#70 [Web TV] How To Rock 2013. Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the strategy I have used every year for the last 6 years to really set a powerful intention for my business and my life for the entire year. In this video I introduce the concept of an Intention Chart and walk you through the process to create one for your own business.

This is different to a vision board and also different to  goal setting and project plan. This activity is one I know without a fact has turned people’s businesses around when I have shared the process over the last few years. It can do the same for you. It only takes about 1 hour to complete and it’s a lot of fun.

Love to hear your thoughts. If you have done this activity over the years I have shared it I’d love you to share your experiences. Leave your  in the comments section down below. Can’t wait to hear what you come up with.



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  1. Nasha Snipes says:

    Thanks for sharing! I agree that health is a gateway to fulfilling your intentions! I started doing large inclusive boards with my family that we post in the family room.

  2. Well done on your vision for the year Janet!
    My intentions are similar but I am starting the year off with going to Thailand on a mission trip!.
    There is a school that I would like to support. They have 20 children who need $1500-2000 per year to graduate from high school in the next few years.
    I am new at this so if anyone has any ideas to create an income for this purpose without annoying people that would be great!.
    I am also going to run some 10kms this year and putting forward the intention to get my time under 60 mins for 10kms by April (Argh I said it!)
    Visiting family in SA and sharing my workshops over there is a little iffy still but I intend to get those dates sorted before I go to Thailand.
    The TV program needs to be set up and complete for the year…
    Hubby and the kids and those goals too.
    All too exciting dont you think?!

  3. I have to stay Janet this activity is one of my top 3 things to do each year. I did mine a few days ago and it has had an extraordinary impact on my business again this year. I love the way it connects me into manifesting my exciting and expansive world. This year has created similar results to last year already …can’t imagine not doing this in the future. I set the intention of my income for the week and manifested 80% of it overnight – and the rest within 48 hours. On Sunday I researched venues for my Victoria retreat in May – looking at over 500 properties online. I found the perfect property and sent off my request for a quote. It came in way above my budget – and the interesting thing was the owner rang me after sending the quote to ask if I received the email. I told her it was way over my budget and she reduced the price by 30% to meet my budget. I feel very blessed to have learned this process from you – and can’t imagine not doing it now. My intention chart has pride of place on my office wall.

    • You are a powerful manifestor Julie! Love these great results you get and the stories you have shared with me on the impact the board had on your 2012.

      So one of your top 3 things eh? You’ve got me curious. What are the other 2?

      • 🙂 The other two are the celebration chart at the end of the year – I love this sacred activity … and this year I have an A4 diary – and every time I do a little task in my day – I write it down. In the past I have had a pattern of feeling like I haven’t done enough in my day if I didn’t achieve a certain goal … and don’t acknowledge all the other great things I’ve done towards my business. I would know I’d worked all day – but couldn’t say all the things I had done. So now at a glance I can see just how much work I get done in a day – and its amazing. I feel this last action is very healing this pattern – and the sense of not doing enough is falling away.

  4. Love that Janet that you are using Intention- over goals- I find intentions move me forward whereas goals stop me I have a mind map that looks similar to your i did back in August, with the heart in the middle for my business. You could also expand this out for each are – i will do mine as vision boards.
    Thanks for sharing i think it is a great idea for people who especially are visual. Life is so exciting and can’t wait to hear your song

  5. I love that you share these activities, I have had a year of learning and maybe information overload but done little in the way of building a website.

    It has taken me a long time to decide what I wanted to do, this has now been clarified, and I am excited about 2013 and feel this is my year of getting off my chuff and doing ….

    Today I will celebrate my 2012 achievements, and complete my (Julie) intention chart .

    I am so inspired by what Julie has achieved, it gives me confidence to go forward.

  6. Thanks Janet and Julie for your inspiration.
    i have also done this for a few years now and it does make a difference and seeing that you both did this and included your families was great.
    I look forward to 2013 being a safe and happy year ahead.
    Thanks Rosina

  7. Hi Janet – love this!! I enjoy getting your bright and breezy videos every Monday 🙂

  8. Janet Beckers says:

    It’s great to keep your boards where you can see them with your family. Love the idea of them being inclusive.

  9. Between the web series, the celebration board and intention board,
    you have CHANGED MY LIFE!!!!

    Thank you SO MUCH, JANET!!!

    • That’s wonderful Hil. Thanks for the videos you’ve been sending through. Next step is to get your passionate voice out into the world and a great strategy to attract your most profitable avatar. I have some great topics planned for Wonderful Web TV in the next few months so I hope these also help you.

  10. Hi Janet, Actually last year was the first time I had put a celebration board together to celebrate the previous year plus I had done a vison board. I really loved dong the both as I could acknowledge what I had done the previous year and also set my vision for the year. I found it has made a huge difference to my life and my business. However I hadn’t thought of putting toether an Intention Chart. I must have missed that one last year for some reason.

    However I have done some mini intention charts last week without realizing that that’s what they were. I must be in tune with Julie on some level. However I will make a bigger chart and put them all together.

    Looking forward to a powerful and exciting year.

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