3 Tips On DescribingYour Ideal Client

Last week I shared an article about identifying who your ideal client really is. Michele Pariza -Wacek talked about the importance of this in our interview last week (available in the gold members area of Wonderful Web Women) and helps you refine this in the first step of her coaching.

I challenged you to share who your ideal client is and we have had some really interesting responses. I’ve also noticed a few things I’d like to share with you in the hope it will help you.

If it takes too long to describe your ideal client, you are still not clear.

This is a simple way to tell if you need to do further work. You really should be able to describe your ideal client in a paragraph. This is important because it will help you when you come to describing what you do and when you write sales copy for your web site.

It is also important because your ideal client probably wouldn’t describe their needs with lots of lots of paragraphs. They’d probably say something like “I want someone to help me do……so I can …..”. You fill in the blanks.

A good example in the responses is Karen Driscoll. She refined her first description (which was already good) to this:

You are passionate about making a six figure income by living to your purpose, sharing your message or gift with others by speaking from stage. You want to help, heal or empower others but don’t know how to make a break into the speaking profession.

If you use the word “or” more than once or twice in your description, you still need more refining

This is a simple test to do. Every time you use the word “or” you are hedging your bets which means you are also being less clear in your marketing message. Examples are “young or old”, “established in business or totally new to business”. It’s scarey to narrow in. This doesn’t mean you won’t accept those clients but you do need to bite the bullet and decide where you will target your message.

In a competitive area there are still many points of difference

If you look at the many responses we have received, you will be amazed at the variety. For eg, Nobby helps people get out of debt, Lisa helps people with cancer, Marney helps the elderly with mobility, Sue works with creativity. Wendy, Pam, Fay, Bernadette, myself and others help people in business.

But have a look at each person’s ideal client description and you’ll see that actually, within these competitive niches, each person has the potential to stand out because they are specific about who they work with.

I’d love to hear who YOUR ideal client is. Maybe people reading your response can help you find them?

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