Tell me, Who Really Is Your Ideal Client ?

Well it’s not often you hear a copywriter say  the words are not the most important part of a sales letter!

That’s what Michele Pariza -Wacek said today when I interviewed her about 5 Psychological Triggers to Turn Prospects Into Clients.
Michele is the woman who is behind the successful launches of some of the best known Internet marketers in the world. We were really lucky to get her on our call today.

Before I get on a roll

Now, before I get on a roll, let me tell you that Michele has a no-brainer offer she has made just for people who are in my community (that’s you). You can get the details here and if you get in the next 48 hours and email Michele to tell her you know her through me, she will bonus you the opportunity to take part in critique hot seats and a one-on-one strategy session with a coach.

OK, now back to lessons from Michele.

I’m going to share with you the most important step in the creation of a sales letter, give you some home work and then give you an opportunity to promote your quest for the ideal client. So let’s get started……

The Most Important Step In Turning Prospects Into Clients

The most important thing you need to do in your business is define exactly who your ideal clients are. Now this is something most people rush through in their enthusiasm to just get started. Often people think they HAVE defined their ideal client but really, they are making that definition from a place of fear.


Let me explain that by sharing a great case study Michele shared on the call.

One of Michele’s clients is a chiropractor. When she asked who his ideal client is, he said “anyone with a spine”. Well it makes sense doesn’t it? Wrong.

When she dug further to ask if he liked working with people who have hurt themselves at work, or people who had chronic pain, and other examples his answer was “No. He doesn’t enjoy working with them”.

Who he really liked working with, was people who were passionate about good health and life balance and saw a chiropractor as someone who keeps them “tuned up”. As a result he started running Wellness Seminars because this attracted the kind of clients he liked working with. His marketing was highly targeted to this group so he could charge more for his services, spend less on marketing and enjoyed the clients he had.

Here’s an interesting observation: he didn’t narrow down his niche by things such as age or gender. He narrowed it down by the attitude the clients had!

But here comes the fear

Most people are afraid to narrow down their target market because they are afraid they will lose customers and not make money. After all, if you put all your marketing effort attracting only the select 20% of your potential customers, won’t you cut your income by 80%? That’s where it gets interesting.

Be specific about who you want and also who you don’t want.

As long as you don’t get ridiculous (for example, only want customers with brown hair, or only ones with 3 children) then narrowing your target market will gain you more clients and more importantly, better clients. Because your marketing message speaks directly to them they can recognise immediately you are the person who is best to help them. Knowing who you DON”T want helps you refine that message even further.

This is a process Michele walks you through in detail in her training package.

Tell me who your ideal client is

Here’s my challenge and also my offer to you. Take the time to look long and hard at who you get the most satisfaction working with. What are their needs but also what is their attitude? Set aside at least 15 minutes to drill deeper than you have already.

Then come back here and leave a comment on the blog. Tell us who YOUR ideal client is. I’ll also write an email to my list sharing examples from people who comment here and refer them back here. My hope is that at least one of your ideal clients will read what you have written and know straight away how you can help them.

To get the ball rolling, I’m going to share below who MY ideal client is.


  1. I told you I’d get the ball rolling and share with you who my ideal client is. Here goes 🙂
    My ideal client can be male or female though often is a woman. Their gender isn’t important but what IS important is that they want to create a sustainable business around the song in their heart. They want expert advice on how to use the Internet to leverage their time and position themselves as a leader in their field. They take responsibility for the decisions they make and are motivated to take action and create success.

    Who my ideal client isn’t, is also important. My ideal client is NOT looking for get rich quick / overnight success schemes. They do not expect something for nothing and they do not blame others and make excuses if they are not successful immediately.

    As a side note, my ideal client has a sense of humour and thinks my jokes are funny.

    • Hello Janet

      I am a clinical hypnotherapist and have had some challenge around the “ideal client” concept. You mentioned the “quick/overnight” aspect and boy oh boy , I can tell you that that is an everyday theme for me. A good portion of the people who contact my office want exactly that. It is challenge because I do not personally believe in quick fixes. If I could offer that and ethically swallow it I would be 10x richer:)

      I have taken a leap of faith and am in the process of tweaking my message more for the “ideal” client on my main site. In addition, I have developed an ongoing online hypnosis program to support responsible use of hypnosis with weight loss.
      I have been on a mission to encourage people to take responsibility for their minds, to work with a hypnotherapist in a collaborative fashion and gain tools in a realistic approach versus a quick fix approach.
      I have been enjoying your site and wonder if you are a fellow nlp’er?

