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Announcing a Scholarship To The Right Person

After you have discovered the essential business building lessons from the videos rush back here and answer these simple questions:
If you were given a scholarship to this ‘fast track’ Passion into Profits business building program how would you use it…

1.    What is your hearts mission or cause?

2.    What Change are you committed to creating in the world?

3.    What do you want to create in your life? (Abundant Financial Success? Your Dream lifestyle? Vibrant Health? Happy Family etc)

Answering these 3 questions by leaving a comment below
and you could win a FREE scholarship to brand  NEW “Passion into Profits Business Building System Fast Track Coaching and Mentoring Program”

You can share your Passion and be Inspired by what others have shared right here.

Remember when you share your dream with others you bring it closer to you.

Can’t wait to hear your inspiring stories.


Tuesday 25th August, 12 Noon Sydney Australia Time.

To find the deadline uin your time, use this link:


  1. Oops, something strange happened to my formatting there!

    Oh, my computer said it was still before time, I hope my entry can sneak in, I certainly didn’t write it in two minutes, LOL.

  2. Hi Janet,

    Wow…you have a hard task on your hands choosing just one person!!

    I just wanted to tell you what happenend to my non-existent entry and hope that others can learn from my experience at the same time!! 🙂

    I starting working on my entry soon after you announced it, and had it 95% ready last Friday….asuuming I had plenty of time to tweek a few things and get it in on time….Enter an unexpected family crisis that took almost all my attention and bam – deadline gone!! Oh well one of those things where you just have to say to yourself – it wasn’t meant to be and not beat yourself up about missing a such an amazing opportunity. I had butterflies in my tummy just at the thought of winning! and everything!! oh well that’s life!

    so get your entry in WAY ahead of time to prevent any unforseen dramas causing any problems.

    good luck everyone and to the winner – you lucky duck!!!

    Claire McFee
    Organize Your Life Now Blog

  3. Hi Janet,
    I’ve been reading your newsletters (forwarded from my mother, Linda) since www began. I’m 26 and I’m passionate about developing and encouraging young women to be their absolute best! I was a dance teacher by the age of 19. I now teach Public Speaking Skills to students in schools. I am really passionate about giving girls and young women support so that they get excited, inspired and energized to create their own futures and therefore the future of the planet.
    If I won this scholarship I would use it to set up a fully interactive web 2.0 portal where young women and girls can:
    • Be Creative!
    • Be Educated!
    • Be Inspired!
    • Be Informed!
    • Be Mentored!
    • Build Connections with likeminded young women
    With the power of the internet this would touch the lives of literally millions of young women.
    I would use all the powerful ideas of:
    • The Law of Attraction
    • Positive psychology
    • Motivation
    • Creative/Lateral thinking
    To help young women and girls to transform their lives and support others on a similar journey. The spirit of this web community will be:
    • Upbeat
    • Fun
    • Funky
    • Dynamic
    • Creative

    There is endless possibility in this vision – it will change the world. It would give this up-coming generation of young women and girls the chance to not only shine but be truly RADIANT!!

  4. My mission is simple Janet and that is to empower everyone to have the best sleep and nutrition they can have every day/night to boost their everyday lives and get the best they can out of it.

    I want to get together the best experts in all fields of sleep probelms from apnea to stress, from restless leg syndrome to catarrah and creating the best atmosphere your sleep room can have to optimise your chances of a sensational sleep. No problem is too small or large for My Sensational Sleep to deal with.

    I realise that this is a big job but it is an extremely important one because if you are not at your best physically and mentally then how can you get through your day in the best way possible?

    A lot of information is scattered about the internet and I want to make my site THE hub of information with free stuff and member stuff too.

    The other reason for turning my passion into profits is in the title – I want to make myself financially secure and help as many of my family members who have the same passion to become involved and achieve it for themselves as well.

  5. My hearts mission is to strenghten people who are going for their hearts mission. There are two ways I choose so far to do it. One is my business and the second is the charity I am builduing. This will connect the children who are going for their dreams to mentors who are living their dreams.

