“Teardrops on My Keyboard…”

There are 34 entries to win a scholarship to my new program, each sharing their vision and what change they hope to make in the world.

When I read your entries on the blog I felt like crying with joy. You are all such moving and inspiring people. Wow. I feel so privileged to be able to contribute to you and be part of your lives. Check out what people have said here:


Although the scholarship entry to my Passion into Profits Fast Track Coaching and Mentoring Program can only go to 1 person -all of you deserve it.

I’ll be making the decision tonight with the help of a bottle of red (and input from my team and mentoring clients) and I’ll announce the winner tomorrow. Keep your eyes out for my email.

I know some of you already are buzzing with questions about the program and how it works so I will do my best to answer them for you right now:

What is the program and how does it work?

In the program I will guide you step by step in implementing the system that I used to go from close-to-broke to having a responsive list, consistent abundant income, and the ability to influence 10,000s with my passion each day of my life.

The system you will learn will show you how to trigger ‘The Oprah Effect’ whereby you interview experts in your industry and through this become known as a global expert in your field of passion yourself- just as I have done.

The program will include 6 weeks of group coaching and mentoring, community mastermind groups, action plans and templates, an MP3 player packed with ‘how to’ resources, DVD and Audio packed with clear guidance, and much more.

In the gold-plus package you even get an ‘All Done For You 4 page Website’ and tech support from my ‘dream team’ so you can start building your list straight away.

In short you get ‘hand holding’ guidance and support from me and your mastermind group, and all the resources you need (including life time access to everything I use to run my business in my online resource centre) so you have a sure fire path to achieve your vision in the shortest time possible.

Will it really work for me to achieve my vision?

Yes, it will work for you just as it worked for others like Ludwina Dautovic, Lenore Miller and Juliet and Nina who shared their stories with you on our call last week. Them and the many other stars that have already used my system to create products, grow a list and a community and create income for themselves.

Not only that, we will be guiding you step by step through the whole process.

We will help you work out your ‘niche area’, contact JVs in your field, build your list and foster it as a ‘community’ and through that create consistent abundant income.

And the best part is, your success is guaranteed. If after 1 year you have followed the system as outlined and you haven’t achieved success from it I will give you DOUBLE your money back (yes that is right – I will give you money!) because I am so confident that you can do this.

Can anyone do it, and will everyone be allowed to join?

Anyone can certainly follow this system as I am laying it out in baby steps.

Not everyone will be able to get in the program however because I am limiting it to 60 spots only. The reason for that is we will be giving personal support in the programs and our resources are not endless (yet!).

This will be done on a first come first served basis. There will be 30 spots available in the ‘All Done For You Package’ (where you get your own website made, and tech support) and 30 spots in the standard coaching and mentoring package.

Is it going to be too hard, and will I be able to do it?

No it’s not going to be ‘too hard’ for you – in fact it will be easy for you if you’re committed and get into ‘flow’ with it.

You know those times when the river of life takes you away and things start to happen for you quickly and you enter the ‘zone’.

This program is designed to take you to that special place of ‘income acceleration’ and massive personal productivity–where things happen easily for you and you get the results you seek with grace and power.

The other aspect is that you are a competent and powerful person capable of anything – you can do this. Especially when you consider I will guide you step by step throughout the whole process.

And the final factor that will make this easy for you is that you will be part of a supportive mastermind group, empowering you and acting as the wind beneath your wings on your rapid flight to success.

Is it going to be too expensive?

Well it’s certainly not going to be cheap as that would devalue the product – and I will be putting heart and soul into your success during the program so I am certainly not going to devalue it.

BUT…I am going to reveal a surprise to you on Wednesday that will allow everyone who is truly committed to joining this community of passionate entrepreneurs on their fast track to fulfilling their visions to do so.

How is the course different from the others I have done and all the other courses “out there”?

This course is very different to any others you might have done because firstly it is focussed on community – you will be in a mastermind group of passionate entrepreneurs supporting you in achieving your vision- and potentially acting as your JV partners etc, providing you with accountability (and getting you into action when you need a ‘kick up the backside!)

You will also be getting step by step guidance in what actions to take to achieve your vision – as opposed to getting more info to read through (as if you don’t have enough info to plough through already).

In the gold plus package you also get a website all done for you and tech support, so you can start building your list right away. This is about ‘action’ not just more information so you can finally achieve your vision of massive influence and consistent abundant income (not just dream about it for the next 5 -10 years!)

The most important question…is this right program for you?

That is something only you can answer. The longer I am in business the more I find myself trusting myself to make decisions by ‘instinct’.

I trust myself and I know when something is right for me.

And when I do trust myself, I experience more financial abundance, more joy, more luck, more ‘chance meetings’ with just the right people, and more opportunities to contribute to my community of passionate entrepreneurs across the world.

When I don’t trust my own intuition, and don’t trust my own judgement – things never go well for me and I have lost a lot of money so I have learnt this lesson by hard experience)

I invite you to ‘feel’ for yourself whether this is the program for you-

And only do it if you get a resounding yes….

I find going somewhere quiet, and listening to my still inner voice in my heart guides me.

And I invite you to do that- take the time to get in touch with your intuition about whether this is for you…and if so, just commit to it, and a way will be made for you.

And if you keep on trusting yourself, and following your intuition, then by taking powerful action you will achieve your vision, I promise you.

I know this to be true because that is the way the universe works, and it is certainly the way it has worked for me.

For my part I know because of the limited number of spaces in the program, the program will fill up either way.

So it is completely up to you and your own personal ‘intuition’ – whether it is part of your destiny to use this program to propel you rapidly towards your financial abundance and cherished dreams and goals. It can happen for you...perhaps sooner than you believe now.

Hopefully that answers most of your questions…

If you have any burning questions or comments that I didn’t answer here then please leave a comment below and let me know what they are and I will answer them personally for you.


  1. Janet, thanks for helping to make the Internet a better place, for you and for me.

  2. Mmmmm yummy. I can smell the bouquet from that wine all the way over in New Zealand!

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