#45 Web TV: The Power of Two

This week I share an important tip that reduces your risk when building a virtual team (or any team for that matter). I share with you how I implemented The Power of Two when I first started out in my business and how you can systemise your business in a way that makes it easier for you to implement The Power of two into your business as well. Curious?


To find out more, watch this quick video in this week’s episode of Wonderful Web TV. Your Monday dose of Motivation, Mindset and Marketing.

I’d love to hear your comments and any tips you’d like to share. Share your thoughts below. I’ll come back and join in the conversation.




The most dangerous number in business is ONE:



  1. Hi Janet
    That is a great idea and I used it easily in my gym when I had to get other trainers to do things whether it was admin or training or just taking over a session.
    I quickly knew who would be able to handle a specific task and who might freak out taking in money for instance.
    This created a wonderful system where I could go on holiday for a month and leave the gym up to one of the trainers to run.
    By having competent people on your staff, you create trust with your clients as well and that makes the system run smoothly.

  2. As there’s just me for now, I create ‘How To’ pages for tasks as its often easy to forget how to do stuff (where to log-in, how to upload, how to link your blog with FB etc).

    Eventually some tasks are done automatically, but for those not accessed regularly, having these guides saves me time and head scratching!

  3. Hi Janet
    I have considered employing a VA to support me but gaining clarity on what they can do is hard, I am so used to working and completing things myself. Do you feel by having more assistance, you will be able to earn more. I have been involved in companies that have grown a-lot but end up earning less and this is always in my mind I am also in a city that is full of new business, growth has been hard for many as it takes a lot of capital to grow and do it well. Do you feel a www business is different from a on the ground business?
    I know a few people who run their company virtually and do amazing and this is a topic i am so keen to be apart of.
    Thanks Rosina

  4. Hi Janet, I love the idea of planning for backup with all the tasks but right now I’m the backup person as I don’t have a stable team. I hired a new editor today for one of the websites and if that goes well I may have some stability and be able to think about backup. Fingers crossed!

  5. Right now, I’m a one trick pony in terms of doing everything myself in my small home-based business. Eventually, I plan to outsource some of my tasks to others. Either I will find some VAs in my local area or Philippines or work for hire sites like Elance. The main thing that I’m concerned about is putting a person in position who can can harm my business. I heard some Internet marketers expressing you can hired Philippines to manage your PPC campaigns on Google Adwords. I would never give a VA access to anything that has to do with my money, let alone anything else that can cripple my business. However, I can put trust in family members that can help me in this area, if willing to learn..

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