# 21 Web TV: Forget The Big Picture


There are times in your business when it is essential you focus on “the big picture”. There are other times, when doing so will cripple your business growth. To find out when the big picture is important, when it is not and what to do instead, watch this quick video in this week’s episode of Wonderful Web TV. Your Monday dose of Motivation, Mindset and Marketing.
I’d love to hear your comments and any tips you’d like to share. Share your thoughts below. I’ll come back and join in the conversation.

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  1. My first piece of wisdom is to ask: Do I want to do this? (If not: what are the consequences of not doing it?)

    My second piece is: It is OK to do the easy stuff first – and it might help you to get into the swing of things too.
    Evan´s last blog post ..Knowing What We Think and Acting On It in Self Development

    • Great points Evan. Doing some easy things first can be an excellent strategy. I often write down things I have done that didn’t even make it onto my to-do list they seemed so simple….just so I can tick them off and get a sense of satisfaction!

  2. That’s just what I needed to hear today. I’ve been looking at the ‘mountain’ lately and feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything. Thank you, Janet. My husband has been reminding me to write a list to achieve greater focus and clarity. I’m off to grab my pen and paper.

    • The list is absolutely essential. Keep it small for each day. After you’ve written it, look down the list and find the one thing that will make you money fastest and do that first! If there is nothing on your list that will result in you making money….rewrite your list! It’s too easy to get busy and forget your business is not a busy-ness. It is there to make money to support your lifestyle.

  3. Hi Janet
    Thanks for this one, I am busy getting my workshop together and that is exactly what was happening to me. Even when I know I should only put one foot infront of the other, I suddenly freeze as if I am going to plunge into the water below if I dont stand still for a while.
    It took me a while to figure out that some times you need to push through and other times you need to take time out.
    I would ask someone to do a website for me, but then i realise that it would go a lot faster if I do it myself, becasue I know what I want.
    Anyway, one step at a time and it will come together soon.
    Linky´s last blog post ..Write your book in this New Year!

  4. Thanks Janet for these tips. AT one stage I was doing lists and it worked fine for me. I was following Getting things done and had different lists for work, home and when doing errands. I really loved it, but not sure why I stopped. I think I got overwhelmed on deciding how to manage lists, on paper, on computer, but I know that lists certainly work. Thanks also on your comment on doing first what produces money quicker. Sometimes I find myself that I plan the day and nothing goes according to plan Before lunchtime I even forgot what I was trying to do. So yes a list would definitely help.
    Andrea´s last blog post ..How to Get Rich- Mindset and Great Business Ideas

    • Oh multiple lists can be a bit overwhelming can’t they? Andrea you’ll get a lot out of this month’s gold module on time management. For me, I found writing lists on paper works best but always in a 1 day to a page diary so they are always in one spot and I can easily review them. But my calendar / diary is all electronic.

  5. Thanks, so much Janet. Just clicked on this regarding overwhelm, and it was just what l needed. You must be in the same place l am starting the year with such a big list of To Do’s is daunting.

    Just list them, and which ones are money making is an interesting aspect. humm,,,, lots have disappeared now!

  6. Hi Janet, on a Monday morning here in the UK, after doing my morning pages my next stop is your video! Your little reminders each week are so helpful – and today it is very relevant. My plans for 2012 all of a sudden seem too big – too grandiose, but when I set them I had all the will in the world to achieve them. Yes its a mountain but wow what a view from the top. I shall do the things listed on my ‘do’ list and gradually climb the mountain to see the view and the path I chose.

    For any of you using a Mac, I can thoroughly recommend Things – its a time and project management app that works a treat.

  7. Hi Janet, just what I needed to hear. I even told myself this morning that everything is achievable if you break it down and then if you have to break it down some more. A list helps me do that. I like what you said about not looking up at the mountain and focusing on what needs to be done hear and now. I felt a sense of relief after you said it.
    Thanks Sonya

  8. Hello Janet!
    I find I need to make a plan at the beginning of each month and I prioritise all the tasks in order of importance. I divide everything into A, B, C and D
    A = Must be done absolutely now
    B = if not today definitely tomorrow
    C = sometime this week would be good
    D = whenever!
    Then I create a weekly task list
    So, at the beginning of each weak (Sunday evening is good), referring to my month plan, I put together a task list based on A,B,C,D
    And I do it on a DAILY basis too.
    I know, it sound like a lot but it replaces list making which I never found very satisfactory because it was so easy to forget things and be distracted by BSOs which meant the crucial items faded away …
    If anybody would like more detail … let me know!

    • That sounds like a brilliant system you have Penelope. A bit like the red light, amber and green (you can tell I’m visual eh?). I can relate to D. For a while there I had a file on my desk with the word “Manana” on it. After a while I decided to just throw everything in the file in the bin!

  9. Like many others have already said, this came at just the right time for me.
    I have a huge to do list that seems to grow every hour with client requests and I just don’t feel I can get it all done and keep everyone happy.
    I can see your system working if you are, in essence, in charge of your own to do list but what happens when you have others adding to it?
    Jean´s last blog post ..Adding images and other media to your WordPress posts and pages

    • Jean sounds like you may need to set some boundaries around when and what clients can request and when they can expect it to be done. Sometimes we set ourselves unreasonable standards and think we should be able to respond quickly. It is OK to say “I have received your request and it will be completed by xxxx date”. You may find the module for gold members this month as I talk about setting times and boundaries for working with your clients. People often don’t expect immediate responses, they just want to know when it will be done and they have been heard.

  10. I like having the big picture because I look knowing how everything hangs together, but I agree it can be overwhelming. Any good plan breaks the big picture down into bite sized steps. Always keep the end goal or vision in mind, but give 100% focus to the task at hand. I’m a fan of asking the question “What single action will have the biggest positive impact? i.e. what action will move me closer to my vision?”
    Talia´s last blog post ..Free webinar DIY easy professional looking website design for non-techies

  11. Gemma B. Cook says:

    Hi Janet,

    So true! So true! Other post or blog always advice us to see the big picture but forget to advice us that sometimes focusing on big pictures and forgetting the minor details may back fire in business. Thanks for sharing this. IT helps us that are still new in business!
    Gemma B. Cook´s last blog post ..Criminal Attorney

  12. Hey Gemma the big picture is important but if that’s all you focus on, you’re right, it will ultimately backfire./ Thanks for contributing

  13. Thanks for sharing this post to us..I like reading on it..Keep on sharing..
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  14. I want this post so much!Anyway, I hope you can post more to inspire a lot of people…
    Marifel´s last blog post ..Relaxation Techniques For Anxiety

  15. I love lists – especially when I can tick them off!
    However I also need to learn to just focus on one task at a time.

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