    I will create changes through it as people who are going for their dreams invite others to do the same. Children who learn that they can achieve their dreams become satisfied adults and will help the next generation to do the same. Children think outside the box so lots of valuable ideas will come true.

    I want to create abundance in all areas of my life and that of all positive and encouraging and enlightening people. That is why I create the charity now. Lots of people move forward if it helps their children and in the end they help themselves as that is what helps their children best. And all the people who live such a life will be connected through that charity.

  6. OMG OMG OMG I am so totally inspired by you amazing people. You know, looking at the entries here I see some awesome Joint venture opportunities. Many of you have complementary passions and experiences and my mind is buzzing with the ventures you can help each other with.

    But first things first. I need to make a decision. A tough one. I have been getting feedback from people on my team and people who I have mentored. These are all people who have an idea of the powerful mix of passion with sound business ideas.

    So tonight I will sit down after printing out all these inspiring entries. I’ll sit down with Douglas The Wonderful Web Man, a box of tissues (I can’t help crying reading these) and a good bottle of red wine. Wish me luck!

    1. What is your hearts mission?

    My hearts mission is to change the lives of people with physical disabilities in the job market. When people with disabilities finish school, the options for them are very limited, in fact here in NSW the majority of them only have two options. They are “Transition to work” and “Community participation programs”. I would like to see them have another option and I have been working towards that this year with a program called “Kids with Ability”. This program is a work experience program where they learn to research and resource either information or product for their own websites, how to manage and maintain these websites successfully.

    This program is designed to give them a sense of hope, self esteem, self worth, the experience of working within a team for a common goal. To build financial freedom and residual income, so the choices they make in the future are not limited by lack of finances.

    1. What change are you commited to making in the world?

    The changes I am commited to making in the world are for the physically disabled to have a future in the business of the world wide web. I want to take their passions and teach them to turn them into a profit. These people have the same dreams and aspirations and anyone else, they just need to think out side the box and work around the abilities they do have. In this time and space these people rely more and more on computers for their communication needs and we can turn that to their advantage.

    I also commited to raising the awareness of people with disabilities and having it know that they are not just people with disabilities, but are people with different abilities.

    1. What do you want to create in your life?

    What I want to create in my life is a life of abundance in all areas. I want to be able to lift others up as I climb the ladder of life. I would love to earn enough money so my husband could retire to look after our son while I travel around giving back to people with disabilities, either through the gift of learning to build successful business’s or through the gift of laughter. As I am now a Laughter Leader and enjoy spreading the the joy of laughter with these people. I want to build on my life with gratitude and love.

