Rising Star: Sam Beau Patrick’s Lessons from a successful, single mum of 3

sambeaupatrickWe are very proud to feature our Wonderful Web Radio Rising Star interview. In this segment, we speak with Sam Beau Patrick.

With a background in nursing, naturopathy and nutrition Sam Beau Patrick has become a leader in women’s health especially when it comes to hormones. From TV appearances, books and retreats, Sam strives to help women understand how lifestyle, work and relationships affect your health and how you can live a happy balanced life.


Transcript of the Interview

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Janet:               Hello and welcome everybody. It’s Janet Beckers here from Rising Stars radio show. It’s great to have you here and I’m really excited to introduce you to my guest today, Sam Beau Patrick. Now Sam has been a member of our community for quite a few years now. We also have some mutual friends as well.

The thing that I’ve always loved about Sam is throughout all of that time that I’ve known her and I’ve been watching her business evolve, is her incredible passion for what she does is absolutely unwavering. This is a woman who knows why she is doing what she’s doing. She knows the outcomes that she wants to get and she’s incredibly passionate about it. For me, that is one of the core things that means that this is a woman that’s going to be there for her clients and that her business is going to keep on going from strength to strength.

Instead of me telling you all about what Sam does, I’ll introduce her and let her tell you a little bit about herself. Sam, it’s wonderful to have you here.

Sam:                Thanks Janet. Thanks for the beautiful introduction.

Janet:               You’re very welcome. Our aim today is to be able to give as much value as we can to the people who are listening so that they can learn more about you and also importantly, about the decisions that you’ve made as you’ve grown your business so that they can learn from what’s worked for you and what hasn’t worked for you. We’re going to try to do that in about 20 minutes. Everybody who’s listening, thank you for your time. Get ready to take some notes because we’re going to get straight into it.

To start and drive straight in Sam, would you mind sharing with us all who it is that you help and how it is that you do that?

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Sam:                Yes, I’ve got a strong medical history – nursing, pharmacology, got the science behind me I guess as a practitioner. About 13 years ago, I’ve always had a passion for natural medicine and that’s where I branched out on my own and started my own business as a naturopath-herbalist and nutritionist with a background of nursing and oncology.

My absolute passion is actually helping women understand why we respond the way we do in social situations when we’ve eaten certain foods, and really giving women the understanding that we can have the life we want to have. Regardless of what’s going around us, if we get our understanding about our life and what results we get from certain actions. I’m a health coach. I’ve written now five books. I tend to focus on the hormones because it’s a tangible modality I guess when I measure women’s hormones, and I can present it to them. I say, you know what, you’re telling me you’re quite happy in your environment, but let’s check out what your body is saying. What’s the body saying. That’s the body saying it’s not happy, it’s stressed out. Let’s get down and dirty and talk about are you really happy? Are you getting the results out of life that you want? Have you put too much pressure on yourself. I just love that, I love working with women in that space.

I generally use food. I’m very active and I travel a lot and I really try to inspire women that they too can do the same. Yeah, that’s generally what I try to achieve in the work place.

Janet:               Excellent. I know that you been talking about hormones almost acting like a little bit of a barometer of how successful is what you’re doing in your life for your health. I know that you mentioned about food and that’s always one of the things that I’ve associated with you is your lovely approach to food, and health, and nutrition as being something that is to be celebrated rather than for it to be a hangup with, that the food is the problem.

Sam:                Totally, the people, particularly in your western cultures where when I sit down with people, or do it over Skype, or through my programs, I really try and keep what their values are and what they feel they’re here to achieve. Often being rich sitting on a yacht, it’s something sometimes it’s nice, it’s a dream, and I suspect a lot of us like it, but the real thing women will tell you is they want connection, they want love, they want to be proud of their body when the light’s on and it’s in the bathroom.

They don’t want to be judged for external things that they don’t have. Helping women understand that food is a really integral part of that, love’s a really integral part of that, movement is as well. They shouldn’t be punishments, they should be pleasure activities because as soon as we make them pleasurable we can gravitate and do more of them.

I think it’s a real travesty that we have diets and people feel like a failure when they fall off them. I tend to try and inspire good nutrition. Wine’s not bad, have it with a social set with friends, it’s quite different. I tend to think we’ve got a little bit caught up sometimes with punishing ourselves.

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Janet:               I can so relate to that, you see that so much. There’s already too many opportunities for us to beat ourselves up. It’s really nice to be able to have somebody that’s kind of approaching health and nutrition from a place of positive rather than lack.

