Your Business Avatar: Are You Up For The 7 Day Challenge?

Let me share with a you a very simple, and incredibly powerful exercise (the most powerful ones usually are the simplest). If you master this exercise it has the power to revolutionise your business. Seriously.

This is one of the exercises I ran during the recent 4th Dimension Mastery workshop and it resulted in a lot of breakthroughs and Ah Ha moments.


Create an Avatar For Your Business

I’ve heard this term bantered about on the Internet lately and first heard it from Jeff Walker (I’m studying his Product Launch Formula). This is my version and how it relates to my framework for creating a successful internet business, called 4th Dimension Mastery.

What is a Business Avatar?

You may be familiar with the movie Avatar? The human researchers take on the form of the indigenous (and gorgeous) creatures on the moon of Pandora. Or you may be aware of the original meaning of Avatar from the Hindu religion where deities / gods take on the form of humans or other creatures.

When it comes to business, an avatar is an imaginary person who represents the composite of your ideal customer. They are described in such detail that they almost seem real. Real enough for you to have a conversation with.

Well, not a real conversation (they’re an imaginary friend, not a real one OK?). But real enough for you to have a one-on-one conversation with when you write your emails, blog posts and sales letters. They are also the person you are talking to on your tele-seminars and videos.

What are the Advantages of Creating a Business Avatar?

If you get the avatar right then your ideal customer will truly resonate with every message you make. They will be naturally attracted to you and may even find themselves thinking “How did she know that is what I am thinking?” It doesn’t mean you will be excluding others who aren’t your exact avatar but you will get the message across clearly to the majority of your ideal customers.

This is how it impacts on the 4 Dimensions of a successful Internet Business:

1st Dimension: YOU

After you have created your Avatar think to yourself  “Is this a person I want to do business with?”.You have a choice you know. If you think to yourself that you’d rather not have their company then you need to look at what type of customers you really want to work with.

2nd Dimension: YOUR CUSTOMER

You need to do research to really create your Avatar. At the end of this process you will be incredibly clear on your customer needs and frustrations. I’ve given details on how to research your Avatar in the slide driven tele-class I ran today. You can listen to the recordings for the next week and watch the slide show on the replay page.


A JV partner is someone who has a very similar Avatar to you. They are already providing a complementary (though not identical) service to them. Once you are clear on your Avatar it is easy to identify potential JV Partners.


This is the dimension where your customer really interacts with you. By always communicating with your Avatar, rather than communicating as if to a blur of many customers, you will attract them, convert them to sales easier and encourage interaction in numerous ways (for example they will be more likely to comment on your blog posts if it feel as if you are talking directly to them).

How Do You Create An Avatar

Firstly, take the time to listen to this 60 minute class that goes into detail for you. It will be 60 minutes well spent.

Your Avatar should be very specific and include things such as:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Life Circumstances
  • Income
  • Biggest frustrations
  • History
  • Aspirations

You can even give them a name and find an image to represent them (just like with the Avatar you may choose to represent yourself in a forum or game).

Here’s Mine

To give you an idea, here’s one I prepared earlier 🙂 This is an Avatar we created after an intensive survey of my customers last year. I was surprised by our findings (mainly their family situation and interests) which is a good thing in my books. Of course, this is not the profile of every customer but writing to this imaginary person makes my sales copy, blog posts etc much stronger. Ready?

My Avatar (Jenny) is between 35 and 45. She has children who are close to leaving home. She is a professional in that she has education or experience in a career and is actually pretty smart. She wants a change in her life. She doesn’t find her career as fulfilling as she would like and wants more lifestyle freedom. She wants to build her own business and is quite frustrated because, even though she knows she is capable, she is overwhelmed with how much there is to learn and where to start. She wants to build a business on her passions and she is driven by more than money. She wants to make a change in the world in some way though finance and lifestyle is also very important to her. Interestingly, she also has an interest in natural therapies, the environment and personal development. She has access to income other than her business income (through her partner, a part or full time position, or home equity) but knows she can’t rely on this for too long. She’s been learning how to build an Internet business and has taken some action already but is frustrated because she’s not making any money from her endeavours.

