#19 Web TV: How to Get a Holiday


Can you relate to this? You start your business in order to have control over your own life. You want the freedom to choose when and where you will work and when and where you will have holidays. But you look back on your year and realise you haven’t had a totally unplugged holiday for ages. There always seems to be the next product, next blog post, next video to do and next thing you know, you’ve got yourself a 365 day a year “job”.

How did that happen? In this week’s short TV episode I show you how to make sure you always get your holidays, plus more. I think you’ll like it. …enjoy this quick video in this week’s episode of Wonderful Web TV. Your Monday dose of Motivation, Mindset and Marketing.
I’d love to hear your comments and any tips you’d like to share.  Share your thoughts below. I’ll come back and join in the conversation.
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  1. Hi
    I like this idea as life is all about intentions. Without making the time for ourselves and our business it is easy to get lost in the moments that present themselves and lose momentum, income and passion. Thanks Janet

  2. Janet, I love your simplicity. Your “Virgin Diary” method is something that anyone can do immediately to make a positive impact on their businesses, but more importantly, their lives! Thanks for keepin’ it real!

  3. Great message to greet me as I return to work, Janet – thank you! And please pass on a huge hug to Ann Rolfe for me – it’s always wonderful when a friend’s name is mentioned, and she’s very special.

  4. Last year I decided I wanted to do montly reviews but had previously kept forgetting about it, so at the begining of the year I printed out a montly review sheet for each month which had 3 questions… what did you do last month, what is the focus for this month, and what will i have acheived by the end of this month…. Then i went through and stuck with sticky tape each monthly sheet at the beginning of each month for the year .. so taht way I didnt have to remember nor could i ignore it cause it was covering my whole diary page. When it came to doing my yearly review it was great i just refered to each sheet where I had all the things (some I had forgotten about) for each month.

    I love doing this for my holidays Janet – i didnt do that this year and your right you always don’t find the time unless you schedule it in.

    • Belinda that is such a brilliant tip you have just shared. Such a simple thing to do but so effective. I imagine, if you use Google Calendar like I do, you can set it as a recurring appointment and put a link to the document to print out though having it covering the page you were going to write on the first of each month is far more ‘in your face”.

      • Thankyou Janet, yes i found it worked really well and i found that if i had to go and print something out then it was just one more step that I would procrastinate on and it would get put aside. I use a combination of diary and online calendar i found just using the online calendars didnt work for me its too easy to press the “dismiss” button if it reminded me when i was in the middle of doing something 🙂

  5. Great post Janet … and thanks for a great tip Belinda … I use a paper diary. I find having an A4 diary is great then I can write notes in it and I have a record of my year. I’ve printed out an A4 sheet (x12) and put it on the 1st of each month with your 3 questions Belinda. Have to say Janet … I’m loving your tips since the new year 🙂 … somehow it is mysteriously releasing blockages without it feeling like work!

    • Julie that is fantastic to know my tips are acting in mysterious ways! I’ve filmed tips for the next 2 months and there are some ones in there I know are really going to push some buttons.

  6. I went paperless a couple of years ago and I found I missed having that overview and in all honesty there is something about paper. I love those 2 pages per day diaries where you can use one side to scribble all your notes to yourself and the other side to plan, and then those month at a glance diary pages to look at your plan.

    I also have a couple of whiteboards that I use (well, sometimes!). One has a column for each day so I can plan things and I usally divide it in 2 so I have work at the top and personal at the bottom. The other is blank but I put my overall goal or sometimes a theme word and plan out how the next period will look. Sometimes a week or month, sometimes 90 days.

    I do block out holidays but I still like to spontaneously plan holidays at short notice too!

    • Your comment made me realise I actually use a combo of paper and electronic because, like you, I need a visual and somewhere to write. I use my Google Calendar for all appointments and blocking out holidays because it is also used by my assistants to manage my diary. I also like that y family can log in and add things to the personal Google calendar.
      But I LOVE paper. So I have a one page to a day diary on my desk and write all notes, done list, phone appointment notes etc on the page for the day. I can then go back and find notes on things that happened. I don’t use it for recording appointments though or planning. This year I’ve started using a huge planner on my wall so I can see the year at a glance. This is one thing you can’t do easily electronically (and be able to read it!) and I love that visual. Love the many different ways we all “get our act together”.

      • Yes I love it too, but sometimes it messes me up because I write something in my paper diary and don’t synch it in my online diary or vice versa. I try to have my mobile remind me of appointments (including the fun personal appointments) to keep me on track otherwise it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Some days I don’t want to have anything to do with technology as I want to totally disconnect… Much as I love being able to do everything online paper works better for me. If I handwrite notes or mind maps I remember them and integrate them into my thinking in a way that never works in mobile devices and computers.

  7. Alvin Purple says:

    Can I relate to this? You bet I can. Ever since 1972, when I first started out, I begin the year by marking all important dates in my diary. And, doing what I do, I have a date every day of the year. And while some dates are more enjoyable than others, I do love them all.

    Now, when it comes to blacking out certain dates for holidays I have a real difficulty. The thing is, the way I deliver my services, every day seems to be a holiday because, honestly, my work does not seem like work at all. In 40 years I have never had a sick day and I have never had a day where I didn’t enjoy my “work.”

    I am writing this while I am on a luxury yacht in the Caribbean – and yes, I do have satellite internet access.



  8. Hi Janet,
    I love the Virgin Diary! Intuitively I have done or attempt to do this but as with everything, when you bring your conscious awareness to a task and clearly set an intention with the larger picture in why you are doing what you are doing and how it all fits together, well then, more power to you! Thanks for your work and inspirations for all of us. Sandy P.S. Thanks Belinda for your 3 questions you write out and put at the front of each month tip. Excellent. Already set it up along with my personal balance dates. Feels Good!

  9. Alvin Purple says:

    Hi Sandy,

    I wasn’t going to mention the V-word, but since you have brought it up I may as well make the comment that in 1972 it was much easier to find one than it is today. Sir Richard Branson certainly has a lot to answer for.



  10. Trudi Bartlett says:

    I just spent this week booking in babysitting days with my two nieces. Last year was so busy I hadn”t realised I’d missed so months without having quality time with my nieces. I have a set day each month where I look after them whilst my sis gets a day off. I find “If you don’t book it in – it won’t happen.”
    Thanks so much for the tip Janet.

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