From a business perspective Sam, how do you help people? Do you work with people one on one, do you do everything remotely? You mentioned Skype before so how is it that you help people? How do you structure that?

Sam:                Yes well there’s a few way. I’ve ebbed and flowed, tried different things over the years. Historically I started speaking from a very early point in my business. I got asked to speak on menopause at a medical function. There’s 200 doctors in the room and because they knew of my pharmacology background, nursing background, I guess they thought I wasn’t someone who bathed in the moonlight so they thought I had a bit of science behind me so that was good.

For a while with that whole speaking, drawing people to me from a speaking perspective, and then what I’d do is pick them up as clients. I became the go to person for doctors because they trusted what I had to say. They get a little bit scared of natural medicine I suppose. I’ve always taken speaking opportunities as learning opportunities for myself and people in front of me. It really helps when you’re standing in a forum to formulate your own ideas.

I’ve loved speaking and I became a professional speaker about five years ago. I do still speak. I do have a one-on-one health clinic where people can either come and see me in person. I’m trying to wind that down, because time wise and leverage wise from a business perspective, I’ve got so many grander things at the moment. Yeah, help one person is fabulous, but I prefer to help people en-mass.

I’ve been on TV quite a lot so when I do get asked to do TV interviews, which is not as regularly not but at one stage there I was on a lot. That’s a brilliant platform to inspire people. Interesting from a business model, being on TV generally gives you credibility, but when you’re running a one-on-one business it’s not necessarily good for that, but it does give you credibility.

I started writing books six years ago. One of the books has been a best seller and that’s been instrumental. I’ve just spoken at a conference in the last couple of days and people were coming up from all around us saying we’ve just come to hear you speak because I read your book.

Janet:               How fantastic is that?

Sam:                Yeah, and you just kind of sit there, you know going, oh wow, this is quite overwhelming, and really flattering. Then you understand that you’re changing lives sometimes by not even being present and in front of people. That your words or tools that you’ve provided for people is helping people.

With your program, I looked at the online YouTube presence, and I really want to expand on that because that’s a 24/7 platform where people can educate themselves. They’re a declared avatar or person that wants to buy a product so I really need to amp that up a little bit. I’ve had some good clips that have had 40,000 plus views, but I need to maybe sharpen that one up a little bit. It works as well.

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Janet:               A lot of your work is building on your strengths as a person who can speak and present, and you can hear your passion in your voice. I know for you to be doing any kind of speaking as part of your marketing mix, and also as part of your delivery when you’re saying workshops, is obviously pulling on your strengths as a communicator.

Listen now, you mentioned the programs just in briefing so let’s have a look at what programs that you’ve done of mine through the wonderful web group. We’ll have a look at what they were and then we’ll have a look at the different hings that you’ve implemented as part of that. What programs have you done?

Sam:                I’ve done the Me TV and Shine. Just even being able to tap in and listening to the coaching and hot seating of people is really useful. You can get a little bit isolated when you’re running a business, particularly when you’re sitting in front of a computer. Those programs have been really good.

Janet:               Let’s have a look at the nice part of that Shine online program, we were talking about this before we got on the phone, is you have lifetime access to the modules. Listening to the hot seats and things, that’s the inner circle that you get when you get 12 months of that with the Shine online program. The nice part about the actual teaching modules is you can keep on coming back to it.

As you go and you try one particular method that you might have been doing either through this program or something that you’ve been trying elsewhere in your business, and then your business evolves to the next step where you think, okay I want to try something different, the modules are always there. That’s quite powerful.

What were the things that you’ve learned from doing, say the Shine program to start with, that you’ve been able to use that’s made a bit of a difference in your business?

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Sam:                Well I’ve got more file with all the printing that’s in front of me.

Janet:               Oh good girl, very organized.

Sam:                I found that step by step, working through probably from a marketing perspective, was the greatest benefit to myself. In running a business, one of the discoveries is you might be good at speaking from the stage, or you might be fabulous as a practitioner, but when it comes to running an online presence it’s quite different. Offline marketing and online marketing, as far as I’m concerned, very different. You get people trying to assist you with offline marketing and it just doesn’t transcribe online. Online is just, in my mind, totally different.

Going through exercises that you’ve had in the Shine program has really helped me understand the market. Probably something I’ve reckoned with, and I still do probably. I’ve got high energy, and I’ve got different avatars, and different niches. Dropping, like the feedback says, and just being focused on one, I still believe that you can probably develop two. Whether that’s right or wrong.