Sound familiar? Of course, this doesn’t exclude people who don’t fit this profile. After all, 10% of my customers for Wonderful Web Women are men. But it will only attract those who can relate to my Avatar in some way.

Your Turn

OK Here’s my challenge to you. You’ve got one week to research your Avatar (remember the recording of my tele-class) and post it here below in the comments section. If you don’t get it right the first time, that’s OK. I’ll hang out here and help you refine it further.

The Advantages of Taking Part

  • You will get some great help from me and others here to nail your Avatar
  • Your ideal client may visit this post and want to find out more about you (include a link to your web site or Facebook profile if you have one)
  • Potential JV partners may identify you
  • You’ll get links back to your web site when you comment

Yep, There’s Prizes

At the end of the week I will randony choose 3 people who have left comments. They win a copy of my best-selling book “Our Internet Secrets”, including the CDRom “How to create 17 in-demand products from just one hour’s work”

The person who creates the clearest Avatar will win my book, plus a 30 minute phone consult with me to help move your business to the next level (one-on-one consults are usually only available for my new Diamond Coaching clients).

So, get to it! Can’t wait to meet your Avatar.


  1. What a great idea Janet! This is just what I need as it’s something I’ve struggled with for a while now; truly defining who my ideal client (avatar) is.

  2. Thanks Janet, I’ve been working on this and continue to refine it. Following your 7 day challenge will help me nail it!

  3. Betty Smith says:

    Highrise Life Coaching


    Female aged between 30 & 50 with children at high school or university.
    Has been working at a part time job where she is not very satisfied and in a relationship where she is not wonderfully happy.
    She looks after everyone else before herself. Busy running around with little time for herself.
    She knows she wants something better in life but has no idea where to start. She wants to make a positive contribution to her community.
    She feels she doesn’t have enough confidence to make any changes, “just keep everyone else happy and things will be ok”
    Her partner supports her financially so money is not a major issue.
    She’s feeling a bit stuck, not feeling fulfilled but not knowing what to do about it.
    She doesn’t know what she would really like to be doing instead. A bit like she is on auto-pilot just getting through each day.
    She is interested in learning how to make changes, to have a clear direction for a fulfilling future but not sure how to take the first step.
    She wants to feel confident and happy and fulfilled within herself.
    She wants to make a contribution to her children and grandchildren growing up with confidence and certainty and able to make their own choices in life.
    She wants to leave the planet a better place for her having being here.

  4. Hi Janet, So great to be able to put our avatars out there in a public forum for others to see and comment on! Even though I have done this exercise before at your 4DM workshop, I think (hopefully) I have my avatar much more defined now! So… is mine

    Jane is 35-45 and owns and operates a serviced based business most likely in South East Queensland. She has been in business for about 2-3 years and has an annual turnover in the low six figures. Her business is doing well financially, but has reached a profit plateau.

    Jane’s business operates on a staff of anywhere between 3-10 employees and her business sells to other businesses. Jane is so caught up in the daily grind of her business, that without her being there it would fall over. She is constantly frustrated at having to “micromanage” her staff, and she really struggles to get her staff to produce the results and outcomes that she would like. Jane is working upwards of 55 hours a week in her business and can’t remember the last time she had a holiday, let alone a day off during the week!

    Jane spends a lot of her working day “putting out fires” in her business and constantly reacting to what is going on around her, rather than focusing on the bigger picture. She has realised that she doesn’t own her business, it owns her.

    Jane worries about her customers not receiving the same level of service everytime they come to her business and feels the she has to wear all of the “hats” in her business to keep it going; Sales, Marketing , Customer Service, Production, Delivery, Training, Technical and the list goes on.