  7. Hi Janet
    I know that I am well over the 12pm deadline however I have been gee-ing myself up over the last four or five days to submit my idea. Having taken part in the first part of the challenge, which I personally found very technically challenging, I am going to finish what I started. So thank you very much Janet for inspiring me to complete what I had started.
    My dilemma in identifying my hearts mission or cause is the fact that at present I have a foot in two camps. About five years ago, at the tender age of 46, I discovered and feel in love with a natural therapy called Kinesiology. I decided there and then that I, Marney Perna, a stay at home mum that had left school at 15 would enrol and complete a cert IV in Kinesiology and make a difference in people’s lives. I did wonder if I would have the capability to complete what I had started, however with my families support I would give it my best shot. I was very fortunate that my husband earned enough to allow me the freedom of learning without financial worries. Many of my fellow students were the bread winners of their families and were under constant financial pressure. My pressure came from self doubt and many personal concerns about some natural therapies ideas, however, the best pressure came from a brain being affected by menopause.
    We had many, many, workbooks to complete and return for marking and this was achieved by being able to practice kinesiology on many helpful friends and family members as we finetuned our skills. Thank you very much to all of my willing helpers it certainly gave me the confidence to keep going. It was during that practicing on my family members especially my elderly parents I realized that with kinesiology I could help our aging population. Touch is almost becoming a forgotten art as we look in askance at the appropriateness of touch. No longer are teachers, for example, meant to hug students, boys hugging boys are frowned upon etc. However here was a modality that is based on touch, for many years it was called “Touch for Health”. The client was touched; (appropriately) for usually at least one hour, they were listened to, heard, and acknowledged. Our older generation are often put in the “out to pasture” catalogue, they are told go home and enjoy your life, don’t worry that you hurt or can’t do what you used to, or that the arm you broke last year didn’t mend properly, just enjoy yourself. There had to be more to their lives. I personally don’t believe that you should have to live with limited functionality, where it can be assisted. I certainly don’t believe that just because you are old you have to make do. I believe everybody has the right to feel good about themselves. One of my very heartfelt desires is to make kinesiology a modality that is used in conjunction with western medicine along with other forms of natural therapy in all nursing homes and retirement villages for now in Australia but eventually in the world. To make it accessible and normal and to be a part of ongoing care and as part of that dream I have been taking it to the nursing homes/retirement villages. To date no home/village has taken up my offer of participating on a financial level but they are allowing me to show the staff and residents the benefits, and, like a new stream trying to become a river, I will with constant pressure make it happen.
    Why I have been momentarily sidetracked is due to a financial challenge that we as a family are experiencing. This leads to my other foot so to speak.
    Our family has been swept along in an event of mammoth calamity along with nearly 3000 other Australians in the collapse of a large financial company. The life savings and in many cases the family homes of the survivors have gone. It wasn’t declared a national disaster or even spoken about with alot of sympathy by many others, but it has torn the hearts and souls out of the people involved. It has become a case of David and Goliath, where the everyday mums and dads are David and the banking systems are Goliath. What the Goliaths did not expect was the support, friendship and downright tenacity of the ordinary folk. Unfairness of any kind is not tolerated well by the Australian public and this group of people have been treated most unfairly. So like any minority they have formed a common group and from the ground up have sought support and help from many avenues. We have had to face the public censor of being called greedy, been shown in the media as victims, written Parliamentary Inquiry submissions that bear our angst to the world and to live with the knowledge that possibly it is all to no avail. Many lives have been permanently shattered with some having no hope for getting back their life savings, all has gone. This has come at a high price for many as, like most everyday people, being in the limelight is not always comfortable or welcome.
    However this will be a long battle with no guaranteed outcome, so it is dependent on all the families to survive however they can. On one of my many sleepless nights I felt impelled to write a poem, not any poem but an inspirational and energetic poem. This poem would be my and many others salvation, I didn’t know how it would work I just knew it would. I wrote my poem called “For what am I bid for this fantastic precious piece of string?” and have since then have been putting together my knowledge to release it to the universe. I have gone to internet courses, inspirational weekends, written blogs, joined and embraced Face Book, conquered technology (sort of), and am gradually getting ready.
    So my energy and focus have been split between my two hearts missions and they have been entwined together as they both require each other to succeed. The change I will make in the world is that I will make a difference to peoples’ lives, for the better, I will succeed. If I can pass subjects like Chemistry, Bio Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Muscle Skeletal, the majority with 7’s and overcome my fear of the weird stuff like Chakras, Auras and Meridians and the like, all the time having hot flushes and fried brain function from menopause. As well as still be a Wife, Mum and daughter, start up a successful small business, well as Helen Reddy says “I can do anything, I am women”
    I want to create peace in my life. To have the financial abundance that enables me the opportunity for people to choose to change their lives…..for the better. Thank you.

  8. What if making one small change today, could change the world you and your children live in?

    My heart’s mission is to support a growing community of parents like you, who are committed to a future of emotional health and personal sustainability for themselves, their children and the communities they live in.

    So how do you do that, on top of everything else you have to do? One, baby step at a time…..and no more….and if we each did that, once a week, or even once a month, the changes we could make to the world we live in would be enormous.
    My name is Cath Resnick, and I could be called the “Sustainability Queen” (a bit tongue in cheek) because I have learned the hard way the value of personal, social and emotional sustainability.

    As a mother of three, and step mum of three I have probably made every mistake in the book with respect to parenting in a way that is sustainable for myself and my family. Yet, despite post natal depression, an early cancer scare as a 25yo, financial crisis, a marriage breakdown, single parenting, an emotional breakdown and a myriad of things in between, it wasn’t really until I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer at 42 that I sat up and decided that I needed to change something now, or I am not going to be around much longer.

