7 Tips To Tapping Into The Tribal Age of The Internet

 We have entered the Tribal Age of The Internet.

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Now your customers and potential customers actively interact with each other on-line. They expect to interact with you and your brand as part of a community or tribe.
It started a few years ago with blogs. People could leave comments and start to have a say on the Internet, rather than just be passive readers of information. Then it was forums which meant they could start their own conversations.

Then came Facebook, My Space, Twitter, You Tube, Linked In……..there has been an explosion of ways people interact on the Internet and the old ways (last year) of doing business on the Internet are out the door.

It is a fundamental human need to belong. To find a group, a community/ a tribe to interact with and this is happening at a rapid pace on line. People are making buying decisions online based on peer recommendation and what they hear via social networks. Do you like what they are saying about you?

Here are 7 tips to help you tap into the Tribal Age of The Internet

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1. Listen To The Song in Your Heart

Social media allows your customers to get to know you on a much more personal level that in the past. They can tell if you do not truly and passionately believe in what you do and say. Spend the time to clarify for yourself first..What do you really value?
2. Know what a business really is

At it’s most basic, a business exists because you solve people’s problems. If you can provide solutions to these problems that people are willing to pay for, then you have a business. It really is that simple, yet so many people can’t tell you what problems they solve. What problems do you solve?
3. Understand whose problems you solve 

Don’t rush this. You need to really understand how your ideal customer thinks, who they are and what their problems are. Take the time to get inside their head. Before I started Wonderful Web Women I spent months talking with my target market. And where did I find them? In the queue in the Women’s Loos at Internet marketing Events! Now you can do it easier. You can find them on Facebook groups, blogs and forums.
4. Get to Know Who Already Solves Your Customers’ Problems

I grew my business very fast through the power of Joint Ventures. At it’s simplest, this means finding people who already solve problems your ideal client has. So think. What other problems does my customer have and who is already successful at helping them? I specialize in helping my closest clients form Jont Ventures with experts.

5. Create a Tribal Platform

To really harness the power of The Tribe they need a place to communicate with you and with others in your community. Importantly, you need a place to call home so you can invite them back to your place, after you’ve met in places such as Facebook, Twitter etc. The Hub of your platform is your blog. This is how they get to know what you really think. Even if you don’t have a business yet, start a blog and start writing what you think. At least it will help you define the very first step I mentioned “Listen to the song in your heart”
6. Challenge Your Customers

We are in the Tribal Age of the Internet and people need opportunities to demonstrate they are part of a tribe. A fun and simple way to do this is to provide opportunities for your customers to take actions to reach their goals, with a challenge to do it publicly. Sort of like a double-dare-you to do this. At it’s simplest, ask your friends on Facebook to define their biggest goals / ideal customer / submit a photo or video. They have a time limit and it must be “all about them”.
7. Plan To Change Lives

 If you are creating a business around your passions you have the capacity to change lives. Even one person at a time. So ask yourself this question in every marketing step you take. Can I change this slightly so that people can benefit simply by being exposed to the way I do business? I teach a test I call the 4th Win Test. It is very simple but incredibly powerful and is based on that one question.

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