#210 [Web TV] How To Choose The Best Email Program To Automate Your Business


One of the most important decisions you’ll make when setting up your online platform (a.k.a. your Tribal Platform) is your choice of the program to collect, manage and automate your email mailing list.

There area gazillion programs to choose from and they are certainly not all created equal. To choose the right one for your business, first you need to identify which of the 3 categories your business fits into.

This week I identify the 3 categories, list the best programs for each category and give you a list of what you need to look for to evaluate any program.

If you have any questions on what is best for you, just ask below and I’ll help.

If you have some great tips then I’d love to hear from you. Tips on different programs, converting from one to another and maybe other great programs you think should be on the list. Write them below as I know you’ll help a lot of people.


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Hello and welcome. Janet Beckers here with your wonderful web tip of the week, and today we’re going to be talking about e-mails. Specifically, how do you choose the right company to host and manage your e-mails for you? I’ve got three different criteria for you to have a look at to make that decision. I’m going to share that with you now.

Before we start talking about e-mail programs and which ones to choose, first of all, let’s look at just a couple of definitions so we’re both on the same page. First of all, with e-mails, you have e-mails and we have auto-responders. Let’s look at the difference. Number one, with e-mails, you just need a program that is going to have a way for you to be able to collect e-mails from on your website and for them to be all added into one database that allows you to then go and write e-mails and send out a broadcast to people. You write an e-mail. It goes out to every single body. Every single person who you’ve collected onto your e-mail list. Number one.

The other one is auto-responders, and an auto-responder means that when somebody joins your mailing list, they will receive an e-mail from you, and then maybe another one a few days later and so on. These are e-mails that you have written and you put into the program and you say okay, everybody who joins, whether it’s today or in twelve months time, is going to receive exactly the same sequence of e-mails. It will seem as if it’s coming from you, but you’ve set it up once and it’s automated.

For a lot of people watching this video, I’ve just told you how to suck eggs, haven’t I? I wanted to get that clear so we’ve got our definitions right. When we’re going to be talking about choosing your e-mail program to manage your e-mails, we’re just going to assume that every single one of them can do the first step, because a lot of programs out there will not allow you to do the second set of auto-responders. We’re not interested in them. We’re getting clear on that.

Now, we’re going to be looking at the criteria for choosing your program. We’re really going to be talking a lot about auto-responders and the power to do with that. Now, let’s look at how do you choose the right program? I tell you what, there are a gazillion out there, and there’s always new ones coming to the market. It can get really, really overwhelming. Let me just tell you, first of all, how you’re going to make that selection, and then ones that you can use. When it comes to making that selection, you’ve got to be thinking about what you’re trying to achieve in your business through e-mails. I find that you’re going to make that choice on the programs based on whether you fall into one of three categories.

Number one is you’re just looking for something that would allow you to send out an auto-responder and allow you to send e-mails. It’s all you want. Something that’s quite simple, and it’s going to allow you to do that. That’s number one. Now, some programs that are really good for this are Aweber and Mailchimp. I’m going to put all the links to these down below for you, so don’t worry about trying to write it down. These are industry standard. All they do is e-mail, and therefore they do it really well. When it comes to doing anything more sophisticated, they don’t have that ability.

Let’s look at the next level. Number two is you want to be able to do something a little bit more sophisticated with your e-mail auto-responders, and you want to be able to segment your list. By this, I mean you might have somebody that’s joined your mailing list and they’re getting free information, and you’ve designed it in a way to build a relationship and then also let them know about your programs and products. Now, you might be, through those e-mails, up-selling into a product. If somebody goes and purchases that product, they’re going to be put onto another e-mail list that says, “Yay! You bought it! Good on you! Here’s how to use it.” It’s really going to annoy them, isn’t it, if they keep on getting e-mails trying to sell them something they’ve bought? More so, you’re starting, you’re getting somebody that’s just coming through and they’re getting all this information off you, and then they start getting your broadcasts about things that are happening now, and they’re overwhelmed and they unsubscribe. The way to get around that is through segmentation. Segmenting your list. You can say, if somebody purchases this, let’s take them off that list that’s trying to sell it to them.

