#65 [Web TV] Look Into my Eyes


 In this week’s episode I talk about the very best way to connect with your existing and potential clients. Here’s a hint: you CAN’T (usually) do this in your pyjamas. Then I cover how to modify this in a way that you CAN do in your pyjamas, and 5 different ways you can introduce it into your business. I’d love to hear your thoughts below.I’ll come back and join in the conversation..



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  1. It makes sense that people who know you personally would be more loyal customers. I know that people I meet at speaking gigs who sign up to my list are far more loyal. They stay on the list even when I change mail providers and are more likely to buy recommended products.

    I think your videos are different to a lot of the other successful online marketers, because their videos are often done in studios and you can see that a lot of time and effort has gone into having professional makeup (men and women), wearing business suits and so on. They don’t have the approachable ‘Let’s sit down and have a chat’ feel that yours do. So, I think for most audiences your videos are likely to be more successful.

    I personally find videos on home pages a nuisance. I usually have my PC on mute so I don’t have to listen to the videos. I find them distracting and annoying and can’t get off the page quick enough.

    An after sales video on the download page is a good idea. As is special videos that go only to customers.

    • Hey Talia thanks for your feedback. Often in videos people try to appear who they think people want them to b, rather than who they are. Of course, if who you are, really is very polished and professional looking then that is the perfect way for you to create videos. My style, which is congruent with brand and also my market, is always approachable and no-fluff so for my branding, the full-make-up and polish just wouldn’t work.

  2. Videos can be wonderful – it can bring you closer to people, but it’s important to ensure that your message and branding in the video is extended out through the rest of your business.
    I fell for the energy and info shared by a business person on their video – amazing subtle pitch. Sadly what followed was far from what they promised.

    I love what video can do for our businesses – and I’m looking forward to creating a whole bunch of them 🙂
    Your webinar will be brilliant Janet I’m sure.

    • Hey Marina I’m so sorry you had a bad experience with a business that didn’t deliver on their promise. I guess that should always be a disclaimer when teaching people advanced marketing techniques that can be so powerful…..use this for good!

  3. Hi Janet,

    Thanks for your ideas. I’m surprised how I’m beginning to come around to the video idea on my home page – feeling less shy about it all. I’ve been impressed with the websites I’ve seen who do this as it does give you a good ‘feel’ for the person.

    I’m signing up for some tuition from you about this ….. and hopefully my courage will expand so I just do it!!!!

    I’ve been following your Monday messages for a while & love how they are succinct and brief.

    Thanks Janet & Happy Christmas!

    • Cath for many people, even convincing them to put a photo of themselves on their web site was a huge leap of courage and every time rewarded them with new customers. Video puts that effect on steroids. On the webinar I’ll be sharing one of techniques I use that allows me (and my students) to appear really relaxed in front of the video.

  4. Agree Janet that ‘face-to-face’ is best and especially speaking in front of a group. However this can be very fearful for some people. By developing the skill of preparing and presenting a short presentation for a video and doing this regularly develops confidence and may lead to the next step of speaking in front of an audience.

  5. Hi Janet, yes I love the power of video. Especially in my line of work it is really effective for my client list and also continues to build that connection with my customers. I am starting to find that the more I am communicating to them via video the better the connection with them. My customers feel like they know me and are feeling more and more comfortable in sharing with me their results.

  6. Thanks Janet, great episode of Web TV. I was wondering how you could get five different ways of connection with video but you gave us great content that is easy to implement but very effective.
    Looking forward to the webinar

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