  2. Risking exposure as a mere male, I present the following as being my ideal client, or target audience.

    Generally, such a person would be female, although males also have a need of my service. In fact, it may often be a couple, although the woman would normally be considered the more responsibile and actionable.

    They would have a desire to become debt free, and and although knowing such is easily self achievable, realise it often works better with guidance and accountability.

    Their ultimate goal would be lifestyle independance, financial empowerment and control.

    These clients understand there is a cost to professional services, and consider an investment in education as a percentage of return.

    Those who are not preferred clients are ones who never wish to invest in their own future, or that of others. They always complain about everything and everyone, and have no sense of humour.

    Caring, sharing and enjoying a laugh will certainly cement the relationship.

  3. My ideal client is someone who really longs to develop creatively and have fun in the process. I am a visual art teacher so I’ll help my client develop in artistic skills, yet I like to hear them dream and create what they long for. My client longs to develop as a person on a deeper level, to have their heart and soul feel inspired and healing working in their life’s. I’d love them to long for spirituality and beauty and wisdom in their life. Though they may be young or old feeling like a child of wonder and discovery is such a rewarding place to come from.
    Clients I don’t like so much is those looking for rules and structure so they will fear no wrong or those who don’t enjoy new and different experiences. I’m often saddened by those who feel they’re not good enough yet may mistakenly seek out others to be gods to their right and wrongs. I do have a heart for those who may feel wounded and less than, but I hope that they will have courage and are willing to take a journey of new discoveries with this friend and coach.
    From Sue.

  4. Nobby there is nothing “mere” about you my dear 🙂 That is quite clear who your target market is. I’m curious where the best place is to meet your ideal client and who is a good strategic partner to refer your ideal customer to you?

  5. Sue it is interesting that your target market is defined more by their attitude than anything else. I’m curious re a few things. Does your client need to be within a certain geographic area to work with you? Are they also looking to develop physical works of art or is the creative process more abstract than that? This will help me work out where they can be found and who would make a good strategic partner to refer your ideal customer to you. Thanks for contributing and also to you Nobby.

  6. PS Sue just had to comment how I love your description of the wonderful journey of discovery you take your clients on. I’m a bit of an artist and owned an online art gallery for years and can soooo relate to the spiritual journey true artistic expression takes you on.

  7. When I started out on my website writing business I decided I only wanted to work with people who were positive and that if I talked with a prospect and felt intuitively that I didn’t feel right working with them that I wouldn’t go ahead. With that attitude I set out and it was tempting sometimes to take anyone and not charge a reasonable fee.

    My ideal client is someone who wants what I have to offer and sees the value in working with me to decide on exactly what it is they need for their website and are willing to invest in the project. They want to be successful and I want to support them in that.

    It’s a joy to work in this way!!

  8. Thank you Janet for your feedback and queries.
    At the moment I’m working personally meeting with my clients in a class setting, near by where I live in Melbourne. I would however love to develop tools so I could coach more people online and take them through a course of discovery.
    The learning is a combination of physical artworks and personal self development. Technology now could make it possible for clients to do works at home and post photos or videos on line and create discussion and feedback. I hope in the future to create lessons with videos, DVD’s and whatever tools possible for me to coach and help develop my clients creativity and joy and confidence in art and life.

  9. Karen Driscoll says:

    Thanks for a timely piece of homework Janet!

    My ideal client can be a man or a woman and can live anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the internet and speak English as I don’t know any other languages (yet!). This is my “Mary Poppins” ad for an ideal client:

    You are passionate about living to your purpose, sharing your message or gift with others by speaking from stage. You want to help, heal or empower others but don’t know how to make a break into the speaking profession.

    You are an action taker, committed to overcoming frustration or fear to move forward towards achieving your dream by learning from Masters of the speaking industry or related professions.

    Although you may not yet be speaking from stage, you are not afraid to let your light shine and recognise that NOW is your time.

    You believe that business can be extremely profitable AND have heart and soul.

