#63 [Web TV] Slow and Steady Loses the Race


This week’s episode is a little controversial. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Slow and steady wins the race”. Well, when it comes to business, I reckon it’s a lot of rot!
Find out why and what I recommend instead in this 3 minute video.
I’d love to hear your comments and any tips you’d like to share. Share your thoughts below. I’ll come back and join in the conversation.



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Slow 7 Steady LOSES the race. If you want to win take massive action.

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Hello and welcome. Janet Beckers here with your Wonderful Web TV tip of the week.

Today I’ve got something controversial to say to you. It’s about slow and steady wins the race. It’s a load of rot!

Slow and steady loses the race when it comes to building your business. The idea that you can just plod along and everything just slowly, slowly will build will happen to a certain extent but if you really want to build momentum in your business, if you really want to grow it, if you want to get out there and make an impact, you’re going to have to give 100% flat out every now and then for short periods of time.

Now of course you can’t do this all the time but if you’re not willing to hustle, hustle, hustle; do what it takes to launch that product, to really work with that partner to get something new happening, to make that workshop happen, to get that website up, do whatever it is, there’s times where you’re just going to have to hustle, hustle; give 100%, totally focussed, run flat out.

Be the hare to be able to achieve that certain goal because it takes a certain momentum to set things up. Once you’ve got it set up then you can do the slow and steady wins the race but you’ve got to get into that race to start with so keeping that in mind, you’ve got to make sure that when you’re hustling and you’re going 100% that you are going to allow times for you to just totally, totally wind down otherwise you’re going to burn out.

So make sure, ‘Yep, I’m going to go flat out for right now and get this launch done’ perhaps ‘but once that’s over, I’m going to take a really good break. I’m going to have a holiday, I’m going to just have a mental holiday’ whatever it is, you’re going to have to make sure that you schedule in that total downtime so that you can rejuvenate and get those batteries filled again.

So, I’m sure this will be a controversial thought for some people that it’s much better to just go slow and steady and look after things and just gradually let things grow. In my experience, that will work to a certain extent but you’re not going to get the growth you want; you’ve got to put in the hard work to get something done so you’ve got something slow and steady to work with.

So I’d love to hear. What do you think? Are you thinking, ‘nope, total rubbish Janet, totally unbalanced; that’s not what I’m here for’? Or are you thinking ‘Yeah, it’s about time somebody said it. You know you’ve got to work bloody hard if you want it’? So, I’d love to hear. What do you think?

Are you a person that goes slow and steady or are you a person that goes flat out and stops, flat out and stops? Are you a combination? I’d really love to hear what do you think. So please, as always, I love it if you could leave some comments; share your thoughts and I know that the people who are reading your comments will really appreciate hearing from you as well as much as they probably like hearing from me. So I really look forward to that and I’ll come and join the conversation too.




  1. I think this is true Janet, you need a certain amount of “slow and steady” for things like continuing to build your list and do your ongoing marketing and JV’ing, but also you need those exhilarating “sprints” to create and launch products/websites/blogs in a reasonable amount of time! My first paid ebook product took about a year to write because I took it slow and steady. It was all part of the learning process and I admit some perfectionism and procrastination played their part. However just think how much faster I could have launched it if I had sprinted! I think that sprinting enables you to stay in the zone of creating that particular part of your business much easier than leaving it for a little while and then coming back to it. Thank you for the video!

  2. Hi Janet
    Thanks for that, I have to say I nearly lost it, when I started the Me tv thing and everything around me is trying to get me off my path, e.g. setting up cameras and finding so many ways not to do what I am trying to do, then having to go on a trip to Sydney and then Melbourne… all things I needed to do, but keeping me from getting the Me tv done, then coming back and having builders making too much noise and then just as I thought I am on track again, my pc hard drive gave the host again (3 times this year!)…. I was advised to just buy a new computer and so went out and bought a Mac. I have spent the whole weekend, day and night getting everything set up and have to start again with the me tv thing now….
    Luckily as you say, we can go steady after the sprint or hurdle race, because these are hurdles can leave me black and blue sometimes, and then the NEVE GIVE UP thing has to kick in so I can get to my goal in the end.

    I absolutely agree that you need to take massive focused action to make things happen – especially in the online world.

    I do see Lisa’s point. LInk building and other online activities can take time and need time to grow organically for long-term growth. I think part of the approach depends on your goals. If your aim is to have a bit of extra income online then slow and steady is fine. If you are hoping to make the big bucks then slow and steady is just sloooooooooooow with little guarantee of big bucks.