I really enjoy the now the Romancing Your Tribe, I really love the language that you use. It makes it very easy as a recipient of the program to work through stuff, not just get bogged down and overwhelmed. I want a program to just sit there going, oh I feel like such a failure because it’s so much to learn. Yours is really good, it’s really gentle. It’s really well put together.

Janet:               Like a gentle person, nice praise.

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Sam:                It is.

Janet:               It’s interesting – avatar. If we can explore that a little bit further because I know this is the thing. Just have a little bit of the look at the avatar and then we might also look at things that you’ve done with the Me TV. Really, in order to even be able to create a really good Me TV program, and this is a regular, consistent, video contact with your subscribers, is you have to know who it is that you’re actually talking to. You have to know who you’re talking to when you’re creating those videos. You have to know when you’re making any changes on your web site who it is that you’re talking to. The same when you’re presenting at any of your speaking gigs.

It’s interesting that you were saying that you really consider that you’ve got two avatars. Did you want to share a little bit on how that’s worked for you with you being able to with your marketing and your message?

Sam:                Yes, this would be one of those times, if I can be really honest and share with the people behind the scenes who have seen successes and failures with that. I feel fascinated between the two. I don’t know what in terms of hearing names like Michelle Bridges, and I kind of go – I could be Michelle Bridges if I had focused on one avatar. Sometimes I feel a total failure that I haven’t achieved the same traction in the market place. I’m sure some of it is because I have not really focused on one avatar because it changes everything.

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Janet:               Yes.

Sam:                So when you go to my web site, it’s kind of pitched at the 45 to 55 year old, 60 year old woman who is looking for health and well-being. She understands that without that, particularly once you hit 45, if you haven’t looked after yourself you’re kind of like, I’m not feeling as good as I could. Image wise everything comes in to play. For me it’s great avatar to work with, I’m not 21, fresh out of college so they tend to trust me a little bit more. I’ve got children so they relate to me a lot more. We can talk about guys, we can talk about sex. There’s a lot more as a youthful practitioner we can draw upon.

As an avatar it makes sense. When you read Harry Dent’s talks about demographics it’s also the demographic in Australia that has money to spend. It’s a really good online avatar to have.

My second avatar is a younger woman who’s working and has the issues associated with high testosterone and hormone imbalance. She’s the young girl whose got it all going on, has a nice boyfriend or married, and cannot get pregnant, or has ongoing acne. I’ve got lots of answers to why that occurs and that got a little bit of money to burn as well.

Interesting quadrant, they’re quite a different shopper. Their purchasing habits are a lot different to the 50 year old woman. I’ve got these two avatars and it’s a real non-issue for me, but I think if I’d just bit the bullet and let one go I would have been a lot better along the line than I am. But anyway.

Janet:               Thank you so much for sharing that because very few people actually hear that kind of insight. When you’re doing your avatar, and we do this as one of the modules in the Shine online program, is working through the profitable avatar quadrant that you’ve still got choices to make. You could say, well I can actually see this here is an avatar that I can build my business around and be profitable, but this one here could work as well. It can be a really difficult decision because people are going, well can I go with one, can I go with both, can I mix the message?

As you’ve said, sometimes you’ve been able to go with both, but now you’ve been able to work out. Well there’s actually one that is going to be much more profitable and much easier to market to. Doesn’t mean you can’t help the others, but your core message goes to that. You don’t know that until you’ve actually given it a go. Then for you to be able to say with great insight that they have different buying habits and different ways that you market and sell, is a great insight that you could not possibly have unless you were working with those people.

Sam:                Yeah, and you do. You grab the bull and run in business and sometimes you don’t get the outcome you thought you were going to get. Some people are just successful by default. When we’re doing a program like Shine or I’m rally spending time in the planning, then you think this will be great, and you launch, you get your head around it, you get your marketing around it, you invest money, you change your logo and your branding, then when it doesn’t come off it doesn’t just affect your business confidence. It actually affects all your confidence. You can feel like a failure in all elements or your life, it can really throw you.

I’ve grappled with that – trying to discern between business success and personal success, are very different. Then revisiting, okay that avatar is great, but possibly from a marketing perspective let that one go, roll with the other one.