    The people who are not my ideal clients only want to be speakers for the ego trip or fame. They also will make money off people at any cost, including through deceit, ripping people off or dirty tricks to make people buy something that really won’t benefit them. I’m all for clever marketing and sensational sales, but I don’t believe in tricking people into buying a product that doesn’t have any hope of fulfilling its promises and doesn’t solve someone’s need.)

  10. Linda no to potential clients is very liberating and without fail every time you do you fill the void with a good one. Something I am not clear n though. Do you do writing for web sites or creation of web sites. Also, is there are a particular type of site you do. For example our team doesn’t do the types of sites where there are hundreds of products such as for a warehouse. It’s not our speciality. However we specialise in web sites for people leveraging their knowledge. Can you see that helps you get clearer?

  11. Sue that is certainly possible. The next step is to map out what sort of process you currently take people through as this will be needed to help you plan out how to deliver this systematically through the web. It will also help you refine even further your ideal client

  12. Karen that is great and quite clear. The only other thing I would like to know is….does your ideal client want to build a 5 or 6 or 7 figure business based on their speaking? Or are they attracted to speaking mainly to get their message across?
    The reason I ask is if you have products or events along the lines of “present to change the world” you will get a different customer than if you promote “speak to make money” and different again to “speak to change the world and make a bucket of money at the same time” .

  13. Karen Driscoll says:

    Good point Janet, So maybe…

    You are passionate about making a six figure income by living to your purpose, sharing your message or gift with others by speaking from stage. You want to help, heal or empower others but don’t know how to make a break into the speaking profession.

  14. Sounds brilliant Karen. Now there must be a few people reading this that fit that description I bet. Watch out for Karen’s tele-summit in June. It will be quite unique

  15. Michell Randolph says:

    My ideal client would be someone who has vision, passion and determination to make a difference in themselves and others.
    I want to help this person make changes towards a healthier lifestyle.
    I am part of a 30 year rich company and would love referrals in Australia and the UK that I can introduce to our premium products and
    wonderful opportunity.
    Thanks, Michell

  16. Janet that is so true and great advice for getting information and a course up on line. I’m familiar with my husband who’s an IT expert that unless you really know what you want and plan in detail you could vaguely head anywhere and waste time and money.
    I know as I teach my current clients I’m really planning, detailing and thinking through how this information could be demonstrated in other media. It’s strange how you can have so many ideas and find yourself just placing little pegs of planning in the ground, mapping out the terrain and bit by bit filling in the detail as you learn and experience more.
    Thank you Janet for being a help in that learning.

  17. Karen what you desire in a client and what you have to offer sounds great, so I will look out for the Tele-summit in June.
    Ta from Sue.

  18. Karen Driscoll says:

    Hi Sue,
    Thanks for the feedback – I’m really excited and passionate about this project! For people who are willing to put the learning into action it has the potential to change lives!

  19. Thanks Janet for this wonderful opportunity!

    My ideal client is the person that is ready to take the next step. One that sees value in expert advice and guidance to gain clarity and direction to uncover and live their true passion. My ideal client is ready to do what he/she or the business needs in take them from where they are to where they want to be with lots of FUN and the Mental that is Fundamental to change! Serious to make the changes to live a more rich and fulfilling life.

    Businesses that want to keep their staff “turned on” rather than “staff turnover”! Empowerment, motivation and inspiration would be high on their list for their company and staff. I love working with Parents as well to do the same for themselves and be the shining light for their kids.

    So come on take action!! “Be the change you wish to see in the world” — Mahatma Gandhi
    It all starts with – “The man in the mirror” ! ! ! ! !

  20. Wow Janet, great post and questions you pose, so thanks for asking it! You got me thinking and cleared up a few things. Love it! Here goes…

    My ideal client is an action taker and motivated to get results. They are looking to genuinely connect with their customer list and offer amazing value. They understand their business niche, point of difference or unique selling proposition.

    They are willing to invest in themselves and their business and see the value of connecting using social media (ie: I don’t have to convince them!). They are willing to outsource the tasks they have no time to do or lack the skill set to do.

    They want expert advice on how to build a targeted, responsive customer list and are ready to step up and “own” their niche.

    My ideal client IS NOT a procrastinator, does not blame others for their lack of results and are not in it to try and get as much as they can for free. They are not looking for the quick fix, are not false or have no idea what their business niche is. They are not about the numbers, they are about creating genuine client connections.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share Janet.


