#43 Web TV: Behind the Scenes at Wonderful Web HQ Home Office

In this episode I take you behind the scenes and show you “Wonderful Web HQ”. You’ll see how simply you can set your office space up to efficiently run a multiple six figure business.
I share with you:

  • The computer set up I use so I can pick up and travel anywhere in the world but when at home have the advantage of a bigger screen and set up that looks after my health.
  • I show you the equipment I use to record products and run teleseminars and keep myself organised on a daily basis.
  • I also share what I include in my work space to keep me motivated and energised.

This episode is longer than my usual 3 minute videos (though not too long) and gives you a rare glimpse behind the scenes. I’d love to hear your feedback so please share your comments, questions and ideas below. I’d also love to hear of how you set your own workspace up and any tips you have to share with us all.

To find out more, watch this quick video in this week’s episode of Wonderful Web TV. Your Monday dose of Motivation, Mindset and Marketing.

I’d love to hear your comments and any tips you’d like to share. Share your thoughts below. I’ll come back and join in the conversation.




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  1. I loved the sneak peek, Janet. You reminded me to put a few more inspiring things on the walls. I love the visual aspect and your outlook of the trees looks wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing your office with us.

  2. Thank you Janet … loved this episode – I now know what a docking station is and how I can link my laptop to the ‘big’ computer screen without having to transfer to a hard drive first – which I forget to do.

    I am thinking here as I write that I would like to know a better way to back everything up because I forget to transfer things to a hard drive and tend to only do it when I need to – bit of an issue when I am working on something as big as this home study course. So I see a lot of people writing things in facebook but I don’t understand what they are talking about and as you know i’m working with macs.

    Seeing that bit about the docking station was a haha moment yet I know everyone else probably knows what it is.

    Thanks again, awesome!

    • Hey Cheryl I bet the majority of people don’t know what docking station is. I know I didn’t until I went looking for a solution.
      There are quite a few ways to back up data and I know this is something I need to revisit.
      I have an ebook and audio Charly and I wrote on this topic and I’ll find it and add it to the Shine Online area.
      In brief though, for stuff on your computer:
      The simplest way is to get a program called Drop Box. There is heaps of space on the free level.
      You save files into the drop box folder (you can save folders in there too) and anything you save into this area of your computer will automatically be updated on the cloud. You can also share certain folders in there with other people too so if you have VA or someone you can save certain files you want them to use into your computer under the folder “drop box” and it will update them for them. Then when they update them or add extra files to the folder it is automatically updated on the cloud and also on your computer. It’s very clever.

      • Kerry Wailes says:

        Hi Janet and Cheryl,
        I have a ‘Clickfree’ box set up on my computer. It automatically backs up everything twice a day, which is fantastic. I think it can store something like 1 TB of data, and only cost something like $130.

        It is supposed to work automatically for my laptop as well, which is set up on my home network, but we’ve had difficulties with this. I don’t often use the laptop, but I physically plug it in to the Clickfree when I require backing up for it.

  3. Thank you very much Janet. That was wonderful.

    I love that you also still use equipment that is a few years old. My laptop is 5 years old and doing a great job.
    It proves that you don’t need expensive equipment to run a successful business.

    The tip that really stands out for me that I will do now is the “why”. That’s fantastic. I hadn’t thought of that so
    my first priority this morning is to create a visual of my “why”.

    Thanks again for opportunity to have a peek at “Wonderful Web HQ”


  4. P.S – thanks for showing the docking station – I didn’t know what it was either until you showed it

  5. Hi Janet
    Nice to see you keep it simple and focused, I like to do the same as I feel less is more and the most important thing is to inspire yourself forward. Thanks for all the wonderful tips and videos.
    I do have one question,do you use a Virtual Assistant, I am getting a lot busier and feeling I need some more support.
    Thanks Rosina

    • Good question Rosina. Certainly do have a VA. In fact I have a virtual team. I have a VA who works for me about 1 day per week doing help desk and admin, another who used to do a lot more but I have streamlined the business a lot so only need her for projects now, a techy who I use a few hours per month to trouble shoot and then for projects, a virtual accounts manager who works about 1 day per week and am about to bring on a full time Filipino VA as there is a lot of stuff I would like done that is not cost effective to get my Australian team to do. I’ll let you know how recruiting and training my Filipino VA goes after i bring them on. I found my other people through my network online. A great place is to ask around for references via Facebook, Linked in and Twitter.

  6. Janet, don’t wait to get dual screen. I promise you won’t regret it. It will massively increase your efficiency. You can drag and drop from one screen to another, check your blog on IE and FF side by side, etc, etc. It will transform your working life and it’s only a small investment!

    Docking stations are great, although it’s easy enough to network your laptop so you get the best of both worlds.

  7. Great tips and I also am visual so like to have inspiring pictures and quotes around my work desk. Like many business owners I spend a great deal of time at my desk so I like to have a good working environment – however I tend to let the ‘paperwork’ pile up and then need a regular ‘sweep’ of my desk to clean up.

    I am based in Melbourne and as it is winter I have the heater going in my office and my dog is curled up oh his mat enjoying the warmth!

    Thanks Bev

  8. Enjoyed the tour of your office Janet, it has given me ideas for my own.

    I like your 12 month planner, is it mounted onto something or just pinned to the wall?.

    Also the docking station can that be used with any laptop?.


    • You need to buy the docking station that is specific for your laptop; check with the manufacturer to see if they have one for your make and model.

  9. HI Janet
    loved this one, My office looks similar and the only real difference is that I have two harps in my office so that I can record music for my meditations and on some days I teach a few lessons.
    Great to see that the vision board doesnt have to be some great art work.

    Love your whys, I have mine on my wall too and I add my vision and mission to that so that I dont get lose my why in the chaos of the day.

    I have two screens especially when I have someone on skype or when I record something for that extra program or two that need to stay visible at all times.


  10. Great reminder that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on getting set up. Also love the reminder about making it looks ‘pretty’. Too often we forget that! And I agree; 2 screen is the way to go.

  11. Awesome video Janet – and answered my question for today about the phone and the headset – am going down town now to buy a phone and headset so I can record my meditation circles šŸ™‚ … and I too picked up on the why … I have some of the things you have already – but the WHY was not one of them – and I will do that when I come back from getting my new phone!!! I’m having Nika Mundell come to stay next week and she’s doing an office makeover for me – I can’t wait … we are going to video the whole project and that’s what she will be doing for people – helping them create a “Creative Nook” šŸ™‚ … Seeing how you have your office set up – will be really helpful for the makeover next week.

  12. I’ll need to check with you here. Which isn’t something I normally do! I take pleasure in studying a publish that will make folks think. Also, thanks for allowing me to remark!

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