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Janet:               Yes, and that’s part of growing your business isn’t it? That you’re helping a lot of people, you’re getting out there, and these sorts of decisions that we all as business owners have to make are ones where you take your emotion out of them. When you can take your emotion out of it and go, I’ve got this choice or this choice. I’ve tested both, really what I’ve done is I’ve done my market research here and this is the one that I know works better. Now we move to that.

I find a lot of times as business owners, especially when we’re the face of the business, when we’re the core part of the business, it can be difficult to take the emotion out of it and really realize what I’ve done is I’m making a market test here, I’ve got the results, now I can make decisions. A lot of times we have so much invested of ourselves that we can’t stand back and actually see this as what we’ve been doing as wise business here.

Let’s look a little bit, you mentioned about confidence. I know this is something that you work with your clients with as well. The things that you have recognized from with business, with confidence, and I know that you were talking previously about consistency as well. Would you mind sharing a little bit on that with lessons that people who are listening can also take to use in their business?

Sam:                I imagine a lot of the people listening to these podcasts, I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. I think if we hide the filed sponge cake in the kitchen, we think we’re hopeless shit. I think if we have a business faux pas, we think we’re a high class business person. If we can’t succeed in an 8-week boot camp challenge we’re no good at exercise. I think we’re massive at putting ourselves down and not really nourishing and getting a positive chatter ride.

I’ve noticed in business I’ve done the same even though I am highly successful. We put such drama on. I’ve made mistakes like look at other people’s social media and go, oh God, how come they’ve got 200,000 followers and I don’t. Therefore I’m not as good. I think the comparison thing can be really self limiting. It doesn’t give you much to work with it just makes you feel backwards.

Janet:               Especially when you don’t really know what’s happening behind the scenes. They could be 200,000 really un-targeted followers that actually don’t result in any sense of community or income.

Sam:                Yeah exactly. I think in business the thing that I have started to do more and more is, well what’s the quality of my life like? Is it about income? Is it about quality of life? Is it about statue in the community? What’s my highest value in business? For me at the moment it’s actually freedom to travel because I do lots of charity work off shore, and raising my three kids, and making sure I spend three hours outdoors each day. It’s a higher value for me, not more money in the bank.

Having said that, considering what I do there’s reasonable coin coming in as well. The comparison thing I think can knock confidence and that’s what I’m learning to do less and less of.

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Janet:               You know what? I think that is brilliant advice that you’ve got there. Is instead of comparing yourself to other people when you’re only seeing the outside, you’re not seeing what’s happening behind the scenes, is being very, very clear on how do you measure success in your own life? Just those simple things that you had there about three hours outside. Most people would never have that at one of their important things. Being very, very clear on what does actual success look like to you because then it allows you to make sure that you’re planning your business model so that it actually allows that to happen.

As you said there’s good coin that’s coming with it as well. You can also see how you can have even greater coin which, when you’ve just shared about, okay so now I know that I’m going to focus tighter on one avatar that’s going to build even higher on that. That’s a great insight.

Let’s have a look, it’s getting close to the end of our time, this would be a good time for us to do a wrap up I think. For people who are listening to this podcast, what I’d love for you to be able to do is take some action this week. What Sam and I are going to do now is, from what we’ve been discussing about the decisions that Sam’s made in her business, and how she’s made changes in her business, especially around clarity on her avatar, and her branding that goes with that, is let’s have a look at what things that you can be doing this week. Some core points that you can take aside.

Actually one thing that we didn’t mention that I know we talked about before hand Sam was, once you got clearer on your avatar and what your brand was, is you were sharing with me about how that changed the way that you were doing your video. The reason I’ve said this even though we’re about to talk about summaries, is there’s an important point that you were making to me before hand about that that I think would be an important thing for people to be able to take as an action step going forward.

Would you mind sharing how that changed the way that you were making your videos and your approach to that marketing?

Sam:                Yeah, for me if you advertise to a 45 to 60 year old woman, she’s actually out for information and connection, not judgment. She’s not going to sit there and look at my unprofessional, YouTube clips and go, she hasn’t got fantastic graphics, and she hasn’t got amazing, sweeping landscapes in the background, and her body’s not a size 10. They’re just after content and useful stuff that they can take home with them.

From my perspective it’s great, I can sit on my couch at home and birds chirping, and not as high powered in the delivery or the production side of it. I think by understanding who the avatar is can really help you form the finer details of how you’re delivering your message. It just gives you a lot more guidance that way.

