#246 [Web TV] How To Use Facebook Groups To Find New Clients


How To Use Facebook Groups To Find New Clients

In today’s no fluff video, I answer a great question from viewer Judy Cantwell, The Cross Culture Coach.

Judy asks “How can I reach English speaking expatriates through Facebook groups to offer virtual work/life coaching?”

Well, there are great ways to strategically use Facebook Groups to find clients, and ways to absolutely NEVER use them!

Here’s a few things I cover in this short video:

  • How to decide which groups to target
  • What types of groups to avoid (it’s the opposite of what you would think)
  • The 4 step process to convert new clients without ever selling in a group
  • How to get a group owner to shine the light on YOU

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Question: Have you ever converted new clients from a Facebook Group run by someone else? Or have you been the customer who was found?

P.S. Do you have a friend or colleague who has a similar challenge? If so, pass this video to them.



Hello and welcome, Janet Beckers here with your Tip of the week! Today we’re going to be talking about using Facebook groups as a way of finding perfect clients and converting them. Now this question comes from one of the members of our community Judy Cantwell from Cross Culture Coach. Now Judy asked the questions about how can she use Facebook groups as a way to find English speaking expatriates to be able to offer them virtual coaching. Now, really good question. And this is something that is relevant to every single person who is in business where you are using Facebook as one of the strategies that you’re using to market yourself. So let’s look at a process step by step that you can be using.

So number one: you have to do your research beforehand to decide which are going to be the groups that you are going to focus on. Now the first part there is doing, you know, put yourself in the mind of your client and do as much researching, just search some keywords, searching there in Facebook which might be, whatever the words are that will suit your particular demographics, and find as many of those groups as you can.

First of all, join them. Take the time to be able to just be a voyeur first. Watch how the group works. And then from that work out which are the ones that are most active and most giving and have a really good culture within them. And importantly are not ones where people sell. Because if you have a group where people are being able to sell in them people who want to buy in and hang out the only people who want to sell hang out in those groups. So number one we let down to maybe three groups, just really focus on the important ones. Take your time a few weeks to work this one out.

Once you’ve done that, then number two: is to give absolute value. Now to do this you must give give give. That means set yourself a time and it might be, you know, I’m going to go in there three times a week or you might decide I’m going to go in it every single day. Doesn’t mean you’re there all the time you might get right three days a week.I’m going to go into these groups, I’m going to spend a total of 15 minutes across all groups. You don’t have to hang out there all the time.

When you go in there the first thing you want to do is have a look through to see which threads are particularly common. You know, which ones of them are particularly popular, and see if you can take part in those conversations. Then you want to have a look through and see if there are people who are asking for help on something, you know, that you can do and give really good advice. And then every now and then what you can do is you can say, okay I’ve got a particular resource or a tip or an article that somebody else has written. And you can share that as a gift saying to people, hey I saw this really good image or a really good clip or here is something that I do with my clients. And here is a really good gift for people. So the whole idea is give give give. Do not ask.

Really start building yourself up as a person who helps. Never ever say “Hey, by the way I’m available if anybody wants to have me as a coach.” That is not how these groups work. As soon as you do that you’re going to be seen as not being genuine. So what you do is you can be saying, hey this is a tool that I use with a lot of my clients when I worked with them virtually, here is a simple thing. So you are just dropping a hint that you work with people virtually.┬áThat is going to be enough, so letting people know what you do.

Always remember to not go in there selling. Go in there to serve. Be very very respectful of the person who owns that crib. A lot of work goes into setting up and keeping the momentum going in a group. So be very very respectful of that person. Do as much as you can to help promote them. And if they’re trying to get a particular discussion happening in the group. Help them out. You want to be seen by the person who owns the group as a really great resource because then they will be, perhaps, asking you for advice, asking you to submit. You know, maybe perhaps to be interviewed by them, to the group. This is the way that you use the group. So if you go in there with the idea of how to find clients to sell to, you’ve bombed out straightaway. If you go, how can I find the people who I serve? And how can I demonstrate to them how helpful I am? Then you are going to attract those people.

Now, step number four: if the people in the group “Do you do coaching can you tell me a little bit about it?” Always take the conversation out of the group. This is for respect for the person who is running it so you can say “Absolutely, I can work with you in person I helped a lot of people. Let’s take the conversation and I’ll talk to you on private messenger” And then have the conversation there. So you are not seen as salesy, you’re seen as being respectful.

So that’s four steps on how you’d be able to use Facebook groups as a way of being able to find your ideal clients who are going to become your virtual coaching clients. So I hope that that helps you. It may not be what you want but people will say it’s obvious. This is the long game. But the interesting thing is this is not an incredibly long game. You can be getting results in just about a week or so. So I hope that helps you.

Please leave any comments down below, any questions. If you have somebody here that you feel that this is really going to help them please pass this video on to them and help as many people as we can to be able to work with fantastic clients and in a way where you’re a total class act.

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