    What Jane secretly wants is to have a business that runs without her, where she can take a holiday each year, without having to take her business with her.

    She wants to be able to know that her business is delivering reliable and consistent service to her customers each time every time. Jane wants a business where systems are at the core of everything and her staff run the systems.

    She wants to take her business to the next level where it is a smooth, sleek, and systemized operation that runs regardless of whether or not she is there. Jane wants to create a business that someone will want to one day buy.

    Kim Morris – Business Systems Development Specialist

  5. Hey Karen and Krishna I’m looking forward to seeing your Avatars here 🙂
    Betty your description is very clear. I think , in order to turn your Avatar into something that can easily translate into a business, I’d like to see you explore a little deeper. To help me to help you, can you tell me what service or product you have or intend to have to help this woman. What is her expected outcome from working with you?
    This will help us focus on what keywords she would use when looking for information and solutions via Google.

  6. Hi, this is a great idea to help me find my niche…
    I have so many topics that I need to get out and all of them need research done, I a going to use my avatar to keep me on track and connect with the right kind of people.
    In order to attempt to use one avatar for more than one topic, I presume the avatar would have to get a few more attributes that are closer to the topic at hand.. am I right?
    E.g. I want to write a book on South African Women and how they cope with immigration. and then i have all the normal topics connected to women as well…. health and nutrition and fitness… So, I don’t always want to just talk to South African ladies, but broaden the horisen.
    Creating a list, would most probably start with the avatar closest to my heart and then go from there.
    Would having an avatar profile, not sometimes limit your market too much?

  7. Hey Kim. Love it! That is really quite clear. One thing I want to clarify with you. Is your avatar only in a business to business market or could they also be in a business to customer market?

  8. Great questions Linky. A really common fear people have is that my creating a highly targeted avatar they will be limiting their business. The opposite is actually the fact!
    Think of it in this way. If I was a woman from South Africa and have just migrated to Australia or am about to and I search on the Internet for help. Which of the following sites would I most likely arrive at and sigh with relief because I knew I had finally found the place that would have all the answers? 1. A site where i could get lots of info on being healthy, fulfilled and financially free as a woman, a site where there was general information on migrating suitable for any country and any gender, or one that talked about my home country, the frustrations I had with finding info on schools and info on how to find work and friends in my new country. I’d stop at the last ones. The thing is, once I have my main issues dealt with I may be interested in exploring some of those other things that I love as a woman. For example, personal styling for my new life. After all, if I’m reinventing my life in a new country, why not reinvent myself?
    The question to ask yourself is what problems do I want to solve and who has those problems?

  9. Hi Janet,
    really enjoyed the webinar yesterday and feel I got alot out of it. I am wanting to start an internet business, have the idea and am currently doing the research but it all seems to “big”. I thought I knew who my Avatar was but the more you spoke about it, i realised I don’t really know them at all. You have inspired me to put together a survey, on survey monkey and I am now waiting on some more information on my Avatar. I feel that I really have a good direction to heap in and am not drowning in research. At this stage, I can tell you that she is an art teacher, who loves art and is passionate about teaching but feels very overwhelmed by all that is expected of her. She would like to be more creative in her lesson plans but does not have the time than to just get by. She would like a little time and energy left over for herself so that she can invest in her own creative talent for the benefit of herself. She would like to be more appreciated for what she does contribute to the school environment.

