Rising Star: Anthea Falkiner’s 1000% increase in list size

antheafalkinerWe are very proud to feature our Wonderful Web Radio Rising Star interview. In this segment, we speak with Anthea Falkiner. Anthea is profoundly healed from a myriad of health issues including chronic digestive problems, immune dysfunction, sinusitis and acne, Anthea Frances set out on a quest to help others regain their health and their lives through the power of raw fruits and vegetables. She learned that a raw food diet doesn’t have to be complicated, that fruits and vegetables, simply prepared, are man’s preferred and optimal diet. As a writer, teacher and mother, teaching others about the incredible benefits of a fruit-based raw food diet is her absolute passion and she does this through health coaching, her Raw Inner Circle program and her numerous entertaining articles on www.RealRawNutrition.com, Facebook at Real Raw Nutrition, her Youtube at Anthea Frances Falkiner and on Instagram also as Real Raw Nutrition.


Transcript of the Interview

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Announcement: Welcome to Rising Stars Radio where we share the stories of ordinary people taking action to create extraordinary changes in their businesses. They are the true rising stars to watch. Get ready to take notes for our no fluff, cutting to the chase, 20 minute interview.

Janet Beckers: Hello and welcome everybody. It’s Janet Beckers here and it’s great to welcome you here to the Rising Stars radio show. I have a beautiful guest to share with you today, Anthea Frances. Hello Anthea it’s wonderful to welcome you.

Anthea: Hi Janet, thanks so much for having me on the show. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Janet Beckers: I’m really, really excited to have your here. I just know, everybody that’s listening, you’re really going to get some really, really good tips here today. Anthea has been a part of our community, the Wonderful Web Women community for not quite a year yet. I’ve just been so impressed with the big leaps that she’s taken, that’s taken her business from being a blogger who was giving great value to people, but I’ve watched her in the last 4 months to build herself a really credible, sizable lift, and to give herself great choices. To actually make an impact, and to be positioned as a leader in her area.

That is a huge thing that she’s been able to do that only comes from not just having strategies, but from backing yourself, and from really taking good actions. That’s going to be our focus today is actually to hear how has Anthea done that and to get some really, really good tips for you. Our intention today is to try and give you as much value as possible in about 20 minutes, so we’re going to get stuck straight into it. Anthea, would you mind sharing with everybody who it is that you help, and how is it you do that.

Anthea: Absolutely. Well, just to backtrack just slightly, because I think this makes a difference in terms of the people that I help. I mean the people that I help, mostly women, although I do get a number of men, it’s people that are struggling with their health like I was 3 or 4 years ago, up to 3 or 4 years ago. They are really just so over the whole traditional medical model, and even the natural health model to a certain extent. They are really looking for options to improve their health in the way that I was. They are the people I help. Mostly the people I help are in that between 30 and 55 age group. People who are struggling with their health.

Often they have families and they are really interested in qa raw food diet but they just, like me, don’t have the time for all those crazy recipes that you find online with dehydrators, and spiralizers, and all these different contraptions. They just want something simple that they can implement into their life that’s going to make them feel incredible, give them that boost of energy that they’ve been looking for for so long. Also allowing the time to focus on what’s really important to them, that’s their family, that’s their work, that’s just enjoying their life. Rather than spending all that time in the kitchen.

Janet Beckers: Excellent. I tell you what, that is so true, because a lot of times I will see on Facebook all these recipes that come around. I quite often tag my daughter in them because she loves cooking, saying I really like this. Then the number of processes that are involved, and they look quite exciting because they are really unique. They’re raw, but we both look at them and we go nah, who could be bothered, too much work. That’s fantastic that you have actually got that really beautiful, practical approach to that. How do you actually work with people? We know who you help, but how do you actually structure that? If people were to come to you what would be the different options they might have to be able to get that help?

Anthea: Well, when people come to my website there are all sorts of free resources. First of all I offer a little mini course. A little raw life style mini course that they can sign up to and basically, usually about once a week, I give a tip. It might be something to do with … It might be a recipe. It might be how to stay on track in your life with raw foods. How to deal with all the strange questions that you get about what you’re eating, and what you’re doing with your diet. How to reassure people in your life that you’re not doing some weird, crazy thing. That’s a big one with people, just the social aspect. How to fit in socially when you’re eating raw foods, and making raw foods the predominant part of your diet.

