#249 [Web TV] How To Declutter Your Business


This week I’m decluttering my business, in much the same way I declutter my wardrobe. There are some things I just LOVE that really don’t go with anything else in the wardrobe (business) anymore and are just causing clutter.

Like decluttering your wardrobe this can create HUGE resistance, as you hold on to that groovy hippy outfit that is simply not your style anymore but has soooo many great memories.

However, if done well, it can also release cluttered energy and free you up to truly see the gems that have been hidden there all along, yet were buried beneath the memories.

In this week’s video I share the 3 steps to effectively declutter your business and the impact this can have on your customers.

I’ll be sharing with you over the next few weeks the changes to my business….what is destined for the “op-shop” and what will be given starring roles.

I’d love to hear from you. What would you lovingly discard from your business? What do you think should be allowed to shine more?

Tell me your thoughts below.

P.S. Do you have a friend or colleague who has a similar challenge? If so, pass this video to them.




Hello and welcome, Janet Beckers with your wonderful WebTV for the week and today we’re going to talk about de-cluttering your business. You see at the moment I’m in the process of looking at my business in exactly the same way that I would to look at my wardrobe. So I’m doing a spring cleaning and going, you know what, sometimes there is just so much clutter there you can’t see the beautiful classic clothes that really really reflect who you are, because there’s too much other stuff there, thats served its purpose.

So just like you might do with your wardrobe the same thing can be happening with your business. And just like it can be so hard to be able to throw some things out and to be able to send them with all those beautiful memories, the same thing can happen with your business. The other part of it though is when you have done that de-cluttering in the wardrobe and you can see those great things that you’ve forgotten that you actually had there. That when you do put them on you feel fantastic and they represent you, there is an amazing clearing of energy and it just allows you to be able to breathe even though you didn’t realize you were feeling cluttered. So the same thing can happen with your business.

So this is the process I’m going through at the moment. I thought I would share with you a couple of steps that you need to put into place to be able to de-clutter your business:

Step number 1: Get super duper clear on what is your style now. It can evolve over the year your branding will be evolving. So, look at it and go: Well actually, what is it? What is my style? What actually is it that I want to be doing? What gets me the best results with my clients and what things aren’t getting the best results anymore? So number one, clarity on really what do you really want to have, what really represents you and your brand.

Step number 2: You want to have a really good audit so you know exactly what you’ve got. Same thing as taking everything out of that wardrobe and throwing it on the bed so you can find everything you want to do the same thing with your business. Instead of throwing it on the bed,you might just want to do that in a spreadsheet or just on a big whiteboard. So you know exactly a good audit of what is available.

Then comes the hard part:¬†What stays in? What goes? And what can be repurposed? So that comes the part that is the hardest decision and takes the most energy from you and the strength. But it also is going to be incredibly clearing because if you think about it, if your customers were coming in to your wardrobe to decide what they wanted to borrow from you, if they go in there and it’s all cluttered and they can’t really see the gems, it’s going to be a hard decision for them. Same thing with your business. If you’ve done that work of making sure that everything that you’re offering is just the classics, the things that are truly representing you and your brand and get the best results for your clients, they can easily see the value and make those decisions. So they will not be feeling cluttered as well.

There you go! How did I draw that analogy for you? So I’ll be really curious to hear from you. Are you in the process do you feel like you need to be doing a de-cluttering of your business? Is it time for spring cleaning? If so how are you going to do it? Have you done it before and how do you feel? Did you throw out some things perhaps you shouldn’t have? I’ve done that in the past. Did you hold on to some things too long that maybe you shouldn’t? I’ve been doing that too.

So I’d love to hear from you. I will be sharing more with you over the next month or so as you will start to see the results of the spring cleaning and I’m really really excited to show you the new fashion! And if you have a friend or colleague in business that you know will really benefit from this concept please pass this video on to them. Let’s see if we can help them to be absolutely de-cluttered and bringing that beautiful energy that comes with it. Bye!



  1. OMG!!! I started looking in my first wardrobe and discovered it’s more like Dr Who’s Tardis. 20 years of collecting information, products, software, programs, resources, back ups, records and so much more.

    I just go into overwhelm and close the folder. Plus when I was ‘on the road’ a lot videoing events I find I have stuff on my two iMacs at home, my Macbook Pro and on about 20 x 1 or 2 GB HDDs. A lot is duplicated but amongst the duplicates are ‘originals’.

    But I know I just have to forget the ‘value’ (like thousands of dollars spent eg over 60 GBs of royalty free music) and just delete stuff that isn’t directly related to my core business these days and hit the old ‘delete’ key.

    • That is such a good visual re the Tardis!
      Yep, there’s almost a grieving process needed, as you think of “what could have been”. Then move on and think about “what WILL be”

  2. Wow, this struck me on two levels. Firstly it’s very timely as I’m trying to decide if I keep running with 2 brands with 2 different themes or combine them. I will review what I have and see where, if anywhere, a crossover exists. Secondly, like Paul, I need to de-clutter the files on my computer. I’m a magpie, and collect anything that may be useful, so….. I think I need to purge. Thank you Janet .

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