  10. Hey Lee so wonderful to hear the webinar yesterday challenged you and you are inspired to get really clear. Here are some questions to get you thinking. Is your Avatar working in the school system and if so does she want to stay in that system or does she want to move out of it and into another system, such a private teaching?
    Is she a visual artist? Does she work across all mediums or does she tend to specialise in a particular medium?
    What sort of students does she like working with? Is her greatest frustration with the students, the school hierarchy or the curriculum?
    And here’s something to challenge you 🙂 Will your Avatar PAY YOU for solutions? ie will it be the art teacher, the school, the students or parents of the students who you need to target to pay you for the solution you are considering? I say this because, from my experience running an art gallery for years, artists will spend a lot of money on art materials but often will not invest in their personal and business development. An unfortunate by-product of the starving artist ideal.Also, if their main identity is as a teacher are they likely to spend their own money for solutions or expect the school?
    I say this, not to put a dampener on your ideas, but to challenge you to look for solutions and Avatars that take these things into consideration.
    Art education in schools is something I am quite passionate about. In fact I am working with my son’s year 6 class this term creating artworks via print exploring the effect of oil disasters on the wildlife. I love it.
    You may also like to check out one of my “giving back” projects which involves working with children in art.

  11. Hi Janet,

    You have a knack for asking such simple questions that really take your thinking up a notch! I love it! After seeing your question about whether or not my avatar would have a business that only sold to other businesses or whether they would also sell to customers, it really got me thinking. Originally I thought I wanted to work with business to business clients, but I have now re-evaluated that. I think that it would actually be my preference to work with business to consumer businesses as the majority.

    This I discovered this afternoon after sitting down with a giant copy of an outdated yellow pages and going thru it page by page looking at the different types of businesses and deciding whether or not I would enjoy working with them. I made a shortlist, and most of them were businesses that offer services directly to consumers!

    So enlightening! A big thank you to you!

    Kim Morris, Business Systems Development Specialist

  12. Kim that is such an excellent idea. Love the idea of sitting down with a copy of the yellow pages. That is brilliant. Love challenging you with questions and making your brain hurt!

  13. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for the opportunity to inspire me to do this… May I introduce you to Josie … my ideal client for Women in new careers.

    Josie is a well travelled, tertiary educated, professional woman aged 40-50, who is career oriented. She may or may not have children, and is ready for the next stage in her life. She’s been working hard and giving to others for a long time, and is tired. She hasn’t stopped working for the past 20 years and is ready to take stock and review her life direction. She wants to re-energise herself for the first time and wants to intentionally invest in her own personal and professional development. While she is not sure what she wants, she knows it could be a promotion or a career change. Josie seeks new learning and challenges, quality career/life balance, financial freedom, acknowledgement and belonging.

  14. Susan Sweeney says:

    Hi Janet,
    This is my first attempt so here goes!
    My Avatar is Jane aged between 35 – 50 years. She lives with her husband who is in the middle income bracket and works full time.
    Her two children are at Secondary school, teenagers, independent and take part in lots of after school activities. Jane is bright and well educated and always worked before the children arrived. Jane wants to start a business she can run from home. Although commited to the family she feels ready to have an independant project she can call her own.
    Recently she has been attending meetings held by other entrepreneurial women which has inspired her by offering choices she could make in a chosen venture. My Avatar Jane wants to belong to a community involving other like minded women which she has favoured since going to female led Seminars. She feels they have an innate understanding of what she is feeling and responds to the nurturing and encouragement of the sisterhood. There are so many topics of interest to listen to from Internet Marketing to Life Coaching all of which she has an interest in.
    She has funds set aside which she will use as a business start up.
    Her husband has also offered to help her financially with some cash flow if her idea is based on a solid business plan.
    She favours an Internet Business because it affords her the luxury of remaining in the home.
    Jane has time on her hands during the day which she has put to good use by tuning into teleseminars given by experienced entrepreneurial women and this has inspired her to take some action for herself.
    She is grateful for the community of women who understand the emotional aspects and nuturing she needs in order to get her project off the ground.
    Her concerns are about gaining enough knowledge but also the overwhelming amount of information on marketing, web design, branding and launching the product not to mention SEO’s.
    She doesn’t know whether to take on a business partner yet but feels that she will find one in the female community she loves and follows if she makes that choice in the future.
    Jane aspires to helping to finance a better lifestyle for her family.
    She wants her children to go to University in the near future and maybe buy a larger house. A main ambition is to travel overseas and experience other cultures. In short my Avatar is willing and determind to persevere and do what it takes to get her business idea off the ground and create a better life for the future.