    So, as a mother, (more recently) a psychotherapist, and a recovering workaholic I have found information, processes and practices that can help all of us, as parents, as individuals, as business owners and community members to live, work, play and parent in more personally, socially and emotionally sustainable ways.

    Why do I believe this is so important? Because as a psychotherapist I see the consequences to parents and children when this doesn’t happen. Our children are our legacy – our world depends on them….and they in turn depend on us. Reducing green house gases will not make the world a better place if we continue to treat each other appallingly. And, if we respect one another, then it follows that we will respect the environment, because it is part of caring for each other person on the planet.

    1. What change would I like to make?

    So many parents these days feel inundated with the should’s and shouldn’ts of parenting, and environment, leaving them feeling guilty, overwhelmed, undervalued , unappreciated and incompetent. The ever competing demands seem to increase on a daily basis, and our desire to meet all these demands- all at once, is simply unsustainable. It takes us away from the really important task of connecting with our children.

    I would like to support parents to learn the value of sustainability, in themselves and in their family -without having to go to the extremes that I have had to. And to move together – one baby step at a time – towards a global trans-generational shift of social, emotional, economic and environmental sustainability.

    What do I want to create in my life?

    I’d like to continue my baby steps toward personal, social and economic sustainability.

    So far, I have been very fortunate to achieve a healthy and sustainable relationship to my wonderful husband, family and myself. My health improves everyday though is still a work in progress, and this project (a web initiated parenting community) is a baby step towards being economically and chronologically sustainable (I am very chronologically challenged – hence my late entry!). High on my list, is also a desire to travel more with my husband, and offer that same opportunity to my children.

    Thank you Janet, and the Wonderful Web community for this fantastic opportunity – it seems we are all winners, and the process of sharing our stories is itself maintaining and sustaining of our respective visions.

    Thank you

  9. Hello Yvonne,

    Thank you for you encouraging comments.

    Your story is definitely incredible! It’s unbelieveable to think what would have happened to you if you had followed their advice. Thank god you knew to do differently!

    Would you like to tell your story on Incredible Healing Journals? You can link back to your site within your submission, so it can be used as a marketing tool as well as helping others.

    It will be launched in September. If you are interested I can email you as soon as the site is live.

    Please let me know.

    Kind regards,

    Lisa Robbins

  10. There have been so many amazing entries here and I wish a huge congratulations to everyone. So many inspiring and heartfelt stories from an obviously amazing bunch of women.

    Not concerned about ‘entering a competition’ as each and every one is a winner, I thought I’d share my own story and vision for the future. I guess my dreams for the future all stem from my story.

    Working in the corporate world, for 12 plus hours each day, making sure both my boss and the business continued to ‘shine’, I thought climbing the ladder was my ‘lot’ until an unfortunate accident resulted in me breaking my back. Not just once, but in three places. The medical prognosis was not good. “Dani, you will never walk again. Be prepared for spending the rest of your life in a wheel chair.”

    I underwent spinal fusion surgery, with bone taken from both hips and multiple screws being inserted to hold everything together. For many months I lay flat on a boarded bed, allowing time for the healing. My mental state was not good. In fact, I was at the lowest possible place. My husband had to quit his job to be a full time carer of me, my children, the household. He had to do the laundry, shopping, cooking, taxi-driving, bathe me, dress me – you name it. I felt that I was such a burden on my family etc etc.

    I don’t relate this story for pity, but to reinforce that no matter how bad things appear to be – there IS light at the end of the tunnel. And it isn’t always an oncoming train!

    One day, six months later, I had an epiphany. I still had so much to live for, so many dreams I had yet to accomplish in this lifetime and so many people to love. This accident was in fact just an obstacle that I had to overcome.

    Mindset played such a HUGE role in my recovery. I had to train my sub-conscious mind, and BELIEVE that I was here to accomplish so many things. It was during this time, unable to move or sit or stand (or use the bathroom) that I began to write my book – the first in a series of 3. “How To Find The Goddess In You” was born, showing that regardless of age, regardless of circumstance, each and every woman is a goddess and can truly find and follow her heart’s desires if you just dig deep enough. If you just ask the right questions.