Janet:               That’s a really great point. It allows you to build that stronger connection. I think one of those key points in a summary is get very, very clear on who your avatar is. It might mean that you’ve got to do a little bit of market testing to see which is the right one, but once you’re clear on them you can know the way that you’re doing the marketing, whether it’s through a Me TV channel through video, or whatever medium you’re using, podcasting for example, you know that you’re going to be putting the right messages across. That they’re going to resonate with.

I think that’s a really important thing for everybody listening is to take that time to make sure that you’re being very, very clear on who that person is. Let’s look at some other things that people can take from what we’ve been talking about Sam.

I think one of the other things that we were talking about was getting clear on what strengths that you bring in the way that you do business. We really talked about you as a communicator, didn’t we?

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Sam:                Yes. You’ve touched on how your personal business, or your professional business, your business actually changes as you evolve. I’ve had my own radio show which I absolutely adored and I want to go back to that. At some point in your evolution as a business you’ve also got to use a medium that’s fun, because as soon as it becomes fun it doesn’t become a chore and you feel you’ve got to do it. I’ll be re-visiting my radio product as such. I used to go into a station, but now just doing this process with you I realize I don’t actually have to have a live radio show where things used to stress me because I would crash and you would have an audience listening to you. Just things like this, I just love how you bring things to the audience, I really do.

Janet:               Thank you. Another thing that came through to me that I think is an important point, I guess a point from there is if your strengths are communication, and it doesn’t have to mean that you’re the extrovert it just means that your strength is being able to talk, or to tell stories, or to interview other people, and just listen to what they’ve got to say, make sure that’s part of your marketing mix. If that is something that you’re strong with. If you’re more of a video person, or an audio person, or a written person look at what comes naturally to you and make sure that you’re integrating that into your marketing. You’ll naturally do it much better.

Sam:                You really will, exactly.

Janet:               Pick an avatar and know your message from your avatar. Choose the medium that you’re going to use that resonates well for you. I know that there was another thing that I really picked up from talking to you Sam, was about consistency. Was one of the big things.

Sam:                Yeah, and consistency I think as women we grapple with it because we’ve only got so many energy states we can tap into in a day. I’m the mother of three, I’ve been a sole parent for 10 years. Sometimes I’ll do great marketing plans, the kids will go to bed and I’ll stay up til midnight which I’m dead against doing because I know hormonally that’s not right, but sometimes we have to do it. I’ll get this message flow going, and yes, yes, yes, this is going to happen. I can commit to it whole heartedly and financially I can commit to things. Then two weeks into it one of the kids get sick for a week, and it just can rattle everything I think, being a parent.

I’ve had my own business now for 13 years and I think anyone whose paid, I don’t get handouts or anything, so everything in my life is self-funded. I think after a while once you’ve been through other things, I know there are core things I do well in the business that keep that money coming in. I wouldn’t say consistency is one of them, but I think I’m quite aware of it, and committing to a level of commitment that I can do consistently is more important than going through massive, almost manic moments where I’m going to change the world and this is what I’m going to do just to fall short, because then you’ve got nothing to show for it. Small, daily actions tend to get you over the line in all elements of life. Daily savings, daily exercise, daily great food, daily commitment to certain business activities I know have what’s gotten me to today.

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Janet:               That’s brilliant, brilliant advice. You know what, it’s not sexy but it’s the absolute basis isn’t it. Consistently doing something every single day that’s going to move you forward in your business is the thing that’s usually going to make much more of a difference than the big grand scheme things that you may not be able to reliably succeed in.

Really, really great advice. I’ve loved the insight and your transparency Sam. I know this is going to have helped a lot of people to be able to see somebody who, as you’ve been saying, bringing up three kids with your own business for 13 years, consistently being able to do that and to consistently be able to grow it. Still be humble enough to say, you know what, I think I can do this part better because I’ve learned from this experience. It’s a huge thing.

Everybody if you’re listening to the podcast we’re coming to the end of our time. Now I know that you would love to contact Sam, to get to know her a little bit better. Sam’s web site is www.sambeaupatrick.com. You can see the links to that in the transcript here below the audio which is at risingstarsradioshow.com. Please go over there, introduce yourself to Sam, see what she’s doing over there. Give her some feedback about her interview today. That’s incredibly rewarding for us to be able to hear from you, or leave comments down below here and Sam will be able to come back, and answer questions, and leave comments as well.

Thank you so much for your time today. Please let us know of your big ah-ha’s from today and any action that you’ve taken so that we can cheer you on as well.

Thank you so much for your time today Sam and thank you everybody for being with us.

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