#238 [Web TV] Your ONE PERSON For 2017


Last week I shared video 3 in our series on how to make 2017 your best year yet.

The video was about Your ONE THING for 2017.

Did you see it yet?

Well, this week, I take it to the next step.

Today we look at Your ONE PERSON for 2017.

Curious? You should be.

This is probably the most important thing to nail for your business and I give you the first exercise you can quickly do to identify that person for yourself.



P.S. Pass this on to any friends or colleagues in business who you think this will help. Let’s make 2017 a rockin’ year for everyone.






Janet Beckers: Hello and welcome. Janet Beckers here. Very very excited to be with you in the fourth video that I’ve got on how to make 2017 your best year yet after wrapping up 2016. So far, our first video, we took the emotion out of everything and we dispassionately looked at our numbers. We had the data, we looked at the numbers and we could analyze where the profit was and the potential profit in our business and where were things that either had to get axed or had to get modified.

Then, we took the next thing and we said, “All right, we’ve taken the emotion out of it, now let’s put that emotion in and find out where we’re going to get our energy fired up.” What is really driving us in our business, and what do we need to change so that we can do more of what we love and to either outsource or get rid of the things that don’t feed our souls.

Now, at the beginning of 2017, we looked at what is the one thing that you’re going to focus on this year? The one thing you want to be known for. It could be that this you might be dividing it for the first half of the year and then the second half of the year, or for the first three months and then moving forward, but what’s going to make it so you know what you’re not going to do, so you have a greater impact with less work.

Now we’ve done that, the next thing we need to look at is who are you going to serve? Again, we’re going to have a look at some data here. We’re going to have look at … I want you to go back, if you’ve been serving people already, I want you to go back and have a look at all the customers that you had and find the ones that you got the most joy from working with and that also you got the most profit from working with because in your business, that’s the people you want to work with. The people that you love working with them, they pay without complaining, they appreciate what you do and they understand that if they’re going to achieve whatever it is that you help them to achieve, they need to invest with you. That’s your ideal client, so really have a good look and work out, get to know who they are.

Sometimes this can end up being a real surprise that there is somebody who’s in your community that you may not have even realized how significant they have been in terms of how much you’ve invested as a client in your business because they’re so easy to look after, you never hear from them. Have a look and see if you can find those people. If you’re fairly new in business, I want you to have a think about, who would you love to work with? Try to draw a picture of your ideal client.

I’m going to be sharing with you in the next video, how I’m going to help you. I’ve got some great exercises to really help you nail this. This is the first thing I want you to do. Go back, have a look at these people and find the ones that have really been the soul of your business because we want to replicate them. That’s your exercise for this week. I’d like you to share down below, did you get any surprises when you did this? Have you done this before, or perhaps you did it and you thought, “What? I’ve got a bunch of people who really, they’re not that profitable and they’re causing me headaches all the time.” If you’re finding the majority of the clients fit in that way, that’s okay. We’ve got some exercises that’s really going to help you to be able to work out how you can serve them, but get rid of them quite … You know, say, “Goodbye, with love.” I usually say that a bit rougher.

That’s what we’re going to have a look at in our next video, but your first of all, you need to be able to look at what you’ve got. Know who you’re working with, and have an idea of, do you want more of these, or do you want to change them completely? It’s a really great eye opener for you. Can’t wait to see what you come up with, so please leave any questions down below, any tips for people or any insights that you had. If you’ve had difficulty, let me know as well because that will help me to be able to know how I can help you in the next video so that I can give you some really good help.

All right, see you down below. Bye.


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