Your affiliate payment for this month


Janet Beckers here. I’d like to send you an email with this subject line every month.
My records show you are not yet a member of my referral partner program (affiliate program). So this is my person invitation to you to join me. If you’re new to affiliate programs, then this is how it works in a nutshell:

1. You sign up (no cost) to be a referral partner.
2. You log in and choose the program of mine you would like to promote
3. You get a unique link and marketing resources to help you promote to your mailing list, social media followers and friends.
4. My software tracks if nay one becomes a customer based on your referral
5. I pay you each month for the commissions you earn

So your job is to tell your followers WHY you recommend my program. They click on your link, sign up for a valuable free gift and then it’s over to me. My job is to make sales and nurture the relationship. Oh, and pay you.

To get you started, I have an affiliate opportunity for you which gives your followers a rare opportunity to be part of a joint venture book project while you earn recurring affiliate income.

You may have seen me emailing you about this project to invite you to be a co-author with me.

If you have a community that comprises people with a message to share then this is perfect for them. I know you’re busy, so I’ll give you the important details below in dot point. Then you can make a decision and start getting the word out there.

I do hope you can help build the buzz, give your community a great opportunity and make recurring income as well. You may also want to join the book yourself and be a co-author with your subscribers. Most of the people who are promoting have also joined The Inner Circle themselves and cover their expenses by referring others.

If you have any questions at all, please just email or hit the chat button on my websites.



Overview of The Project

Your leads sign up to get information on how to join me as a co-author in my next book. Their contribution only needs to be 200 words, plus bio and the topic of each book is designed so everyone can easily contribute. In order to join the project they need to be a member of The Inner Circle which sells for $47 per month.


You earn 30% ongoing commissions as long as they stay a member. This is a new program so I don’t know average stay of members yet. A previous membership with very similar offerings I ran a few years ago had members who stayed for over 2 years.

If you refer 10 members, that will be around $140 per month, so well over $1000 per year.

Our affiliate program is 2 tiered which means if any of your referrals sign up as an affiliate and then refer sales themselves, you will receive a percentage of their sales as well.

Important Dates

I intend to run at least 2 of these opportunities per year if they prove successful.

Current promo dates are:

Promo period: November 2014 to 22nd February 2015

Final date for co-authors to submit their chapter: February 22nd

Launch of book: March 10th 2015

Note: we will have another opportunity for you to earn commissions and promote when the book launches.



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