#247 [Web TV] 4 Steps To Confident Sales Calls


In today’s no fluff video, I answer a great question from viewer Terry Bahat, from Core Works. Terry asks “How do you eradicate the “fear” of ringing potential clients ? Having a script is not very professional I’m afraid”.

I know this is one of the big obstacles I know I faced for years when I first started in business, and one I have mastered to the point where I actually really enjoy “sales calls”.

Here’s a few things I cover in this short video:

  • The 4 step process to be super confident on sales calls
  • How to make sure you never waste time with people who will never be buyers
  • A simple process to use once you are on the phone
  • The relationship between marketing and sales and what to focus on most.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

QUESTION: What is your biggest challenge with converting customers on the phone?

P.S. Do you have a friend or colleague who has a similar challenge? If so, pass this video to them.



Hello and welcome! Janet Beckers here with your tip of the week! And today we will be talking about sales calls and potential clients. How do you do it without feeling nervous, feeling the pressure, and feeling all “salesy”. So if that sounds like a problem that you struggle with, stay tuned because I’ve got a 4-step process to help you!

So this question today comes from Terry Bahat from Coworkspace, one of our members of the community and she asked the question: How do you ever get over that apprehension that you get when you’re going to make a phone call to potential clients and a script just won’t cut it? What do you do?

So there’s a few things to address here, a whole topic on its own, but let me just give you a quick rundown.

Number 1 is you should never ever be cold calling somebody because you’re calling them because you see them as a potential client. You want people to be asking if they can get on the phone with you, not you going to them. The way you can be doing that is lots of different ways but it’s attraction marketing and it could be as simple as giving really good value and good tips and sharing good things say on Facebook, through your blog, it could be a much more sophisticated way – through a webinar, podcasting, presenting on stage, or presenting at a local event. What ever it is, you are the person that is seen as having the solution for them and now they have come to you asking for more information. That is step number 1.

Number 2 – You just do not get on the phone with anybody. Just because somebody says they would like to have a phone call with you doesn’t mean they are going to get one. So you have got to be flipping this around thinking “You know what, I only got a certain amount of time, I am not going to spend my time on people that are not my avatar. “ If I think that I will not be able to help them or I don’t think that they are really serious about the transformation that they are wanting, I’d lovingly send them somewhere else.

So what you want to do is to get a little bit of information about them, first to say “I only got a certain number of vacancies, let me see what is it that you are wanting to help with so I can see if I can help you.” That could be as simple as you having a chat backwards and forwards- whether it’s going to be in Facebook Messenger because they liked something that you said  on Facebook, or email, or an actual application form. Any of those ways, you want to pre-qualify them. Finding out a little bit more about their goals, what sort of help they are looking for. If it’s someone that you could actually help, then you will go “Let’s make the time to call”

Then we are now up to Step #3, when you’re actually getting on the call. Because this process you’ve followed to start with, you are not the person there who is trying to sell them into something. You are the person who’s seen as if you can help them and to see if they’re going to be the right person for you. It’s already a different feeling isn’t it? You are not the person who is trying to get a customer.

The next thing you want to look at is when you get on that call. Your focus is very much on “let me get to know you so I know what it is you’re needing the help with” Because you may not be the right person for them. So if your focus is very much on getting to know them then at the end, you will be able to know if they are going to be right. Even though you might be thinking, “You know what this extra 10 grand, 15 grand, 5 grand, 3 grand, 2 grand- Whatever it is that a customer might represent to you, and I’m like this too. Sometimes I think “Man, that extra $1500 would come in so handy this month, but you cannot bring that energy in a sales call. Your call is going to be about them. And you could be like at the end “ You know what I don’t think I’m the right person for you, you need this or you need that” This is a completely different energy that you are bringing to what you do. So you’re focusing on them. So I have a 4-step process that I guide people through, so I can get super clear on what they need but that’s for another call.

Step #4 is once you were able to work through them and go “You know what, this what your goals are, these are the steps you need to get there.” Then you can say to them “Look these are the steps that I can see you’re going to need to take- you can try doing it yourself or do you want some help with that. Let me know if you need some help and I can let you know what I do.” That’s the extent of the sales part- is “do you want some help with that?” And if they say that they will need some help then great let me show you what I do. That’s what it is at the end. It’s completely different. That way you are not feeling nervous. You know that you can help them and you will also see if they are the right person to be working with you. It’s a different energy.

So I hope that helps you. This is all the marketing that makes the sale easy rather than focus being on the sale. So if you are finding the sale really stressful, have a look at your marketing because the whole lead up of attracting and pre-qualifying is the marketing. So I suggest that’s where you should be looking. I hope that gives you some help. I hope that helps you Terry. I know that there are a lot of people that are exactly on the same boat. you know what, it’s something that I struggled with for the first few years but now I don’t find sales calls stressful at all because it’s just really can I help or not?

If you have some tips around this I’d love to hear from you, leave your comments down below. If you have a friend that is struggling with the same pressure, please pass this on and I really do hope this could help them. Okay, see you!


  1. Thanks Janet.. I’d not thought of Step 2 with the check out whether I can help before committing time to a call (have been caught out several times).

    K Man has a great process that takes people through to them realising the value as well as the potential cost to them so it’s a ‘no brainer’ to take on your service/program.

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