#244 [Web TV] How To Turn Lost Sales Into New Revenue Streams


How To Turn Lost Sales Into New Revenue Streams

In today’s super-short video, I answer a great question from viewer Bruce Brown from Brown Marketing Consulting & PR.

Bruce expresses the frustration that clients often just want to pay for PR services which he knows will not get them a ROI. He loses sales when he advises they need all their marketing in place first to make the most of the potential traffic he will send to their website.

It’s frustrating isn’t it when you have potential clients willing to spend money on a “quick fix” yet your integrity doesn’t allow you to sell them something that won’t get results for them.

Here’s a few things I cover in this short video:

  • Shout out to Bruce for integrity
  • How to turn a frustration into an opportunity
  • How to package solutions that give results
  • What to say to make your top offer the most attractive

Love to hear your thoughts.


Hello and welcome! Janet Beckers here with your wonderful Web-TV for the week and I’m answering a question that was sent through from one of our community members Bruce Brown, a great question! Bruce says he’s had quite a few people who have come to him saying, I want to have some PR and public relations work done. So they want to be able to pay him to do the public relations work. Now when he comes back to them and says “Well yeah I can do that. But if you don’t already have a marketing structure set up on your Website so that when you’re – this great PR works, you know you’re losing and you’re wasting your money. If you don’t have a way of gathering people’s e-mails and converting them to a sale you’re totally wasting your money.” And it’s a frustration for him. So what can he do?

So first of all I really want to acknowledge Bruce that you have the best intentions and the best wishes for your client so you know to me that that talks of have high integrity, so good on you. So your big frustration is it you know what’s best for your client, but they don’t see it. So I actually see this as an opportunity so you know think about in your own business where you’ve got a frustration that you’re thinking “I need to educate my clients on this and I don’t get it!”. You know, instead of that being a problem let’s look at how you can twist that around in your own business to be able to see it as an opportunity.

So where I see the opportunity in Bruce’s business is he can be creating these solutions for people and it’s not necessarily him that puts all of that material together. But by bringing together a team of experts that can create the sales copy, the funnel on their website and do the techie stuff, then it allows him to be able to say Ok, I have three packages available for you. I have this package here where I can certainly organize your public relations for you and after having done an audit of your of your web site, I can say this will get you traffic, it will give you good branding people will know about you, but it very likely will not result in you having a return on investment. Yep, I can do it, that’s package A.

Package 2, we’re going to make sure that on your website we have a special page where we’re going to drive all of that traffic to that can get people onto an e-mail list. So therefore at least we’ve got a database that is Package B.

And then I have package C the whole shebang where we’re going to do your public relations,we’re going to do a place where they can build this building and then we’re going to do a follow up sequence a funnel so that they can then make sales as a direct result of all of your PR that is packaged three package three we can do that with a guarantee that we’re going to help you to track the number of leads that come and we can make sure that you actually get a return on investment of your income and we can guarantee that. So you can see how really your packaging the three things that you can offer to your clients, and so then you become the solution provider.

Now of course your challenge there is to bring together the trusted people who can create that solution for you. But it allows you to then go, you know, what until you get this in place this is not going to work for you. And then you’re sending people away. You’re actually having a way of increasing the amount of spin that people make with you and getting the best results for your clients. So and the way to do that is not just try to educate them, it’s offering them package 1, 2 and 3 so they can see that 3 is actually going to give them the best investment. So I hope that helps you for everybody else in your business. Think about what is something people are coming to you with that is you the frustration and how can you twist that around. So you actually become the solution provider instead of the person saying yes- BUT.

I’d love to hear your comments any questions down below please leave them and if you feel that this is something that one of your friends or colleagues in business would benefit from please pass on the video for them so they can get some benefit as well. See you!


  1. Thanks, Janet Great video <3

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