  21. Hi Janet
    Again a great interactive blog!
    My ideal client is generally female, however the men are starting to embrace the emotional aspect of their lives. My client, who I will name “Carmel” is in her early 70’s, she is starting to feel her age with her body not always listening to the messages they are given. She has a lively sense of humour and loves to feel wanted. She is keen to be involved in technology however at the same time is somewhat afraid of it. She would love someone to take the time to actually listen to her cares and concerns and not just pass them off as no importance or of a consequence of age.
    She would like to be able to put her singlet on just once a day, not have 5 + attempts and the freedom to move more easily would be great. Her emotional nurturing requires time and patience, however she responds very well to my specialist modality called kinesiology.
    Does someone like my “Carmel” ring any bells? Call me, I can help!

  22. Hi Janet,

    Thanks for this challenge ~ what a great way to motivate us to do our work!

    Hope you don’t mind, I wanted to get my Non-Ideal Client out of the way first…

    My Non-Ideal Client:

    ? You would rather take a pill to fix everything.
    ? You don’t really care about your health and would rather down half a pizza and a 2 litre coke, than eat a kiwi.
    ? You don’t believe in all that wishy washy spiritual stuff, and would rather blast your brain with radioactive isotopes, than meditate on a beach in the caribbean.
    ? You are a practicing oncologist, and you own 5,000,000 shares in Astra Zeneca.

    Now for the good part, My Ideal Client:

    ? You have been diagnosed with cancer, now or previously, or consider yourself at high risk for cancer because of family history or other reasons, or someone close to you has cancer and needs your help
    ? You are an intelligent adult who cares about your health
    ? You are looking for information about what you can do to help yourself
    ? You eat well and look after yourself, but want to know what else you can do
    ? You are willing to try diet changes, herbs, stress reduction and other simple therapies
    ? You are confused by conflicting information
    ? You don’t know who to trust, so you need proof and support from an educated and reliable source
    ? You want the real deal about cancer, no more nonsense or deception
    ? You want to read and hear real testimonials from people who have cured themselves
    ? You are willing to pay for the right information and tools to heal herself
    ? You would purchase an electronic book

  23. Thanks Heena. I would like to see you narrow down your niche a bit more. Am I right that you work with businesses to help with team culture? Do you work with the owners of the company? I think this would make it easier for us to help you find your ideal client. Michele gave some great tips on really drilling down in our interview of that helps.
    I can see what you love to do but it would really help us find your ideal client if you can narrow down a bit more. Eg, do you like to work with businesses with a certain size team?

  24. Thanks Marney. Your description is quite clear isn’t it as I can really picture who you help. My question to you is around the idea of the technology. Can you explain why that is important? Also, does she need to be in your geographic area or do you hope to help her through education on the internet?

  25. Lisa that is very clear who you help. You’ve obviously given this a lot of thought. It’s interesting putting who you don’t want first as often that’s how we start working out who we really do want isn’t it?

  26. Hey Michelle
    I think it will help to clarify what your products are so you can tell if your client is interested in the specific type of health product. Also, if your product is an MLM maybe another characteristic of your ideal client is the desire to build an at-home business?

  27. Wendy I like how you are clear that your client already understands their USP and does not need to be convinced of the benefit of social media. That really helps filter out people who do not find as satisfying to work with. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Hi Janet and the Web Women Community!

    First off, Janet you are an AWESOME marketing coach — I love how you’ve been coaching your peeps on their ideal client.

    Second, a great big CONGRATS on everyone who is doing this exercise and commenting on it. This one exercise can completely transform your biz. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but it’s true. When you get clear on this, you can stand in your power, command the fees you want and create a biz you love.

    Keep up the good work!
    .-= Michele PW´s last blog ..Get your marketing mojo =-.

  29. Love this exercise, thank you so much for sharing this with us Janet. I am very impressed with how beautifully some of the members have described their ideal client. It is very interesting how by becoming clear about who we want to work with we not only make our marketing easier but we also send a very clear message to the Universe of who we want to show up to work with us! What a happy coincidence.

