Janet’s favourite resources

Here are the links to our favourite resources. I link to these in every newsletter so you can find them when you need them.



Web Hosting: We love our web host so much we joined with him to create Wonderful Web Hosting. 50 web sites for one low monthly fee and more. Free members, 10% discount. Gold members 35%. Discount codes are shown when you log into the members area of Wonderful Web Women.
Put Audio on your site easily: This is the site we use to put the audio on the home page of Wonderful Web Women. You can also add video and pod casts to your site quickly.
Shopping cart, affiliate program and autoresponder in one: This is the program we recommend to run your entire Internet Marketing business. Highly recommended.
Autoresponder & email program: This is the program we use to run our other lists apart from Wonderful Web Women (which uses our membership software). Very powerful and used by most marketers.
Webcasts for tele-seminars: This is the program we use to run the webcasts each week. Creates the web page, records the call and allows people to listen live online.
Membership site software: This is the software we use to run Wonderful Web Women and many of our other sites. Incredibly powerful.

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