  15. Hey Leanne that is excellent. With an Avatar it is good to be even more specific. This is just because it makes it so much easier for you to picture them when you are writing your emails, blog post and sales copy. So it is a little bit different than a customer profile.
    For example, in my Avatar I’v said she has children who are about to leave home but I know my target market is just as likely to have no children, grandchildren or young ones. But in the case of Jenny (my avatar) I write to her. Actually, I should even be more specific and give her an age (eg 45) instead of an age range. Any way I’m sure you see what I mean. The clearer we can make the picture of them the easier it is to imagine them in front of us when we write.
    I’m curious. Is your Avatar likely to work in a corporate situation, self employed or work in small business? Or perhaps she usually works for government organisations?
    This distinction will help with your communication and marketing.

  16. Hey Susan that is a great Avatar. She is so clear I can almost see her. I’m curious about what product or service you provide (or intend to) for your Avatar?
    Also, she say she always worked before having children. I’m curious if her work was in a leadership position, part of a team, low skilled or high skilled? You may not need to have that detail but I’m asking you these questions to see if they trigger any ideas for you.

  17. Hi Janet,
    Thank you for your response to my Avatar. You do pose tricky questions don’t you? I struggle with who will pay for my services? I think the women in the corporate world would and the government department workers are less likely. As a business woman starting out, do you think I should go for the ones that are more likely to pay for services? Clearly I need to do a bit more research. If I targetted Government workers, will my copy, more directed to them, help them see the need for support and therefore want to engage my services?

  18. Susan Sweeney says:

    Hey Janet,
    Thanks for the feed back. It did make me think about my Avatar a bit more, so I think to answer the question on what job she did before her children came along it would be in corporate business perhaps in management and definately as part of a team. This area still feels a little fuzzy so I think my research needs to find this out.!

    I would like to offer business services pretty similar to your service Janet in the U.K. I’m putting together a business plan which includes a way of getting our Ausie and American sisters involved over here. The Gold plus programme is still on my list for the month
    of October, you may remember talking to me about this.
    Cheers Susan.

  19. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for the feedback, I have gone back and look over my ideas etc and this is what I have come up with. My avatar is an art teacher working in the secondary school system. She is aged between 30 and 40. She loves art and is passionate about teaching but has a young family and wants to cut back on her professional life to focus on her family life. She is not interested in climbing the career ladder and may work job share or part time so that she can be there for her children. She still feels like a full time commitment outside of work is needed for professional preparation, lesson plans, marking and sourcing resources so she is not falling behind at work. Her greatest frustration is the school hierarchy, in trying to complete all that they are asking of her as well as still creating interesting, creative lessons for the kids. She belongs to several professional associations and will pay reasonable memberships which are tax deductable for her profession. She is required to attend a certain number of hours in professional development as part of her teaching practice but finds the school does not always have the time or the budget to send her out for new ideas. She enjoys attending professional development courses and is keen to learn about new materials and discuss new ways of looking at themes. She integrates technology into her lessons and spends time looking for new and interesting resources to encourage greater student interaction. She would like to receive more acknowledgement for her contribution to the school community and would like to have the time to focus more on the creative side of the subject rather than the administrative side.

  20. Hi Janet

    Here goes for my property development avatar:

    Kate is a confident & independent woman in her 40’s who has a keen interest in creating wealth through property investing. She has a very good income to support her investments and is ready to find her next investment property. Kate keeps her finger on the pulse with all things property and suspects that there are better opportunities that may give her greater returns than she is currently receiving. However, Kate is not sure what they are or where she may be able to tap into them as her friends and family are not that interested in exploring anything different. Kate is searching for something a bit more exciting that will offer her an above average return for her investment dollars, while allowing her to expand her knowledge and choices. Kate believes that she may be able to retire earlier than planned with greater income if she can find the right person or people to help her.