    As my health improved, and my journey into NLP progressed, I continued writing and worked with a number of women, all with a passion of developing their own business. Through continuing to study and learn from many mentors and ‘gurus’, and working with so many women, it became evident that they all wanted to have a successful business – one that gave them the income they wanted, but ultimately the lifestyle they desired – time to spend doing the things they loved to do.

    Life is precious, and our time should be spent doing what we love. Hence, I now am absolutely passionate about helping women in business use their knowledge to create a business that will provide the income and the freedom they deserve.

    My vision and goal is that by sharing the knowledge that I have amassed over the past years, that I can help women create the lifestyle they desire and deserve. Seeing the results that my clients achieve gives me such a thrill, and I continue to get excited each day with every step forward.

    And by the way – I’m doing it all ‘on my feet’ and not from a wheelchair.

    Thank you Janet for inspiring me to open my heart to share with this community. Remember – “Where there’s a will, there’s … always .. a way.”

    I wish each and every one of you the success you deserve.

  11. Hello Lisa,

    A huge congratulations on your well-deserved win. I so share your passion for self-care in relation to health, and the avoidance of so many of the mainstream and dangerous avenues available.

    People need to be informed and your service is so needed.

    I wish you heaps of success.


  12. Good Morning everyone,

    Thank you Janet, for your video this morning, and Clancy, you did a great job!

    I feel so honored and blessed to have been given this opportunity. My mind is a whirl of thoughts right now, mostly of affiliate links with all of you!

    I don’t know what else to say but Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    I am so looking forward to learning from you Janet. You are very inspiring!

    To everyone: Congratulations on making your vision clear. For me, this has been the paramount step in making my dreams come true. Once you can see them clearly, they are already on their way to you!

    Good luck to each and every one of you. Women are sooo strong and wonderful!

    I’m going to get a tissue now…

    Kind Regards,


  13. Here is my mission vision and hearts desire Janet. 🙂

    What is your hearts mission or cause?

    There are too many people in the world who are not reaching any where near their full potential because they are living in a ‘victim’ mentality, not a ‘I control my own destiny and ‘choose’ how to react to the world around me’ mentality and I want to help make the ‘shift.’

    All I’ve ever wanted to do was help people. Even when I was a little girl, I can remember helping other kids at school who didn’t fit in. Playing with them; inviting them over;, doing mini-makeovers on them to build their confidence to help them feel included, when no one else seemed to care. There was a benefit to me in doing this too I must admit –it made me feel great! I could see that I had made a difference to their lives and it boosted my confidence too.

    It took me a long time to realize that the reason no one else seemed to care about others in the same way that I did, wasn’t because they were heartless but rather because I was just way more ‘sensitive’ than the average bear ?. So I could almost feel others pain and certainly felt my fair share too – taking things too personally . In the last 10 years this desire to ‘Help’ people has manifested into helping people regain control of their lives by being able to cut through their house and head clutter, that’s weighing them down physically and mentally.

    Due to my sensitive nature – which by the way I thought was a burden not a blessing for too many years to count – I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed and paralysed by inaction. That’s how my idea for Organize Your Life came to ‘be’. I have learned how to break free from limiting beliefs ; control my ‘stuff’, rather than it controlling me and have a vastly different life as a result, that is full of miracles and transformation. There are of course still challenges along the way – full of silver linings and opportunity for growth.

    Via our two website and we combine the Practical with the Psychological aspects of finding the inner peace we all so desire and need to live a fruitful life.

    Work just doesn’t seem like work in the normal sense of the word to me, because it is so awesome to be able to touch thousands of people across the globe- (pretty good for the old ego I must admit!!) – it is really makes my heart sing. I never imagined it would have been possible all those years ago when I was a Kindergarten Teacher, not thinking I was smart enough to do anything in the business realm over my lifetime. My business Idea came to me soon after having my first child and I just ‘knew’ it would be successful and that alone kept me going to get it off the ground. I love to inspire people to get out of their comfort zones and follow their dreams – starting from the ground up – all importantly encouraging women to put themselves back into the equation so that they can nurture themselves enough through their life journey, to be ‘there’ in the true sense of the word for their loved ones as a result.

