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paulgodden1We are very proud to feature our Wonderful Web Radio Rising Star interview. In this segment, we speak with Paul Godden. Paul has been involved in video production for around 30 years and for the past 12 years has created video based products for many of Australia‘s top on and offline marketers. He also ran his own successful Training Consultancy business for 12 years before moving full time into video production. He’s a qualified Counselor, massage therapist and Emotional Therapy Healer. These days he’s created several ‘how to’ programs to assist people to embrace video as the powerful communication and connection tool that it is.


Transcript of the Interview

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Announcement: Welcome to Rising Stars Radio, where we share the stories of ordinary people taking action to create extraordinary changes in their businesses. They are the true rising stars to watch. Get ready to take notes around no fluff, cutting to the chase, 20 minute interview.

Janet: Hello, and welcome everybody it’s wonderful to welcome you here to Rising Stars Radio, and I’m really excited today to be able to introduce you to a lovely friend of mine. He’s been a member of our community for a long time. He’s a joint venture partner, and a client, and most importantly a dear friend. Paul Godden from Video Info 2020. Hi Paul, how are you?

Paul: Hi Janet and anyone listening, I’m fantastic, really excited. I bet you’ve been excited about this for a few days now. Well longer, but really excited. It’s fantastic to be here and have the opportunity to share some information with everyone.

Janet: That’s fantastic, and that’s probably something that’s very distinctive about Paul. He’s very active in our private Facebook group, which is for customers only. He’s always very enthusiastic and excited about sharing really good tips, and also for just helping people. Really sharing, helping people as much as he can from his experience.

Our intentions today, Paul and I, is to give you as much value as we can. Insights that Paul can share with you from his journey of growing his business and marketing it, and so that you can actually learn from his experience. We’re are going to try to do this in about 20 minutes, so we’ll short and sharp, and to be total content for you. Get you pen and pencil, pen and paper, because I know that Paul is going to have some really good tips. To get started Paul, let’s just dive straight in. If you could share with us who it is that you serve, and how it is that you do that.

Paul: In a nutshell, I help business people, and especially woman both on and offline to actually some use Video. Using video and all forms of videos, as a powerful communication tool for their business. They get more customers, to increase their profits, and build a business obviously. That’s what I do.

Janet: Because you’ve got, how many years experience have you got with video?

Paul: I started back in the 80’s, and so it’s like 30 years, but on and off for a lot of that time. For the last 12 years, full time in my business of Vision Quest Video Productions, commercially, and I’ve be doing wedding videos now for 15 years, 20 years. A whole range of different types of video things.

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Janet: Paul’s the person, when I first met Paul I was presenting at a conference, and Paul was the person who was videoing the conference, and then turning those videos into a product that could be sold. We just hit straight off didn’t we?

Paul: Yeah.

Janet: Paul’s just got this really wicked sense of humor, which I like anybody that can make me laugh, and Paul does that really, really well. In fact you seem be the person who would be videoing … Paul’s the person that everybody wants to be videoing their event. Because he just knows video, and also knows how to get the best out of people when they’re in front of a video, which is a real skill. A lot of people just approach as a technical medium. Whereas Paul really approaches it as a communication, and that comes across really, really well. When I wanted to run my own three day event, Paul was the person that I turned to, to video that for me, and to create a product. Since then we just really hit it off, Paul didn’t we?

Paul: Yes, yeah.

Janet: When it came to me creating my MeTV Program, I really needed somebody who was an expert in video to just give it that real age of professionalism in how to make great video. Paul was the person who I turned to. He’s a joint venture partner of mine in the MeTV program. Which has also kind of Shine. Paul is the go to person in Australia for creating video. The interesting thing is your business has evolved since then, Paul hasn’t it? Because as, you can imagine, all these different events. That’s a lot of traveling isn’t it? A lot of time filming and editing.

Paul: Yes, and it was also I wanted to share my knowledge and what I know, and my perception on video with people. Because I see so many people who know, intellectually know they need to be using video, and this is not going to be a cellphone video. You touched on one of the key things for people is this mind shifting. I’m not a videographer, I’m actually a video product creator. That’s the difference is that when I look at something is how can I create an information product, and it’s video based, that will help people?