There are lots of free resources there. I do usually a blog post once, sometimes twice a week. The raw mini course. If you sign up for that there are two free special reports that you also get that I think is over about 60 pages worth of information. There’s actually a part of that that’s a free recipe guide, and also a special report about protein. There’s huge hype about protein, you’ve got to eat protein, but in actual fact people eat way too much protein. That talks about why it’s actually not such a great thing to eat too much protein.

There’s the free options, and then I also offer coaching. I offer a couple of different forms of coaching programs. There’s a one month coaching program where you fill out a questionnaire. It’s quite a detailed questionnaire. I look at that and then we get together and I offer you email support, also Skype, phone support. Recordings of our coaching calls as well. Often people are really interested in the 3 month program. That’s the one that seems to resonate with people the most. Mostly because, I think, one month is pretty short, and the 3 month they get more consistent approach to implement into their life over a longer term. Then some people repeat that because the love it so much.

I also offer one of coaching. Some people just want a little bit of advice to tweak what their doing. They’re quite happy with the free information that they’re getting. They are self starters. They don’t need a lot of hand holding so they can work of free advice, and then they might need a little bit of tweaking. Then I also offer a raw in a circle program, which is a 12 month empowerment program where there’s a monthly call. Actually there is a bi-monthly call, coaching call. There’s a whole heap of things that are bundled into that. You can have a look at that if you’re interested.

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Janet Beckers: This is really interesting for people who … There will be two lots of people listening to this call. The people that are thinking oh, fantastic, exactly who I need, who are looking at creating that healthier life style. Then there’s also going to be people listening her who are going I’m really interested in looking at your business model. There’s so many different ways to be right when it comes to building your business. You can see here what Anthea has created is a really fantastic platform online, where people can come to get great information.

They can get a starters course, all those sorts of things so they can get to learn, get great value, and get to see that Anthea actually knows what she’s talking about. Then there’s also a few different ways that you can be working with … That you can get that support either by working personally, or by being part of an online coaching program. That’s going to be a lot more self guided with her help. You can see that’s the structure that she’s got there. I think what would be … First of all, before we move on if you can just tell people where they can go to be able to find you. Then we’ll move on to being able to share some business lessons.

Anthea: Absolutely. It’s pretty easy to remember, it’s just realrawnutrition.com, I don’t know if you want me to spell that out?

Janet Beckers: No, no, no that’s fine. We’ll put a link to that below where the audio is here. If you’re here and you’re watching this on Rising Stars Radio, which is risingstarsradioshow. You go there and you find Anthea, you’ll have a link there to be able to go. If you listen to us over in iTunes, you can just go to realrawnutrition and you’ll be able to find her. Anthea, to talk about the steps that you’ve gone to to be able to create this fantastic platform, can you … To start with we should introduce how we actually come to know each other, and how we’ve worked together. What programs of mine have you done to be able to help you get to where you are? If we look at what programs you’ve done and then we’ll look at the different things that you’ve implemented.

Anthea: Well, interestingly I was on your list Janet for quite a long time before I actually contacted you asking you specifically about whether you run a telesummit program. That was the first thing that I thought running a telesummit as a really good way of building my list. I started with a list of … I think it took me about 6 to 8 months to grow my list from zero to I think 300 or something like that. That was just through Facebook posts and various ways like that. I just knew that it was going to be very slow if I kept doing what I was doing. I needed to do something radical to position myself in the market, and also to grow my list in a very short period of time. That is what specifically I was interested in.

I was on your list for a long time. You getting to know you, probably not rating as the vast majority, or watching the vast majority of information you put out. Just that constant reminder that you were there and that I could perhaps trust you. You could be someone who might provide what I needed. Then I contacted you at that point. You had obviously run telesummit modules in the past, but it was part of you Shine Online Program. Which was a bit of a being late for me at that point, I wasn’t quite ready for Shine Online. You very kindly said that you would just sell me the telesummit module, specifically with a view to obviously doing the Shine Online program later on. I don’t know if you want to say anything about that.

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Janet Beckers: Yeah, well it’s interesting because the very first program that I ran, which was my very first higher priced program was on how do you use a telesummit to grow your business. I sold that for quite a few years and it was selling for around $2,000. I sold numerous, numerous copies for quite a few years. I had a lot of students who went through it, but what I did find … That was when very few telesummits were happening. A lot of people established their businesses using that program of mine, but I did notice that things started to change in the industry in that to run a telesummit you had to do things differently to what you would have done a few years ago.

