#241 [Web TV] 5 Minute Reframe So You’re Confident Charging What You’re Worth



So a potential client says to you “I really want your help, how much do you charge?” and you reply “………………”,”um, well I’m still finalising my prices, um, I’ll get back to you, um………where do I hide?”

If you’ve ever felt nervous asking for what you’re worth then this week’s episode is really going to help. I share a simple, 5 minute exercise that is simple, practical and totally reframes your thoughts on your pricing.

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P.S. If you have a friend who struggles discussing their prices, please forward this onto them and then hold them accountable to do the exercise.



Janet Beckers: ¬†Hello and welcome. Janet Beckers here with your Wonderful Web TV tip of the week. Today, let’s talk about pricing your programs and actually being comfortable to say what it is that you’re charging.

Now, this has come from a question from somebody in our private Facebook group who was saying, “You know what? I’ve got all of these people who were coming to me saying, ‘I really, really want you to coach me in setting up this particular part.'” It’s a business in her particular niche. “They’re asking me for it. They’re asking me for my private coaching, but every time they ask me how much it is, I can’t bring myself to do it. So I haven’t … I haven’t been able to take anybody on, you know? Janet, what is it? Why am I … What’s stopping me from being able to say what I want to … what I want to charge and feel comfortable with it? What can I do about it?” It’s such a good question. Have you been in this situation yourself?

Now, the thing is, there’s a lot of reasons why we don’t feel comfortable to say what we’re charging. There’s actually whole courses that go on to this, and I’ve got some wonderful people I can introduce you to that can give even greater insights in uncovering those blockages. What I want to do today is let me just give you a practical thing that you can do that’s not going to require you to think about your mind blocks and to look back at your programming for why … So you don’t have to think too much, okay? Let me just give you a practical exercise that you can do right now that, hopefully, will help you to switch it around.

First of all, I want you to list all of the things that you were considering including in your offering. Put them all down as a good list. Now I want you to think about what would somebody who is really, truly awesome at doing this, what would they be putting down as the value of what that is? Not you, okay? We’re not talking about you. This is a good exercise for people who are the service provider. In this example, it was somebody who was going to be giving business coaching in their particular niche, because she’s totally rocked her own business. I’ll give examples for that. Just say it was going to be doing with e-coaching, and your one-on-one, and some templates, and get-out-of-jail calls, all these different things that you could be doing. What would somebody who is awesome at that … what would they be putting down as their value? I want you to do that, and don’t kind of make it too small. It’s the kind of value that somebody would be saying, “All right. Okay, you’re going to have an hour with me. That’s 550 bucks,” or, “An hour with me, that’s 1,000,” whatever it is. Put down those things, really good list, and then add up the total.

Now what I want you to do is think about your customer. Now, in this example, because this is a to-do with business, I want you to think about how many customers, how many new clients your client would need to get, or how many sales would they need to make in order to cover that cost? Think about how many sales that they need to make. Now I want you think about, you know what, is that possible? Is that something that they can do?

Now, when we’ve worked out this price of … just say it came to, just a ballpark figure, just say it came to $15,000 when you added up all of these things. Now I want you to do is halve it or take a third off. Let’s just say we’re going take it to $8,000, $9,000, something like this. How many clients would your customer, or how many sales would they have to make in order to get their investment back? Now I want you to ask yourself can you help them to do it? If they do the work and follow what you tell them to do, could they make that back? If the answer is yes, well then go out there, and for Heaven’s sake, help them, because that’s sales that they’re missing out on.

The important part here is work out what would that be if it was somebody who was awesome, because the thing is, that’s what your client’s going to be see … If they’re wanting you, that’s how they’re seeing you. That’s what you’re going to say that value is, and then you just slush it, okay, so that you know that this is what the value is, but man, I’m giving this as a really good price, half the price. Once you’ve done that, then you will feel so much more confident to go, “You know what? I’m going to be giving you $15,000 value. I’m only going to be charging 7, 8, 9, 10,” whatever it is that you’re going to charge. “That is already a really good price, and I can say with confidence that if you do what I tell you to do, with my support, I’m going to get that money back for you.” Get out there and help them.

That is an exercise that you can be doing that’s going to give you the confidence so you know with total confidence that, “You know what? This is actually a really good price that I’m giving you.” Now, before you start talking to people about it, I want you to practice it in terms of, “Can you pass me the salt please? Yes, that program is $8,000. Um, yes, I’d love a glass of wine. Yep, actually, it’s $8,000 I need for the first two people. After that, it’s going up to 10.” It’s just that conversation just needs to be the same as, “Pass the salt.” Practice that.

I hope that helps you as just a really practical exercise that you can do now so that you can worry about all the mindset stuff that’s going on in between your head that is absolutely essential. We can worry about that and work on that, but for Heaven’s sake, let’s just get this exercise done. Get out there and make that first sale for that person that’s asking you. Go get ’em.



  1. I LOVE this video, Janet – and I love you! Pass the salt – and my program is a really great value! xoxo

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