I think for anyone listening, you want to look at your business, and look at video as just a tool. It’s a mechanical thing, and not get hung up on the technical aspect of it. Most people do sadly, it’s a bit like I hear people saying, “Oh, you know everyone just wants money until you become a millionaire, or multimillionaire,” and then money, you realize money’s not important, but you have to get there first. I recognize that for most people it’s, “Oh what equipment do I buy, what do I do, how do I do it?” They’re caught up on the technical side of things. Once you start doing it, you realize it doesn’t matter about that side, it’s about he content and you message, and it’s just such a powerful medium to get your message out there. That’s why I morphed out of sitting at the back of the room videoing events and creating product for people. I wanted to share that, I guess a different perspective for people so that they shift their mindset, and start sharing their business, and their information, and connecting with people.

Janet: Maybe it’s good time for us to talk about our connection has been, as I’ve talked about professionally with you actually being a videographer for me and for everybody in my industry. We’ve also got a connection as a client mentor. Do you want to share with people what kind of programs and things that you’ve done with me? With me to be helping you to grow your business. Then we’ll start talking about the actions and things that you’ve taken as a result of that.

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Paul: Sure. We actually met, but didn’t meet. I first saw Janet sitting in events. Particularly they were Andrew and Daryl Grants, and there was one or two others. Of course, she was one of many in the group and that, so it didn’t stand out at that time. Then it was suddenly there was this person up on stage talking about Wonderful Web Women, and it was wow. I remember you sitting in the group. I’ve known Janet from pre-Janet.

Janet: Pre the brand Janet.

Paul: What’s been so gorgeous is to see someone morph from someone sitting there to someone who’s taken action. Again that was one of the big key things in, Janet you promoting all your programs is taking action. Anyway, through my affiliate association I’ve been fortunate to have been able to join the inner circle with you. The Shine Online, the MeTV program where I provided the techie and the geek speak stuff on video, but also being involved with that.

The big one for me with you has been when I invested in the one-on-one coaching with you. I had resisted it, and came up with all sorts of excuses why I wouldn’t pay money to have a coach in someone, and why do I need to have someone tell me what I know, and all this blah-blah-blah. Things that, I don’t know if anyone else out there listening goes through, but I reached a point where I just knew I needed help because I was stuck basically. I invested in your one-on-one mentoring coaching program, and it was just he best investment. I can say that because it was just a totally different perspective. What I loved was certain things you absolutely called me on. You had such enthusiasm and you had such great ideas.

I was wondering what drugs you were on at sometimes there. Because it was just amazing some of the ideas. I know you’re not on drugs, I’m joking there. It was just fascinating the ideas. The other thing that fast tracked it, was because you’d been there and done that, but not so long ago. I think a lot of the mentors, coaches, gurus, have been around for 20 years or 30 years, and they’ve sort of lost touch. You’re still in the trenches, and that was the lovely thing was you could relate to me being where I was at, and wanting to get my products created and out there. Yet you’re already doing it, and you’re moving on, and you had successful programs. That was the big plus for me, was actually getting that mentorship. That someone who could relate to me, but someone who could also show me the way forward.

Janet: The nice part about, when we were doing the one-on-one mentoring is, as Paul had mentioned I was in the kindest and most loving way beat you around the head. Because that’s what you need a mentor for. You don’t want just a mentor that’s going to say, “Oh yeah-yeah, that’s great what you’re doing.” You want somebody who is going to look and say this part that you’re doing, that works, that’s really, really good. This bit here, why on earth are you doing that, or I can see the reason you’re not doing this is because that is something that’s outside of your comfort zone. You’re defaulting back to the comfort zone. Hey, let’s push it baby.

You need somebody that’s going to do that for you, and it’s really, really difficult to do that yourself. Because we don’t tend to … We are quite often hard on ourselves, but not constructively. The nice part is he listens, and this is what is incredibly rewarding when you are somebody who mentors people, is to have somebody that will actually listen to what you say and take action. Let’s sort of look Paul at the challenges of running my own business.

Paul: I just want to jump in. Sure, just before I do, I just want to jump I there and say, and the other intangible, that invaluable part of mentoring with you or joining these programs, are the other people in the programs. The other people in the Wonderful Web Women community. The cross referencing of ideas, and the different perspectives that you get, and suggestions, and resources from them on different things. It’s just invaluable. It’s a family and it’s just wonderful.

