#245 [Web TV] When People Let You Down


When People Let You Down

In today’s super-short video, I answer a great question from viewer “Fantastic Frank” from www.FFHero.com.

Bruce expresses the frustration that people have been letting him down. They have not been meeting deadlines, often making their problems become his problems in the process. He asks “is this just the times we are living in?”

Coincidentally, I had to ask myself some tough questions on this exact topic recently and I share the process I followed to make decisions, and also changes to the way I do things.

Here’s a few things I cover in this short video:

  • How to know if it’s you or them
  • A hard look at what you are wiling to accept
  • How to know when people need to go
  • What to say to make your top offer the most attractive

Love to hear your thoughts.

P.S. Do you have a friend or colleague who has a similar problem? If so, pass this video to them.



Hello and welcome, Janet Beckers here with your wonderful web TV to the week. Today, I’m answering a question from one of our community members, Fantastic Frank!┬áHe had a cool name. And you know what? It’s a question that I’ve recently had to ask myself and I know a lot of people will have this exact same problem. Now Frank talks about how it seems recently that people are bringing him problems and the problems that are causing him hassles they their problems but they’re affecting him. People who he relies on to to provide the services that support him (making his income) and then letting him down and making their problems become his problems. He’s wondering is this just the face of business? Is it something that he’s doing? You know what is it that is happening? It’s really starting to impact on him.

You know what. I recently had to ask myself this question as well. I had some people who I was relying on in my business and I was finding that, you know, my deadlines were not being met. The communication was not being met in the way that I had expected in the past and I had to really look at. Is this me? What is happening? So my first question to ask you is number one: Are you being very very clear on what you expect and what your boundaries are? So you’ve been very clear that these are the deadlines. This is what is to be expected and I expect this to be met. So that’s your first one.

How clear are you being on what is expected? Now number two is, is what you’re expecting there? So are you asking somebody who doesn’t have the skills to be able to do something? So ask yourself that question as well. If you not sure ask them, you know, is this something that’s putting you out of your comfort zone? What can we do to make sure it’s going to work?

Now if you have made sure that this is not a problem that is coming from your end and yet you’re still being let down, then what you need to look at is- you know what? What are you going to expect? Do you expect? Do you accept mediocrity? Do you accept being let down? Because if you are accepting this behavior, well you’ve got no reason to complain about it. Because you have accepted it.

Accepting it, is by not actually doing anything about it or not setting your boundaries or saying, you know what, this is something you and I going to have to work out because it’s affecting me. So this is your problem. I’m sending you the love, I’m sending you to support, what can I do from my end, but ultimately these are my needs, these are my boundaries. And you know what, sometimes if it’s still not working, don’t accept the mediocrity anymore. If you know you’ve got to go elsewhere you got to find somebody else that can fix it. That can be the tough love that has to happen in business.

So, number one, be very very clear that you are not the source of all of this (Is your communication clear? Is your boundaries clear? Are you very very clear that what you are asking somebody to do is actually in their ability?) Once that is absolutely clear if you start getting let down then you will you accept it or not? Be very very clear on what will accept or not. And you have to let people go if you need to. That is just life.

I love to hear, does this resonate for you? So I hope that helps Fantastic Frank. You know this happened to me recently and I take it very very clear on what I will accept and what I want you know- and there’s been some changes. Unfortunate. But I always open up new opportunities. So, I’d love to hear from you if you’ve gotten any questions on this or how do you go about doing this. Please just leave questions down below and I’ll see if I can help you with that. If you have somebody that you feel could be struggling with this as well, pass this on to them so hopefully this will give them some kind of framework to be able to apply to this problem and see if they can solve it. I can’t wait to hear from you bye.

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