#64 [Web TV] 6 Steps To Smash Scary Goals


Today I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I share with you a very big personal goal I’ve set for myself. It’s big (for me) and I KNOW I will achieve it. How do I know?
Well I have a process! There are 6 steps to this process and I share that with you today and exactly how I’ll be applying that process to my Big Scary Goal..
This video is a bit longer than my usual videos (it’s 5 minutes) but I do hope outlining the full process helps you to tackle your Big Scary Goal too. I’d love to hear your goals and any tips you’d like to share.

ย Share your thoughts below. I’ll come back and join in the conversation..



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Some Links For You

The race I am entering in 12 months

The iphone ap I am usingย ย  There are a few aps that do the same routine. I chose this one because I really like her voice (I’ve called her Dawn because that’s when I need to get up.)

Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

To help my achieve my goal (fitness and weight) I have enrolled in the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge.

It’s official. I soo have a girly crush on Michelle. I must say, as an online entrepreneur her program is one of the best membership sites I’ve seen in a long time. It is amazingly good value, she really motivates with great videos and step by step menus and exercises and I’m finding myself talking about her as if she is a friend! True sign this woman knows how to built trust and rapport with her students.

A great mentor and also a great woman to watch and learn from if you want to see how to develop true rapport with your own clients online.


  1. Thanks Janet … my goal is to sell 150 Be Your Own Healer/Be Your Own Life Coach Home Study Courses really fast. It is scary because it means more computer work but I know you will hold me accountable. Its scary to just write it.

  2. WOW – 10kms! Having watched the way you do things Janet – it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that you nail the 21kms with Stacey next year!
    My goal – I’ve just jumped back into the sandpit to play with nannies.
    Having been a nanny for 25 years, it’s time to nanny the nannies!

    My goal is to have a monthly digital magazine for nannies with 80% of ads paid for (there are still a few businesses and organisations that I’d like to be supporting) and to have sold 2000 copies of My Nanny Organiser (being released in December 2012).

    There said it – there’s that familiar feeling coming up in my throat and my eyes are watering – but I’m smiling (I learnt a while back those feelings are the same for fear as for excitement) – so “Body listen up – it’s excitement OK!! We are doing this thing!”

    Love watching your videos on Monday mornings Janet – the timing is always perfect and puts me in the right mindset – THANK YOU ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Love your self talk to your body! Great niche too I expect. Wouldn’t it be something to do the half marathon with her? I’ll do the 10km goal first and who knows? Maybe 12 months IS enough to get up to the 21km?

  3. Great steps Janet. As technology is right out of my comfort zone I commit to have my irresistible offer with squeeze page and automated follow-up videos for my ‘romancing my tribe’ introductory program by 14th December.

  4. Hi Janet
    I hear Michelle Bridget’s goal setting strategy… I also did her program and have also chosen to put it out there that I want to run 10kms under an hour.
    Yes it can be done and it takes a bit of doing.
    Great having a mentor… I did the coach to 10km program and it works brilliantly.
    For me it is the me tv program.
    Now that the builders are out of the way, I can get going again.
    I am putting together a goal setting workshop, just a quick one day on the 7 December so we can all have fun and get ready for the next year.

    Thanks for reminding me that goals need to be a bit scary.

    • Great to do the goal setting workshop. Let us know how it goes as there may be some in our community who’d like to do it. So Linky…are you going to do The Entrance fun ruin with me? It’s not far from you.

  5. Fantastic Janet! I am holding you accountable and I know you will do it!

    • Thanks Tracy. My friend Stacey and her running friends who stayed with me on the weekend are heading over your way to race next year too. Maybe I’ll be able to join them down the track.

  6. Fantastic Janet! I am holding you accountable and I know you will do it!

  7. JB, love your willingness to get ‘out there’ with your big goal. Now, you know I love you and have a boyish crush on you (and on Doug ๐Ÿ™‚ so I’d like to see you set your Big Goal for 6 months time to run 10k’s in under 60 minutes and to run a 21.1 k half marathon in 12 months time, maybe with your friend Stacey..