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Janet: It is like family isn’t it. Again, it’s very much you get out what you put in, because the people who are in our community, I already have nice customers. The people who are in there really are very generous, and help each other. It’s the classic thing of if you, because Paul is very, very active in our forum in our private mastermind Facebook group, where he shares tips. If people will ask for a critique on their video, well he’ll go and have a look at it and give them some really, really clever feedback. Of course then it means that when he asks for something, everybody’s just got this sort of, “Well, hey yeah, I’ve got to help you.” Which is how it works isn’t it. Even in families as well. I more likely to wash up if my son cooks dinner. I’m only just thinking that because I just heard him come home.

Hey, let’s have a look Paul, at the different things that you have done, that’s been making these changes in your business. From being the person where your soul business model is traveling around videoing events, whether they’re conferences, or whether they’re weddings. Those sorts of things. What sorts of changes have you made in your business.

Paul: Major shift for me was, I was in a job and I loved it, and probably loved it a bit too much. Like anything it was comfortable as well, and we get to know these things, and there’s this scary bit about stepping out of our comfort zone and into product creation, putting ourselves out there. Providing a service or whatever it might be. I remember eight year ago, it was actually Andrew Grant saying to me, “Why don’t you make a video, a program that teaches people how to use video?” I was like, “No, no, no, I’m too busy in my job.” Now I’m like duh, crazy. I realized I was in a job and it was fantastic, and I loved it, but it was just a job. What I did was, and I wanted to share my knowledge as a sort of leader. That’s where I got there and decided I was going to make a product.

Here is a learning for you guys, or ladies, persons, is make sure you make something that people need, not that they … Sorry, what they want not they need. That was my big mistake when I made my first product, which was video made easy. Thinking everyone needs to know how to make video for their business, because it’s such a powerful tool. I can see it and I knew it, but of course people didn’t want that. What I had to do was re-engineer it, and recreate it, and make it video made easy for business, and then the marketing is about is how to solve the pain of not having enough customers or making more profits and so on. That’s what people wanted. Whatever your business or interest is, make sure that you create something that people want. You can build it behind that, but it has to be what people wanted. Basically, you’ve probably heard it before, but you want to find out what’s their problem. What keeps them awake at night, and you need to solve that for people with your business.

Janet: It’s like a chocolate coated carrot. A really important distinction that you’ve made there is you didn’t have to throw out your product. It was just a matter of really just adding in an extra module that will have actually videos going to get you new customers and make you money. It’s just an extra little thing that you had to add in, and the changing of yourself message. I think that this is a really important thing for people to know, that if you haven’t quite got it right the first time you don’t have to throw everything out. It’s a matter of thinking, all right I have to get really, really clear on what’s the big thing that kicks my possible avatar, my client. What’s keeping them awake at night? As a business owner, it’s always going to be where am I going to get more clients and make more money?

Absolutely, your solutions, that’s what you deliver on. You’re showing them how do you do that. I think that’s a really, really good lesson Paul.

Paul: It maybe, what’s their illness, or what’s their concern with their child, or are they trying to get pregnant, or was their concern about their appearance, their age appearance. Because there’s a whole range of people in the Wonderful Web community you’re doing things that are not just about selling product, or whatever. It’s about what’s you area, and what do … Anyway but I’m agreeing with what you’re saying.

Janet: The key to that I can remember, you actually came to a workshop that I ran didn’t you? Retreat which is just gorgeous. Just a very, very small intimate group. Where we looked in detail at your possible avatar, and we have you create your programs around that. It’ll be interesting to talk about the clarity that you have on who your actual profitable advertise. That distinction really lead to you realizing that you had to re-brand that program.

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Paul: It was that, and further refining, because from that I got there and went away quite often at these things, you sort of get the tip of the iceberg, but then you start to, stuff bubbles up for you, and that’s a real value in having that where you’ve facilitated that day was just fantastic for us. Each day it was a small group there, but it was just brilliant, and hearing other people. Again it’s that getting different perspectives on things. Someone will say, “Oh I’ve done that,” and you go, “Wow, yeah I can do that too.” That was really great. For me it was more and more recognizable, so from my time as a corporate trainer, before I got into video full time, was that I love working with women. Because women are more, sounds gay, but they are more willing to do, to risk take. They’re more willing to be open to hearing and learning, and also to move forward, and to fire with passion, and stay focused, and so on. I just much prefer to work with women because they’re more courageous I would sum it up as.