    If I can do it with my supposedly ‘non-academic’ ability; family history of depression; low self image Blah, Blah, Blah anyone can!!!

    What Change are you committed to creating in the world?
    I see so much hope and abundance and joy all around me since taking my blinkers off and want to help others do the same and take a big chink off the startling statistics of depression and other related mental health problems. I want to inspire and educate people into happy, harmonious souls who have learned how to honour their body, mind and spirit.

    What do you want to create in your life?
    I have created and will continue to manifest evermore Harmony, Connectedness and Prosperity, because it’s what makes me tick. The more I make, the more I commit to helping others less fortunate because what goes around comes around. I truly believe that.

    Thanks Janet 🙂
    Blessings, Claire

  14. Hi everyone,

    My passion is to tell stories to children. In October, I’m interviewing parenting experts who are as keen as I am to see children happy. It’s not just about story-telling our experts promote children being happy.

    The recordings will be available to our online community through membership. I’m seeking high quality JV’s to be interviewed and to promote our launch.

    Send me a direct message so I can keep you up to date as we prepare for the launch.

    Thanks, Annie

  15. Hi Annie,

    My name is Lorraine and I am a breastfeeding counsellor. I think what you’re doing is great. My boys love stories and I find that sitting down to a book really opens them up to a lot of conversation and sharing that we may have missed out on otherwise.

    I’m not sure what I could contribute from a breastfeeding perspective other than how stories can help older siblings share special time with mum when she feeds her baby.

    I just mainly wanted to introduce myself and share that with you. I know that we did the triple P parenting course when we had our second child and it helped us a great deal. I still use some of the strategies we learned, it’s all based on positive praise, planning and dealing with situations before they escalate. You can find more information on them at

    Some one has also contacted me with their program for talking to kids. He uses lots of NLP. I listened to his program, I haven’t used it but I thought it seemed great. I can give you his contact details if you like, and I’m sure he will send you a free sample as he did for me. There’s nothing in it for me, i also love to see happy kids and happy parents so I just wanted to help…again, I think what you’re doing is great.

    Take care,

  16. Hi Janet and all you wonderful women, please excuse me post to Annie, this is my first blog and I thought it would be like a private message.

    I just wanted to let you all know how great and brave you are for doing what you are doing and for wanting to show people a better way of living. I agree with what many of you have said about people playing the victim or giving away their power, not seeing that they have choices and I think it’s great that you are aiming to change things.

    You all are wonderful, keep up the great work and I look forward to being on this journey with you in one way or another.

    Janet, I cannot thank you enough for the kindness and generosity you have shown me. If there is anything that I can do to help any of you move closer to your vision please let me know, I’m very open to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

    Have a great night.

  17. Hello Janet,

    I fully understand that the deadline to enter this competition for the passion to profits scholarhship has ended.

    I still wanted to share my mission anyway….. maybe there is someone out there who will read this and can assist with some copy writing. I would love to be considered for this (maybe next time)

    1. What is your hearts mission or cause?

    I am on a Mission. My goal is to transform and improve 1,000,000 relationships between all people right around the world.

    “Communication is the Glue that holds our relationships together and it can be the very thing that tears us apart.” ~ Stacey Huish

    My Mission is to be the paradigm shift and guiding light for the way every person in the world communicates with each other. I will share and impart practical, useful knowledge effecting positive change with groups of people all over the world. Having every person in the world feeling loved, appreciated and accepted, making sure that all the different cultures are communicating with each other through understanding, love, appreciation and acceptance. I will believe in others until they can believe in themselves. And I will do this through Love and Acceptance.
    My Vision is to see the whole world communicating with each other in a way that is respectful of each person, each culture, and each life. Communication is the backbone of life that creates our world.

    1. What Change are you committed to creating in the world?

    I am 1000% totally committed to changing the way people communicate and talk with each other and with themselves.

    1. What do you want to create in your life? (Abundant Financial Success? Your Dream lifestyle? Vibrant Health? Happy Family etc)

    My own personal goals for myself is: ” to have the most amazing income and to live the most extra ordinary life”

    Thank You
    Stacey Huish

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