#159 [Web TV] Best Software To Manage Your Virtual Team

If you are giving instructions via email to your virtual assistant, (or anyone on your growing team) then I’ll bet you my first born that deadlines are getting missed!

In this video I share the very simple way to fix this and run your business more professionally.

Go on, watch the video then duck over to Basecamp and get things happening.


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Hello and welcome, Janet Beckers here with your Wonderful Web TV tip of the week.

Today’s video is inspired by gorgeous Paul Godden who left a comment on my video where I was talking about, how to your VA or Virtual Assistant to meet deadlines? A way that I have developed with my assistant to help us communicate.

Now one of the things that Paul said was that one of the problems that he has with delegating is he’s always delegating via email. So all the messages go via email, get this done get that done. And then when it comes to keeping track on whether or not that has been done, you try and go back and find the right email. Don’t do it, okay?

If you are organizing anybody to help you to do something, in fact it’s a good thing to do if you’re organizing yourself as well, is use an online program that is designed for project managing.

The one that we use is Basecamp, and we have used it for years and years and years. In fact, you can even use this for clients if you’ve got personal clients or if you’re a service provider and you’re doing something with clients where you’re going to and fro with them giving you information and you’re giving them. Use it for clients, use it for managing your team, use Basecamp. Or there are other ones out there.

The thing with this is you have got any kind of assistant, anybody working on your team within Basecamp you will set up a project which is basically the title of the thing that you’re working on and within there you can have messages, you can share files and the beauty thing is what’s called a to-do list. So every time you have something that you need to delegate, put it as a to-do list in Basecamp. You can put a deadline there and who is responsible, you put that there as part of the software. It will send them an email 48 hours before it’s due and say “have you forgotten?” You don’t have to do all of that, when they’ve done it they tick it off, so you can come back and see has this been ticked.

So if you’re trying to manage somebody and you’re not using something like Basecamp, you’re causing problems for yourself. Go there now! Go over to Basecamp or another equivalent, it works really well, go and sign up now. Sign up now, go to your virtual assistant, or whoever else is on your team and say this is how we’re going to communicate, look it out and work it out.

Just go and do it now. Pause the video, get over there now, sign up for it. Do it, come down and let me know, it’s going to make a huge difference in the way that you run your business and that people are accountable and they have deadlines and things will get done.

See you over there! If you have another program that you use instead of Basecamp and you reckon it rocks, leave a comment down below. I know that people will love to hear from you, to hear your suggestions as well and any other tips that you’ve got on being able to manage communication and making sure that deadlines are get met. Love to hear from you, I know that people who are watching this video and not commenting will really benefit from what you’ve got to say. See you down below and really looking forward to hearing from you. Bye!


  1. Hi Janet,

    Thanks for taking the time to share the concept of Basecamp.

    I’d heard of it but like most Luddites figured it was all too fangled complicated and hard to learn…so just kept up with my inefficient email system..Duh!!

    Have just gone and signed up for the 60 day free trial so I can check it out.

    Thanks again Superwoman

    P x

  2. Thanks Janet!

    A timely reminder about Basecamp! I remember using it in your Diamond program and it really was a great help – and for a technophobe like me, remarkably easy to use! 🙂

    Now that I am building a virtual team, I’m going to sign up now!

    So thanks for the reminder!
    Lou 🙂

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