Janet: That’s an interesting insight.

Paul: Yeah, and in defense of we men. I get there and say for all of us it’s about ego, or show, or we think we have to put on the brave front, or we know it all, and we have to keep that up, and it’s crazy. Whereas woman are willing to get there and say, “Well, you know I actually don’t know how to do this,” or, “Hey I’m willing to learn a different way,” or, “I’m willing to hear that this isn’t great,” or whatever it might be. I just think that over many, many years as a trainer, and then just being involved with Wonderful Web Women I think it’s lovely.

Janet: I must say, that the kind of men who did get attracted to being part of our community of Wonderful Web Women, even though Wonderful Web Women started off as very, very much very only female marketing. I actually had on my website, “Hey guys you are very welcome to join, but just understand this is our party.” That’s because when I started it was all about finding female role models. Now it’s evolved since then, but kept the same name, because it’s just a strong brand. It’s not necessarily just for women now, but still right from the beginning and still now, we’ve always had a really healthy component of men in our community.

They’re the really, really cool guys, that don’t necessarily have the big ego that they feel that they have to protect. They are really quite open to doing business in a much more collaborative way. Which is a female way of doing business. It’s not wonder that you were drawn to our community in the first place, and also have developed into quite a leader within that community. Because of that respect that you have for the way that woman approach business, I love that you said it was courageous. That’s a beautiful way of describing it. It means that you … When I said right at the beginning that Paul not just … Would approach video as videoing events. He has a really good knack of getting the best out of the person who is in front of the camera, and I would say especially so with working with women. Which is now a big part of your focus isn’t it, with your business?

Paul: It is, because right now I’m really excited because I’m developing a workshop that’s, I’ve titled Video Empowerment for Women, that I want to run, it’s either going to be two or three days haven’t finalized that, and it’s going to be about self confidence and self belief combined with the technical skills of making videos. It’ll be almost through the vehicle of making video, is that we’ll be exploring who you are, where you’re at, what are the messages you’ve had, how can you change things, refocus, re-calibrate, and create some great videos as well.

Janet: That’s brilliant. There’s just so many people that I know will be waiting for that time for those workshops to be run.

Paul: I can’t tell you how excited I am, and it’s only through Janet’s mentoring that I’m going no I need to finish my current task or project before I jump into it. I was only saying that virtual assistant this morning that I say, “Oh, I feel like just dropping everything, and I just want to do this, because it’s my whole heart and soul is going yes and vibrating and saying this is what I want to be doing.

Janet: You know you’re on the right track, and it’s … Well, we’ll have to talk about that Paul.

Paul: Anyway, anyway.

Janet: Well, about this time, it’s getting close to the end of our time, and I want to make sure that people who are listening, I really want you to be able to take some action. Because it’s one thing to listen and be inspired from what you’re learning from Paul. I want to be able to turn this around now, and I challenge you all to at least one thing that you get from today. Go and take one action this week. From something that you’ve learned from Paul, and move it forward. We’ll do a little bit of a recap on the main things that you can be focusing on that we’ve been able to learn from Paul. What do you reckon Paul?

Paul: Well, I’d love to just share a couple little tips that I’ve been thinking about, and quickly put down here that may really help people, so they’ll be short and sharp.

Janet: Excellent.

Paul: That is, the most important thing with video is content, good content. It’s no about the technical and everything, so you’ve got to have good content that meets your viewers needs, not yours. That’s one.

You don’t need fancy equipment to make video. If you’ve got a smartphone, and you’ve got natural light, away you go. Start making videos.

Number three is start before you’re ready. This is a huge learning that I didn’t learn early enough is, don’t wait until you’ve got your product, or your service, or you business all up and running and everything and then go looking for customers, or connecting with people. Start when you start. Start building that community early, and grow with your community, and build your product doing that.

You’ve heard the advise follow your passion. Don’t. Because so many people with a passion, it’s their passion but not necessarily other peoples passion. Is it a passion that is a business? You need then stand back and go is it a passion and a hobby or is it a business? You need to be quite harsh here, because I see so many people creating a passion business, and it’s just not going to go anywhere, and they get frustrated, and so on. Know that you’re in business. You need to be in business. Not necessarily in passion. Obviously …

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Janet: Absolutely.