Sounds really simple, doesn’t it, but a lot of programs will not allow you to set up this segmentation, these e-mail automation rules. If you’re going to go down that path, and you’re going to be serious about really marketing and building a funnel, you really want to be able to do that. This is what I help my clients to do. Let’s look at some programs that do that really well. Aweber doesn’t at the moment, but news on the grapevine is that they’re going to be doing something like that soon. If you’ve got Aweber, don’t quit yet. You might be able to have that there. One of the reasons why Aweber is doing that, apparently, is because the competition which is out there is a program that’s called Active Campaign. Now, it’s quite low-price for you to start if your business is small, and it allows you to pull all that automation into it. Now, let’s have a look at some other ones. Another program that will allow you to do it is called Send Pepper, and Send Pepper actually has a big brother or big sister called Ontraport.

That brings me over to number three, which is the category of you know what? I want to have e-mails that have got auto-responders. I want to be able to segment my list so that I can nurture each part of my list-bidder depending on what part in our relationship they’re up to, but, you know what? I’m either going to be growing my business, and I’m going to need shopping carts, and affiliate programs, and lots of other things, or I may already be at that stage, and I need to have that. There’s two ways you can do it. You can have something that kind of allows you to not have to throw out everything that you might already have set up, in terms of a shopping cart that allows it to tie through, or you might get an all-in-one package. Now, remember we’re talking about e-mails here. Let’s look at programs that allow you to start off small, so you’ve got your e-mails managed through them, but you know that as you grow that you can easily upgrade and upscale without having to move everything, which is a total pain in the butt, I can tell you.

There’s a couple that are really good for that. I mentioned Active Campaign before, and it will allow you to upgrade quite cheaply actually, and it’s one that allows you … It kind of ties together and automates all the different things that you might already have. It also manages your e-mails. Another one, I mentioned Send Pepper, and it upgrades into Ontraport, and it’s pretty awesome, actually. It’s got lots of good stuff there for you.

You’re going to be, at the time that I was writing this, you’re going to be for about $300 a month. For people who are just starting out and they’re not sure if they’re going to be making the cash flow yet, that can be prohibitive, but you can start with either Send Pepper, or the lowest, lowest level, the introductory level, of Ontraport, which just gives you the e-mails. Another great one, which I use, is Infusionsoft. Some people call it Infusionsoft, and I do find that I have to bang my head against the computer a bit with it, but it’s very powerful. Again, it’s got a few thousand dollars to even start up with that. It’s … You can’t just get the e-mails, so to start off with, that’s not going to be your solution, unless you’re already at that level in business.

I hope that helps you. I’m going to put all the links down below. I hope that helps you to make that decision. Remember, the thing you’re looking at is what is your long-term plan? Are you looking for something just really simple, and you’re expecting that’s all you’re going to need? Are you wanting something where you can automate things and segment your lists? A little bit more sophisticated. Or do you want something that’s an all-in-one package, knowing that most of the ones at level number two can upgrade to number three. I’d love to hear from you any questions you’ve got. You might have some other really good programs that you highly recommend. There’s so many out there. I’ve only mentioned a few that have come from my research that I know that perform well for you. Please, leave your comments, any tips, down below, any questions that you’ve got. I’d love to hear from you. I really do hope this has helped you to be able to make that decision so that you can get on and actually make stuff happen. Bye.


  1. HI Janet – great summary – very helpful thank you. Clears away a lot of the mystification around this topic and helpful to clarify the different levels and what they can do.
    Really glad I followed your advice and have chosen Active Campaign. just getting started but it looks ideal for my purposes.

  2. Perfect timing Ms Beckers. I’m at that point where I need to have a basic auto responder program so this has been really useful to help me with some programs I can go and look at and evaluate.

    At a course I did 2 weeks ago they got us to sign up for SendPepper as it has a 15 day trial period before you’re charged, so it was good to play with it first.

    Looking forward to more wisdom from you in future episodes



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