I actually took that program off the market because I thought I would want to retweak this whole thing so that I knew that I was going to be giving people what they needed. I created the condensed version of that and included it as a module in the Shine Online program. The nice part with the Shine Online program is it gives you all of the extra structure that goes around … To do the telesummit and actually then use it to grow your business. That’s why I don’t sell it as a stand alone program, because as that module I want people to be able to have the extra things that means they’re going to actually use it to grow their business. I include it just as part of the Shine Online program.

Interestingly people end up with a whole business building program for the same price as what I was originally selling the telesummit program for years ago. It’s interesting that once you had gone through that … That’s with the support of also having … I bundled in together some inner circle membership too, so that you could get some mentoring. It’s interesting that after you did that, that’s when you recognized you know what, I’m actually going to upgrade now to the Shine Online program because you need those next steps to really consolidate what you’ve done.

Anthea: Yeah, and the telesummit that I ran was so phenomenally successful that I really felt I could trust the larger program that you were offering as well. I think I just needed to stick my toe in the water first. It’s so well designed, that particular module that I knew that everything else you’d offer would be as great.

Janet Beckers: Fantastic.

Anthea: I was able to grow my list from 300 to nearly 3,000. My goal was 2500 so I exceeded that quite a bit. The other thing was that I managed to position myself in the market as well. I pretty much had no profile before that, or a very small profile. I’ve made all these incredible joint venture partners out of it as well.

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Janet Beckers: I was just so impressed. I just loved that Anthea followed the process step by step, and then made the most of the Facebook group. Saying to people, and also asking me on our inner circle call for extra advise, to be able to tweak it and give it her own style in response to what she was seeing was available in her own industry. What I think would be really helpful for people here is let’s have a look at actually what your telesummit looked like. There will be some people that don’t know what a telesummit is.

If we can just talk about how many people you had, and some lessons … How did you actually get them to take part? Any lessons that you can share with people that meant that you got that fantastic response to building you list, multiplying it by 10 times. What’s that, that’s 1,000 percent. Somebody can fix my math I’m sure. To get the list but also that credibility, also to be selling programs on the back end of that. If you can share with people what was the structure? How many speakers you had. How did you get them to take part.

Anthea: Okay, I had in the end 23 speakers, which was quite a big … I guess a moderate range telesummit. The kind of telesummit that you were recommending was quite small. A lot smaller than I’d seen done. Many telesummits I’ve seen have expert guests of 40, which I think is just enormous. I don’t know how they do it. Around 20 seemed to be good achievable number for me. I wanted it to be substantial but not too overwhelming. The interviews went between and hour … Some of them were a little bit shorter than that, but mostly were around the hour mark. Some of them went considerably longer than that. Probably I would cut them a bit shorter next time. I don’t think I’d do interviews that long, although some of them were incredible interviews. One guy did an interview that was 2 hours long. He had such amazing insight into it. I just don’t think people have the time to listen to interviews that long.

Janet Beckers: For people that aren’t quite sure what a telesummit is, it’s a whole series with Anthea actually physically interviewing like we’re doing now, and recording, but people can come and listen live. How long would you recommend, if you were to do it again, how long would you make the interviews?

Anthea: I think I’d probably … I don’t think I’d go beyond 45 minutes.

Janet Beckers: Okay, good.

Anthea: Yeah, I think I’d probably keep it shorter. I think you can achieve just as much in a shorter interview. Yeah, probably between half an hour and 45 minutes would be a good length.

Janet Beckers: That’s a great insight. Would you again stick with about the 23 people? Is that a good number if you were to do it again?

Anthea: Yeah, I think it would be good. I think the second week, I ran it over 2 weeks, the second week the listeners really dropped off in the second week. I think to try and cram it into one week will maybe cut the numbers down bit might be useful. Having said that, it was still a phenomenally successful telesummit. It really served it’s purpose, and that was to build my list up. That was to create a profile for myself. It definitely served those two purposes. What we’re talking about here is just tweaking really.

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Janet Beckers: Absolutely.

Anthea: Perhaps I think I could probably interview less people, and take less time, and still get a similar result.