    Why do I say that? Well, without wanting to sound like I’m big noting I’ve run over 90 full marathons and more half M’s and countless 10k races plus some other big events (53 K Mountain Run x 7). So I come from a place of having been an overweight couch potato to an idiot.

    OK, for me my big hairy, scary goal is that by 30 November 2013 I will have created at least 10 high quality products that facilitating people how to tap into the power of video as a tool. And will have run 3 x 2 or 3 day Video Creation Intensive Workshops (Playshops?)

    And I’ll run a 21.1k half m with JB in under 120 minutes ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Wow Paul that is incredibly inspiring. You know, if I follow the program I should be able to get up to 21km in 12 months but sure about the pace. If I feel confident to do the 21km by next year I’ll take you up on the offer to run the half marathon with me.

  8. That’s an awesome goal Janet. You have inspired me to get more active – I’m incorporating more fun exercise into my life – running on the beach for the joy of it, swimming with more ease, yoga and Pilates for mind body connection and increased core strength, bike riding to go somewhere fun!

    I’ve found over the years that I need to listen to my body, or I become injured, and I don’t get anywhere near my goal. It’s a concept that I have found doesn’t sit well with many sports professionals, who urge ‘push through the pain, no pain no gain’ messages!

    Bottom line – trust your body, and ask what it needs – some days you need to push harder, and other times you need a rest day.

    Good luck in achieving your awesome goal!

    • Fun and exercise is my moto! I’ve always been active and do heaps of fun things that are active but never set a goal to be an athlete. So my challenge is to make this fun!

  9. Hi Janet,

    Good on you, I gave up running years ago, so very inspiring to hear that you are taking it up.

    My goal is to get my business into supermodel shape so it will be irresistable to the perfect buyer in January,

    You mentioned rising early, this post on zen habits might help with that aspect of your goal.


    Good on you, take care of your joints as you build up.

  10. Go you gorgeous thing!

    And Janet, whichever distance you choose, I will run it with you.

    P.S. Love the earrings with that top!!

  11. Janet, I just discovered you and am so glad I did! I’m very happy to hear of your goal for the next year and as a fellow night owl I send you strength, courage, and determination with your early-morning rising! ๐Ÿ™‚

    My seriously big and scary goal is–on this date two years from now–to sing and play three songs on my guitar that I’ve written myself. The venue will be the cafe where I now work and where many fine musicians perform every week. I’ll have to audition for the owner, who’s now a friend.

    I’ve been singing for my own pleasure for many years (since I was kid) and have performed occasionally and received a scholarship for singing in high school, but after several bouts with stage fright I’m just terrified to get up in public again, although I know in my heart and soul it’s one of the reasons I’m on the planet. I’ve 47 now and the last time I sang in public was perhaps 25 years ago. So this is a BIG fear for me, and a big goal. But my business motto is “Time is short. Be magnificent.” and I’m going to walk my talk, dammit! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just started guitar lessons, so I’ve giving myself two years on that.

    My INTERIM goal is–one year from this date–to sing three cover songs with an accompanist at the cafe. I’ve found myself an incredible, heart-centered, and soul-filled mentor and will discuss a process with him at our meeting today, I’m going to sing for him a second time today–wish me lots of breath and calm!

    Love to all you brave, bad-ass women! Let’s do this!

    • Love your big hairy goal Amanda. It’s one I can really relate to as this year I acted on something I’ve always wanted to do which is learn to sing. I’ve been having weekly lessons with my daughter for a year now and there is absolutely NO WAY I am near good enough to perform. I would very much like to hear when you have achieved your interim goal of singing the covers. In fact, I’d love you to share a video with us all here. Go get ’em.

      • OMG, a video??? OK, you got it, lady. Can we get one from you at the finish line next year as well? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for your good wishes and understanding about this challenge for me–and I hope you keep up with your singing lessons! In my opinion, singing is a powerful way to allow a big spirit out into the world to do a lot of good. Lots of love to you and this community!

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