#242 [Web TV] It’s NOT who plays the game that wins


You may have heard the phrase “You gotta play the game if you want to win”. And of course that’s true.

After all, if you never take any action in your business you’re never going to build a following, make sales, and succeed in business.

But there is a very important part of the phrase that is missing and in the last 6 months, the truth of the second phrase has been demonstrated to me over and over again.

I share this with you, and how to apply it, in this short 3 minute video



Hello and Welcome. Janet Beckers here with your wonderful web TV tip of the week and I’ll tell you what, it is not who plays the game that makes a difference on who is going to succeed. You know what? Sure, it’s absolutely, if you’re not in the playing field, you’re never gonna make any action. So, if you’ve got a program that you’ve been meaning to launch, if you’ve got people who are asking you to help them and you’re just not quite ready yet or you haven’t worked out your pricing yet. Or something you’ve been putting together, but your website’s not perfect yet, you know what?

It’s not gonna happen if you don’t get over that line and actually take action, and that is a big part of it. It’s the people who take action who play the game that get to win, but I tell you what, just playing the game does not mean you’re gonna win. The last few weeks has been the realization that it’s not who plays the game, it’s who stays in the game. The majority of people give up way too early.

An example might be that you have created a program or you put an offer out there and it totally flops, or you might get a few people who take it, but it’s not what you wanted it to be and you get really disappointed ’cause you think, “You know what, I thought this was gonna be my ticket, but only a few people are wanting it. It mustn’t be quite right. That’s not gonna work for me, I’m gonna go and do something else.”

What may very well be is that you just gotta tweak your offer, you’ve gotta focus on is it to do with how many people are actually seeing my offer? Am I marketing it well enough for people to even see it? Is it a numbers game? Do I need to test and tweak? If you’ve done your research to start with so that you know that people are asking for this then it’s very often, have you done everything you can to make sure that that is going to be profitable.

The more and more and more that I’m spending time with some amazingly successful people in business, the more I realize that what I would’ve considered a failure or what other people may have considered a failure once or twice, they see as the experiments, the trial runs and they keep going and going and going. That is the people who really are creating success. So, my question to you is, are you a person that is going to give up and tell yourself that, “Maybe it just wasn’t right, wasn’t meant to be.” Are you playing the game?

Are you gonna play the game to stay in the game? That’s my question to you. I’d love to hear from you if you want to leave some comments down below, I’ll come and join the conversation and if you’ve got a friend that you’re thinking that is giving up and they’re just stopping short of that finish line, pass along this video to them and see if you can give them some help. Okay, bye.


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