Janet Beckers: That’s a great insight, and that’s great for people who are listening who are thinking aah 23 people that’s just a lot to coordinate. We’re only on a short time here, but this is the big part we do in the program is how do you decide who you’re going to interview, and the criteria that you use knowing what your objectives are. A lot of times you can have less people and you’re still going to get great results if you have been very strategic in who you choose to interview. What would be a good thing while we’re still talking about telesummits … Because I know that you also wanted to talk about the next steps. One last thing on the telesummits is I loved … You came over into our private Facebook group and shared this beautiful story about the response you had been getting from your guest speakers. When you sent them the invitation and the kind of response you got. Could you share a little bit on that?

Anthea: Yes, yeah that was really, really amazing. From one of my speakers … One of my speakers emailed me virtually straight back and she said how can I possibly refuse that invitation. It was just so professionally laid out. She didn’t know me from a bar of soap basically.

Janet Beckers: That’s fantastic.

Anthea: But what I had presented to her, and the fact that I really focused on what she could get out of it. Janet puts together this fabulous template for an invitation that just lays it out in such a structured … It’s just a no brainer for them to take it up. I’ve had telesummit invitations since then, and they haven’t been nearly as professional as the one Janet put together for me to then adapt to my needs. I just think what’s out there is quite inferior compared to what Janet has put together. I just think that was a huge part of the success. I think I probably invited maybe 28 people to get 23. Really very few.

Janet Beckers: That’s huge. That is a huge success rate. It really is. When you’re thinking you’re going to people who are the know experts in your particular industry. They get a lot of invitations. You’ve already found, Anthea, that you’re getting invitations now because you’re seen as a guest. I get numerous invitations myself. You get to see a lot of invitations, so when one comes through that stands out as professional you just go well, that’s easy. All the rest I’m just going to say no to. To get 23 out of 28 is just … Congratulations, that’s just awesome. Is there anything else you want to say on the success of the telesummit? I’m just really aware of our time so I want to make sure that I honor our commitment to people to be quick. Then we’ll talk about the next steps.

Anthea: Nothing apart from if you seriously want to build your list in a very short period of time, I would really consider a telesummit, that option.

Janet Beckers: If they are done well, which you’ve done, they can be fantastic at building your list. As we’ve discussed, where a lot of people would be sending invitation if they’re not done really well, just done average, you just don’t get the response. I’m just so impressed with the brilliant work that you did. I’m on Althea’s list, she sends really high valuable tips. A lot of those things came from starting out with such a great thing with the summit. Now let’s look at the next steps. Once you’ve done the telesummit then you decided that you were going to study the Shine Online program. You’ve now been taking it up to that next level haven’t you? Would you mind just sharing briefly with people the next steps that came after you were able to build up that list of 3,000.

Anthea: Well, obviously I want to create this amazing list, but from that that’s when my coaching, people interested in my coaching programs really started to take off because I had established that profile. What I was interested in was how do I differentiate myself from all the other raw food educators out there? Because there are a lot, and they all do different things. I was interested in what could I do … How could I position myself differently. I really just didn’t know how to do that. I knew that my niche was mostly women around my age who had families, and didn’t have a lot of time for raw foods preparation. I was clear on that but I just didn’t how to position myself differently.

That’s where the Shine Online program, and being able to create a signature system has been really powerful. Now, I haven’t completed the program, I’m still in the process of doing it. I’m in the process of still creating my signature program now. I just found it such a structured way of entering into that. What do I want to say? It’s just allowed me to be quite playful and play with it for a lot, and think about how I can design a system which is a very easy 5-step system to raw foods empowerment so it’s different. Everyone else is offering just one of coaching, or they’re offering their story, they’re offering their experience, but they’re not offering a tailor made package, I suppose. It’s quite exciting to me to be thinking about that.

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Janet Beckers: It is exciting, and I love that you said that it allowed you to play and have a little bit of fun with it, because that’s the nice part about developing a signature system. It doesn’t have to be really boring. It allows you to really bring the personality of yourself, and the personality of your business into your branding, and through your system. That’s exciting. We’ll definitely have to have you back in the next year to have a look at how that signature system has evolved, and the programs that you’ve been able to create around that. It’s nice to be able to say okay, this is Anthea’s story when she had gone to that level of building her list of 3,000 highly targeted people. Establishing herself as a well known person in her industry to the point that now she’s on the other side, getting the invitations to be on the telesummits. To be able to attract ongoing coaching clients, to now taking it to that next level.

