Ask Janet: Web TV as a Marketing Strategy

In celebration of Wonderful Web TV’s first anniversary and in between packing for her romantic holiday in the breathtaking island of Fiji,  Janet answers questions that have been sent to her about the Wonderful Web TV Program.

1. Hi Janet!  Why motivated you to start running Wonderful Web TV?

Janet’s Answer: 

I listen to what my customers tell me and I watch changing trends. The monthly newsletters were a great way to keep interacting but as the times changed, I realized that people started looking for other ways to communicate. Hence, I changed the format by adding videos each week and I found out that the videos took the way my customers were communicating with me on a whole new level.

So I figured that if that’s the way are interacting more with, then that is what I’ll do. So that’s why I started Wonderful Web TV. I also discovered that the shorter the video, the more likely people are to watch it and more likely to comment.

Have a look at what you are doing in marketing your business, just because you are doing something that used to work might not be working as much anymore.


2. Hi Janet. How does this marketing thing work for you? Is it a list builder, do you make sales with the videos, how does it work?

Janet’s Answer:

It is very much in keeping in the minds of my existing customers and subscribers, continuing to build trust and relationship. If people see me every week, they’d get to know who I am, what value I could be to them with my tips and my thoughts.

I have lost track of the many times people send me messages telling me they see me every week and although they don’t always comment, they just know they have to work with me. So, it is really important to build that trust in a relationship because people will eventually see that you are the right person to invest with. It can ask a list builder because people find it another way to share, but it is not a place to make sales. I think if I try to make sales pitches in every single one of my videos people would stop watching them and people would stop leaving comments.


3. You’ve been running Wonderful Web TV for a year now and I’m curious about the time it takes you to make these videos. How do you manage and does it take a lot of your time?

Janet’s Answer

Actually, no. I’ve got it so systemized that when I look back to twelve months of marketing, I realized that I have spent an equivalent of five whole days to make all of the videos. So it is not really a huge time consuming thing to do.

So, can you spend five full days out of a year that keeps you building trust with your subscribers as a big part of your marketing strategy? Is that something you can imagine you can actually be doing in your business?

I should add that in the year that we’ve been doing this, we’ve been in the Top 20 on iTunes’ What’s Hot in Marketing category. It is a system that really works!



  1. hey Janet! not sure if you remember me but i did your 4th dim mastery in Aug 2010…wow, seems like ages ago! well i just googled myself (long story – won’t bore you with it) and i found the link to my radio interview with Dana – wow, brought back some amazing memories! hope all is going well with you – i ended up being offered a great corporate role in June 2011 so am now happily working at Sydney Airport as the GM of People & Performance – it’s not quite like running my own biz but it’s a close 2nd…listening to my interview with Dana made me think back to not only your amazing 3 day program but also to some of the fabulous people i met who i’m still in touch with thru FB – and yes, if it wasn’t for you i would never have gotten onto FB – been an interesting thing to do, more on a personal level, but that’s another story….anyway, hope life is well for you, Doug and the kids and that your business continues to go really well….also, not sure if you know, but a lot of the transcript isn’t right for my interview – if you want me to amend it at some point, i’d be very happy to do that…best, Sarah 🙂

    • Hi Sarah of course I remember you! So wonderful to connect again. Really? The transcript is incorrect? Wow that is not good. I’d love you to let me know where it is wrong and I’ll get the transcriptionist to fix it. Otherwise, happy for you to send through the amendments. Congrats on your job by the way. Sounds really interesting.

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