Paul: … They’re both fantastic. Two more. There is with the video everything needs to be about them. Even if you’re doing an about me video it has to be something like, “Hi I’m Paul. I’ve been involved here with video 30 years, and what I love about that is I’m able to share that with people and make a difference in their business, in their lives, blah-blah-blah-blah.” Anyway if you get the idea …

Janet: Good point.

Paul: … you say everything is about them. It’s not about you. I see so many about me pages, and it tells all about me. People, I mean they care but they don’t care. That’s another big one there.

The last one I want to do is don’t let fear stop you from doing things. Fear comes from thoughts. It’s in our heads, it needs to be left behind. Danger on the other hand is valid, is true. A danger is a danger, and Janet had a recent experience of real danger that was different from fear of going in the water. There was danger in the water. Fear is just a construct in our heads, so don’t let fear, which is false evidence appearing real, F-E-A-R. Don’t let that hold you back. That’s one I wanted to throw in for people, so they can hopefully get some thoughts and it’ll rattle them up there, and by all means …

Janet: Totally awesome Paul. They are really, really good tips, and the lovely thing about the validity of those tips is the videoing tips are coming from somebody who lives and breaths this, and has done it for such a long time. Then the ones about actually facing the fear, focusing on your customer, is from somebody who has gone through the similar journey that you may be going through as you’re listening. Okay, making these changes into my business, making it so that it’s less sort of a fee for service, and more into helping more people. That’s just brilliant advice Paul.

Hey now Paul, for people to be able to get to know you better, and for people to be able to get some help with what you do. Where can people go to?

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Paul: What I’ve done is, because I’ve got a range of programs, and services, and so on, I’ve created a central hub. Which is www.videoinfo2020.com, and the video info, the 2020 is because the vision is by 2020. I want to have as many people as possible embracing and using video and a lot of other things outside of that, that I’ve learned in my journey. That I want to share and encourage people to find their path, and to be able to use video to express their knowledge, skills, information. Make a difference in the world. It’s www.videoinfo2020, and the 2-0-2-0 is 2020, so it’s videoinfo and then 2-0-2-0.com, and look. We don’t have a lot of time here. If you want to send an email to me you can send it to me at Paul@vidoeinfo2020.com.

Janet: Thanks a lot excellent, and when they go there they’ll be some free training that they’ll be able to grab hold of so they can learn and get a feel for what it is that you do.

Paul: There’s some freebies there, and you’ll also see just some of the products and programs that I offer.

Janet: Paul has created a lot of training videos as part of our MeTV program, and I can tell you what. He’s very, very thorough in the products that he creates, so you’ll know that those programs that he has got there are very, very thorough over delivering. We would love you dear listener to leave any comments and questions. If you’re here listening on the podcast, you can go to risingstarsradioshow.com and you will also find there the audio, and you’ll find the transcripts of our conversation.

If you’re on that page you’ll see lots of links there so you can link through to Paul, and you’ll also see a way to leave comments. It’s incredibly rewarding to both of us to hear any feedback from you. Whether they’re questions, whether they’re comments from anything that we’ve talked about today. It’s a really, it’s one of the greatest rewards that we can have for you to take that time to leave a comment or question, and to share this with anybody who you know that will really benefit from that, so we do encourage you to do that. Paul, is there any last thoughts before we go?

Paul: I just encourage people to yes, take some time for themselves. Get clear, know who you avatar is. The thing that I discovered with you was just fantastic, was just getting that clarity. It made all the difference rather than everybody is my customer. I still have moments where I’m but everyone is, but they’re not. Who do I want to be working with? Where does my heart lie, and think that’s about getting in touch with yourself, and that’s the important thing. Knowing that you’re doing it, and being in service to your clients and customers, as Janet does with all of the Wonderful Web Women programs. That’s a range of programs here that cater to different needs and everything, so look at how you can model that.

Janet: That’s a really nice way to finish. Focusing, focusing on who you really want to be working with. Thank you so much for your time today Paul. Thank you everybody for taking the time, and trusting us with your time today. I hope that we’ve given you some excellent value, and I would love to hear of any action that you’ve taken from our conversation today. I’ll see you in the conversations that we have on the page here, and thank you so much for your time today Paul. Bye.

Paul: Bye.

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