    My ideal client is a woman who is happy with her life but who knows there is something more. She is feeling restless and wants to understand what her life is truly about and what contribution she will leave behind. She more than likely has a child or two or three and is a working professional. Her constant juggling between work and life has left her a bit tired but she knows that if she could uncover that “more” she is looking for she could create a true work / life balance.

    Having dabbled a bit with the ideas of entrepreneurship, giving back and making a difference, my ideal client is now ready to discover her life purpose. She is ready to seek, find and create. She is a doer she just needs a bit of guidance, direction and understanding at this crossroads in her life. She knows though that she is now ready to “Live her life on Purpose”.

    Fabulously Successful was created for this woman and hundreds of thousands like her. The aim is to help women understand that they are enough as they are and to empower them to then go out and fulfill their purpose. I can get a bit emotional and quite motivated by this subject but I will simply close by saying that every woman is already Fabulously Successful but sometimes she just needs a little help to realize it!

    To your fabulous success,

  30. Hi there Janet,

    Thank you for this opportunity to share with this wonderful group of women my ideal client. The post is an awesome opportunity for us to gain clarity for ourselves and also market our businesses and for that I say acknowledge you.

    My ideal client is a woman running her own business.

    A woman who is already on a path of personal and business growth yet at the same time is frustrated and filled with self doubt becuase she is lacking clarity around her authentic niche. She is someone who desperately wants to contribute and is yet to convert that passion into a service that people will pay for.

    Once she does gain that clarity – then off she goes! She is ready now to take my next 5 steps to market herself to the world and before long she has a great income and an awesome business!!

    I must now buy you a marguerita! 🙂 Love and Laughter, Bernadette

  31. Hey Michele thanks for dropping by. Especially a big thanks for the great value you gave on our interview this week. I know identifying your ideal client is just a small part of what you teach in your program but you really inspired me with the emphasis you gave to this topic on our call.
    The big thing I have found with working with people over the past few years is often people THINK they know who their ideal client is until they start working through an exercise like this and find that they had really only scratched the surface!

  32. Hey gorgeous Dawn lovely to see you here. I think it would help, when establishing yourself, to narrow your target market a bit more so you can more easily market strategically. For example, conscious entrepreneurs looking for clarity or professional women looking to change careers or……well you get the idea. Then you can expand further. What do you think?

  33. Hey Bernadette I’m always on for a Marguerita! You are really clear on your target market and I love the subtle upsell for the next 5 steps. It makes me want to be your client just to find out what they are!!!

  34. I don’t think we can ever re-evaluate who our ideal client is enough. Here’s mine:
    My ideal client is a solo entrepreneurial thinking woman or man. Someone who is currently tired of struggling to make their business provide them with their financial and lifestyle needs even though it is a great concept and service they are passionate about. They want clarity and a plan on how they can use online strategies to create a change that will fit their personality,lifestyle and financial needs like a glove. they are bewildered, confused and overwhelmed with where to start.
    They are ready to put head down and bum up to create the change for themselves.
    .-= Fay´s last blog ..Planning Your Business Design =-.

  35. This is a great topic Janet. Okay here is my ideal client
    – positive
    – willing to have a try
    – desire to turn their personal knowledge, expertise into a product/business
    – action taker
    – looking to create a brand
    – wanting to learn the best way to market themselves online
    – prepared to pay for their education/mentoring
    – open to positive criticism and willing to change
    – motivated, inspired and open to learning new things
    – interested in learning the power of video marketing and social media marketing to create a global marketplace for their expertise

    Really just someone who wants a lifestyle change and is willing to work hard and learn to take their expertise and turn it into a marketable business or product no matter what it takes to succeed.

    We are attracting those types of people, entrepreneurs, Mums, Thought Leaders, Authors, business owners, consultants, speakers people that understand “if you want to succeed, it is up to me”. Those are the type of people who are my ideal client and that excite me to work with.
    .-= Pam Brossman´s last blog ..Social Media Woman Launches =-.

  36. Jennie Harland-Khan says:

    Oh Janet – this is so timely, I was just sitting on my balcony defining just that!