  4. I so agree Janet.

    To me this is the difference between a ‘hobby’ and a business, you can fluff around with a hobby but that is disaster in any business. I do not think there is any slow down in a business. There is working or not working; being at work or being at play. A working-day or a holi-day. Personally I do not work in any business that I do not love, so for me it is a matter of dedicating time off for R&R and re-creation, and I am always excited to get back to work, just as I am excited to be going on R&R.

    The alternative is to be ’employed’ and I have found out that I am ‘unemployable’. Just does not work for me.

    • You’re speaking from a place of experience there Sharyn. Work Hard and Play Hard! Mind you, I don’t want to give the impression that when you are focused and moving fast, that this is all to your life. Even when on a mission I still take the time to walk to the beach, play with the kids and dog, have a coffee, exercise and read my novel at night. Focused does not need to mean stressed. It simply means totally focused.

  5. Hi Janet, I agree, slow and steady does not win the race. It is baloney! However at times I go flat out to the point of burnout. I haven’t learnt the happy meduim yet. I always want to get a product done and out of the way once it is done I want to take on the next one….i get exhausted. I suppose when you are still new and creating products for the first time there is a sense of urgency. That’s what I have a sense of urgency and want it done yesterday. I am hoping that when I get the all the products set up for the membership site I won’t feel as ‘oh my god I have no time to do anything and want to go at a million miles an hour’. Perhaps then learn to pace better?

    • Tiff you’re a brilliant example of someone who channels that urgency and focus into creating something new and excellent. It’s no accident you are a pro athlete and no accident you are quickly creating a strong foundation for your new business. you are inspiring a lot of people. The thing with the urgency is to take the time to write the exhaustive list of to-do’s, prioritise them and then focus on one step at a time. Sometimes you have to take your eyes off the mountain top after you’ve charted the map, and just focus on your feet (insert “young grasshopper” after that sentence). Otherwise you get really, really impatient and frustrated.

      • Yes master grasshopper, me young grasshopper, need to focus one step at a time!

        Yes apply how I teach golf and tennis, step by step. I must remember that! So it’s a great reminder!

  6. Absolutely true Janet. I too am in a sprint to the finish line to get my print book ready for online sale, promote the website and all while running my copywriting business and my household. Having a task list to cross off is now an essential thing for me, whereas before Id hop around from this to that and get nothing finished.

    I like what you said about scheduling in the down time, that is something I haven’t done for myself and now I find I am tired and don’t have the sprint in me! So I am on slow and steady at the moment after sprinting for way too long.

    You need both but sometimes in start up phase there isn’t much option. I also find now that it is a bit of a mission to extricate myself and actually do other things. All stuff to learn as you navigate the joys of small business!


    • Spot on re the start up phase you need to move fast. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’ve done the research and are on the right track. You don’t want to do the start up phase too many times!

  8. Jenny Vindin says:

    Hi Janet,

    I is good to hear this because I have been doing the slow and steady and know I need to put more into it. Thanks.

  9. So true Janet. I work flat out and for years wouldn’t take time out until my body told me I had to stop and take a break. Now I try and have the weekends off with my family. I may do a few posts and delete a few emails but that’s it. I come back full of energy on Monday.

    • Our bodies are great at teaching that lesson aren’t they? If you sprint without a break for too long you just end up with the same results as slow and steady as you just crash!

  10. Hi Janet,

    I like to schedule an 8 day project time frame to ‘move mountains’ this is where I focus on the one project and get it all done FAST! What I like about this is that it can be heaps of fun, it increase your self confidence and inner belief that you can get things done.

    If we were to remain slow and steady for too long it can feel like hard work, we are slow to see big results and it can feel heavy.

    I agree though there are definitely times when slow and steady and being in balance is a very good thing. Just remember to really celebrate each tiny achievement to help you feel like and know that you are moving ahead.

    Best regards,

  11. Hi Janet,

    Thanks for this really useful input, I learn so much and I have so much reinforced too. I’m doing things differently as things need a shake up so this has come at a great time. Getting the ‘balance’ is so important but it’s a balance that suits how you do things so the ‘work flat out’ and then take some ‘down time’ is ideal I feel for use small business owners.

  12. Janet, yes I am in this “hare” mode right now! Working hard and fast on a few big projects taking my business to the next level. But I am planning to “recharge” again over christmas on more gently paced tasks like writing my book and planning 2013. There’s a great book called “The Power of Full Engagement” that embraces this principle you speak of, that we need to give everything when we are “on” but we also need time to recover. Athletes do this physically, and in business we need to mentally and emotionally recharge as well.

  13. There is a need for balance as I have found when I work flat out on something I tend to let other things slip. Then when the project I was working on is complete I find I am way behind in other areas of my business which then puts me into ‘panic mode’ and I work flat out trying to catch up – which means something else slips behind, and so the cycle continues. I guess it is finding the right balance.

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