If you are at the point now where you’re thinking okay I’ve built my mailing list, I’ve got a bit of an authority platform there. The next step is okay how am I going to package this so that I’m not just selling me and my time. I’m actually selling a unique solution that’s got a bit of personality to it, but that’s brandable. Then structuring programs around that. It will be really great to see Anthea’s story when we get to that next stage. Anthea, we’re getting to the end of our time. If you wouldn’t mind just sharing … We’ve covered quite a bit and as you can imagine we’ve really on just touched the surface of the steps that Anthea put into place to actually create that success. For people who are listening I’d really love to be able to give you just a few tips that you can implement into your business now from what you’ve learned from Anthea’s. Could you share just a couple of quick tips that people could take action on now?

Anthea: Gosh, I’m trying to think what specifically … Just by much that I’ve learned in the last year. I just think definitely focusing on building a way of … Whether it’s from joint venture partners, or through a telesummit … Through running a telesummit, which is basically creating a joint venture, a partner situation. I think you definitely need to do something like that, but also I just also think differentiating yourself in the market is so important. Because otherwise you’re selling your apples next to someone else’s apples. How do you brand yourself differently? I just thing that signature system is really the key to … Well, I’m hoping it’s the key because I’m not quite there yet. I can see clearly that that’s what I need to do. I don’t know if I’ve been particularly helpful there. Definitely I just think list building is important, and finding some way of doing that.

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Janet Beckers: Absolutely, and I really like that you made the point of if you’re doing the list building, but doing it in a way that you make an impact. That is a really important thing.

Anthea: I was going to say, and also doing it in a way that creates that highly targeted list that you were talking about. I know that everyone online now are people who are specifically interested in raw foods, and not just interested in health, or an aspect of health. They’re interested specifically in how to do a raw food diet successfully. They might all translate into customers, but I think a higher proportion will eventually become a little bit like me on your list after 2 years or something. They’re just in the right place at the right time and something will happen.

Janet Beckers: Yeah, excellent. For people to be able to contact you, again, if you go to realrawnutrition.com and that way you’ll be able to have a look at what Anthea’s created. Get on her list, all for the great value that you get, but also to see how she does communicate with people. If you’re listening to this and it’s on the Rising Stars blog, so Risingstarsradioshow.com. If you’re over there you’ll have links and everything to go find Althea. What is incredibly rewarding is if you can leave some comments down below. Even if it’s just to say Althea you totally rock is always a great thing.

Any questions that you’ve got, any comments, just please leave them down below. It’s wonderful to have that feedback. Anthea and I will be able to come back and be able to answer those for you, and have our own conversation with you. If you’re listening over here on iTunes, or in some other way, you can go and find Althea at realrawnutrition.com or come over here to the blog. You can also see the transcript there as well. Thank you so much everybody that has been listening. We would love to hear any actions that you have taken. Thank you so much for your time today. Althea you’re an incredible inspiration. Is there any last things that you’d like to share before we go?

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Anthea: No, not really, just be bold. That’s why I was doing that telesummit. I had a lot of fear come up about doing that, about it working out. I found doing Janet’s program just so reassuring, because it was a step by step. All I had to do is just do the next step basically, it all worked out in the end. I felt like I grew so much from that experience.

Janet Beckers: That is a fantastic way to finish it. Be bold, really great message. Thank you so much Althea, and thanks to you everybody for trusting us with your time today. We do hope that you’ve got some great action tips that you’ll be able to implement in your business this week. I would then love to be able to speak to you as a Rising Star on our podcast, on our radio show. Bye.

Announcement: To join out community and become a Rising Star yourself visit wonderfulwebwomen.com. You’ll find great resources, the comprehensive training programs our rising stars have studied and implemented, and connect with like minded people. See you there.


  1. Hi Janet and Anthea! Great interview. I actually signed up for AnAnthea’s summit. and I dud follow a raw food diet a couple if years ago. I found with my health conditions I needed more warm foods as I was freezing all the time and it’s very cold here in winter. So now I eat more taw in summer and more warming cooked foods in winter.

    I’m planning my own virtual summit so it was great to hear about your experience, Anthea. Thank you for sharing. I git lots of valuable info from this interview.


  2. Glad you enjoyed the summit, Ayesha, and also this interview! I would say the majority of my list, like you, don’t eat a 100% raw diet, but have been able increase the percentage of raw produce significantly and have experienced great results. I never claim I eat 100% raw because including some steamed veg and soups really works for me as well in winter and keeps me on the program. As long as you eat mostly raw (80% plus) you’ll experience incredible health gains. And I teach people how to achieve that.

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