    My client is female (although could be male) and has come to a point in their life that they have recognised that it is their time to get out there and contribute to the world by following their passion. They may or may not have defined their passion as yet but they know they have potential which they are not living into, mainly because they have felt controlled by circumstance. They may have had children and are looking to create a lifestyle centric business that allows them to still fulfill their passion to be a ‘there’ mum (or dad) or are currently in a job that does not excite them but are feeling ‘stuck’ and know they have so much more to give to the world. They are ready for the shift, they are openminded, have a desire to live a life of contribution and they are prepared to work on themselves. They understand the value of investing in themselves to grow and already have an element of self-awareness. They are inspiring to work with as they grow with a sense of fun and positive attitude. My clients are global (live in the UK with a desire to move to Perth one day..) and are happy to work through webinars, teleseminars, online programmes and group coaching. They have a thirst for knowledge of the development of self.

    My clients are not those who are not prepared to take responsibility for where they are at in life, they are not people that just listen rather than hear, and not people that need costantly ‘selling to’.

    Any feedback appreciated! Thanks.

  37. Hey Fay and Pam. Your clients are very similar to mine so no wonder we are attracted to each other (in a business sense of course my dears). I like how you have niched even further Pam to the use of Video as that makes you really easy to find for your clients.
    Jennie if you specialise in helping people identify their passions then you will be a great partner for many other people who prefer to work with people once they know what they are passionate about. Is that something you do?

  38. My ideal clients are health and help preneurs who have a passion for making a difference in people lives, and would love to turn their passion into a client draw card. I show them how their obsession is really someone elses guiding light. I help them to spread their message confidently to attract clients they want to work with.

  39. Hi Janet

    Loving the exercise and action step as usual.

    My ideal client is someone who:
    Wants to own a multimillion dollar property portfolio as quickly and safely as possible, is time poor and has cash or equity to invest for above average returns.(Average of 30%ROI return on invesmtent).

    If you’re my ideal client, please get in touch with me now so that I can send you an information memorandum on our latest development projects,

  40. Hi Janet
    Had a bit of a margarita week with the internet and phone lines! All better now..phew! To answer your questions about my ideal client, I am finding the elderly embracing technology with many of them avid users of computers and the internet. However I do not believe they are the right audience for online tutoring, however I may be proven wrong about that. I referred to the computers as a way to acknowledge that they are “out of the square thinkers, willing to have a go at what helps them” At present I am based in Brisbane so my demographic is local, however I am now running workshops as well and hope to take them to where ever I am able to.

  41. Hi Janet
    This post has really got me thinking. Thank you Janet for providing the opportunity to share and get your feedback!

    My ideal client is a small to medium sized business owner who values their employees and wants to provide a workplace that is enjoyable and fulfilling. This client understands the benefits, to the bottom line of the business, of happy, motivated and inspired employees and is looking for tools to create that type of environment for their employees.

    Interestingly, as I am describing my ideal client I am also realising my target audience has not been glaringly obvious in any of my marketing.

    I look forward to your feedback.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to share.


  42. Krishna and Fran your ideal client descriptions are excellent. Absolutely no doubt who you work with.
    Marney I’d like to hear more about your ideal clients as I think we can really nail it here.
    Francine isn’t it interesting how just this simple exercise can pick up holes in your marketing already. I’m curious if you prefer to work in a particular industry or with a certain size company, ie number of employees. Notice I talk here about who YOU prefer, not just who you CAN help.
    Love all these different niches.

  43. Prosperity Plus
    Male / female majority aged between 30 to 55yrs old. They are open and willing to change/transform their relationship to money using our Prosperity Plus and FREEDOM to BE Programs. This person has a desire to reach their full potential. Majority of our clients have been on a personal development journey for many years yet they lack understanding at why they have not achieved the success they desire. They now understand the value of coaching and education delivered by teachers who have walked the path. Ready to fast-track their personal & financial transformation with ease so they achieve outstanding results.
    In return we offer support, cutting edge, powerful transformational programs that cut through whatever prevents you creating what you desire with ease.
    We take the stress out of the equation allowing you to” Reclaim your Power”

  44. My ideal client is someone with a clear vision for their business and a business person who wants the most professional and persuasive copy for all their materials – someone (dear God) who is capable of identifying who they are selling to and what they will get out of the transaction.

    I am no longer interested in those people who are price shopping, in a roaring hurry, and have unrealistic marketing expectations. Also off my list are those who think copying other people’s writing is fine and all website writing requires is copying other websites. As you can tell Ive had a few dreamers and price shoppers and am ready to provide serious value to those who are realistic and savvy.


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