service to people who need someone in their corner.

    If that day involves a meeting a prospective contact, I visualize a scene where we have a fruitful discussion resulting in them becoming a client based on the fact that I have been able to help them solve a problem or meet a need.

    To avoid being thrown off course, I check in on myself during the day (as I am making a cup of tea or breaking for lunch etc) and monitor how I feel.

    • Love what you do Lorwai. The act of visualising or imagining or meditating (or however you approach it) is so incredibly powerful. I love that your intention is to always be of service and visualise the rewards for doing just that.

  5. Heather Waring says:

    Am familiar with intentions and do set those but hadn’t come across this before. It makes a great deal of sense. Reading the comments already and your responses has also been of additional help. Yes, I would need to write mine down too. I’m going to give this a go. Thanks

  6. I love the idea of setting an emotional intention for the day. I’ve done that specifically for meetings or events but not for an entire day.

    Like Patricia I was wondering how you keep the intention for the day. Thanks for the tips. I can see you’d need to remind yourself and bring yourself back to that intention. I guess I better friend you on facebook so I can see a list of your emotional intentions and find some new ones that resonate with me!

    Lovingly present and focused is excellent. I will try that for today as it does fit with the day I have planned – two social catch ups with friends for morning tea and lunch are the idea time to practise this intention and get the day started right. Do you have any suggestions for intentions around communication?

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