#196 [Web TV] 1 Word Hack. Replace Just With…..

This week’s episode in our mini-series of one-word-hacks comes from Kim Victoria. Just a little tip, on the word JUST. In fact, this is one my absolute pet hates so I share a bonus tip on when to replace the word JUST with…..absolute silence.

Love to hear your thoughts.


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Hello and welcome, Janet Beckers here with your wonderful web TV tip of the week. Today I have another video in a series on one word hacks. Here is one word that you can use to replace another, and it makes a huge difference to what you think. Today is a tip that was brought to us by Kim Victoria who left a comment on one of my other videos, and it was a really good tip. This is it: Replace the word “just” with “simply.” Let me give you an example. You might be saying, “I’m just going to shoot a few videos.” Can you see how it trivializes the shooting of the videos? “I just want to take a moment of your time.” Trivializes whatever taking the time is, it’s not really that important. Replace that with, “I’m simply going to make some videos. I simply want a moment of your time.”

It’s still showing it’s not something that’s complicated and heavy, but there’s certainly nothing trivial about this. While we’re on trivial, let me also extend this to one of my absolutely bad hates is, I want you to replace in some circumstances the word “just” with absolute silence, okay? That’s when you’re referring to yourself or another person. I see this a lot, especially with women, where they will answer the phone and they’ll say, “Oh it’s just me, just Janet.” Or, “Oh it’s just her.” You know what? There is nothing trivial about you, nothing trivial about me, nothing trivial about other people. If you’re going to use the word “just,” especially if you’re referring to yourself, pick yourself up on it, replace it with absolutely nothing. Okay? Just your name. I’d love to hear from you, is this something that you find yourself doing? Does this work for you, this one word hack? Also, if you’ve got some other suggestions, I would love to hear them. Please just comment down below, and if it’s one that I think will help a lot of other people, I’ll make a video on it for you as well. Okay. Bye.


  1. Janet Beckers says:
  2. Thank you Janet! Wow, it is simply wonderful to get to contribute to your series on one word hacks, and you explained it much better than I had, as I didn’t quite find the right word, which is trivializes. Yes, perfect. I love clarity. All the best! Thanks again, Kim

  3. Thanks (to you and Kim) for reawakening my awareness of the trivializing of myself or what I do or ‘who’ I am using the word ‘just’.

    Not so prevalent these days was hearing a woman say ‘I’m JUST a housewife or JUST a stay at home mum’ ARRRRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!!

    How easy to trivialize arguably the most important role there is. Now I am not being a male chauvinist here. The role could equally be a ‘house husband’ or ‘stay at home dad’ (or is the politically correct way a ‘house person’?)

    Maybe another option with the word ‘just’ is to delete it entirely. So instead of ‘I’m just going to make some videos’. It becomes a statement of action ‘I’m going to make some videos’.
    Or ‘I’d like a moment of your time to ….’

    • Yep JUST drives me crazy. Whatever you choose to do stand straight and be proud of it.

    • paul, thanks for commenting. you are not a chauvinist for stating what you said. in fact, women should be proud they have been blessed with the greatest sacred responsibility and gift; to give birth, love and nurture our children. no one should ever apologize for being and doing this. nothing comes close to this in terms of making our world a better place.

      • Thanks Terri, I couldn’t agree more with your words and sentiments. As a male I will never know that bonding and connection and sense of valuable purpose that only women have for their children

  4. Good one Janet!

    Yes, the ‘just’ word does trivialise – and yes, I catch myself using it at times. And Paul, what a great idea to delete just completely! Thanks.

    Another one I hear used in a similar way is the word ‘little’. for example ‘About to film a little video series’ or ‘Try this little program….’

    mmmm….. Nothing ‘little’ about things either!!

    Thanks, as always, for your wonderful Monday Mindset posts – nothing ‘just’ or ‘little’ about them. 🙂


  5. Thank you, both Kim and Janet for an AHA moment that is so simple, yet so powerful in both the personal and business realms. It’s amazing how invisible these things can be, yet in the space of a few minutes I feel so much more empowered and clear. Keep the one-word hacks coming, ladies, you rock!

  6. Hello Janet ,thank you for your imformation ,English is not my first language ,I very interested in learning and changing words for a best .
    i like to share with you one word that i change is should change for could .
    kind regards Patricia Koby

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