  21. Hi Janet

    I’m just back from a lovely mini-break where I purposefully decided not to think about the work that I do but on the kind of potential client email contact I would love to come back to. I’ve realised that the way I was thinking before could never have been condensed into an avatar as my service offerings are just too broad. My mindset has been on taking on small pieces of work without really thinking about how I could turn that work into a longer term project or client. I narrowed my thinking into what I really love to do best, so after due consideration and a long bath, I have come up with my avatar.

    My Avatar, John, is 50 years of age and has been running his own offline service-based business for the last 20 years. He has become aware that the number of new clients he expects each month are dropping because they are now automatically looking for what they need online. He put a small website together a couple of years ago but really has no clue how to promote his business online properly. He has tried all the usual methods of marketing such as a yellow pages and newspaper advertising but has little to no return on his investments so far. He knows that if he doesn’t turn around the number of new clients coming onto his books, his business could soon be in trouble.

    John is a member of the local business networking group and has become very interested in marketing his business online using some of the methods he has heard other business owners talk about, like social media marketing and having a ‘blog’. He doesn’t know how to do any of this or how it works but certainly understands the importance of building a relationship with people – after all, this is why his current clients keep coming back to him.

  22. Hi Janet

    Here ya go:

    My Avatar, Ruth, is between 45 and 60. She has children who are in school, college or close to leaving home. She is a professional in that she has education or experience in a career. She may or may not have access to income other than her current position. At a time when she was looking forward to lifestyle freedom, more time to pursue her interests, and more time to travel, her life has been significantly impacted by eldercare demands. Aging parents or grandparents, now look to her for care, shelter, life solutions, and/or financial support. She is overwhelmed with how much there is to learn and where to start. She is also overwhelmed by the major decisions, difficult conversations, and legal choices she must make. She is frustrated by the changes to her life and the competing needs of children, spouse and elders. She feels guilty that at times she resents having to parent a parent or an in-law. She is creative and adept at multi-tasking, but rarely takes time for herself. With the average responsibility for care giving increasing to 10 years, she knows that once her elder’s resources are depleted, she will have more difficult choices to make. She needs information about care giving techniques, medical care alternatives, assisted living alternatives, necessary legal documents, and available support systems. She would also benefit from a good coach and more joy in her life. She wants to plan so her own children do not become responsible for her care in the future.

  23. Thanks for this opportunity to learn and share Janet. Keep up the good work.

    My Avatar June is aged between 35 and 55. She had a dysfunctional childhood, possibly quite a traumatic one, but she has managed to gain many of the trappings of a “successful life”. She either has a good job (that she doesn’t really love) or a partner with a good income, so she now has a few more options than when she was younger. Because of her childhood she feels a bit broken and alone, but the outward signs might just be that she is easily knocked off course emotionally by small things and her relationships are not as good as they could be. She is ready for change! She wants to loosen the hold of past emotions/experiences on her present so that she can feel happier in herself and be able to move forward from a calm and centred place. She wants to step into her power and discover her gifts and talents so that she can transition to a job that she will LOVE. She wants better relationships and more of the right sort of people in her life, people that will support her and encourage her. She wants to experience happiness and joy (not just pain and the absence of pain).

  24. Hi Janet

    I have been rebranding me and who and what my market is and loved the avatar concept- I also have found that through this exercise and others I have been doing that I wasn’t following my passion.

    Product is The Emergings Experience” your “Journey to Freedom” – includes the book “emergings-a meditation on the emotions of change”, movie, spinoffs, related products, high level coaching.

    My avatar is a :

    “Change Warrior” in hiding (ready to come out/ready to emerge) Maybe I’ll call her Charley
    Female (48), professional
    Knows what success feels like and wants more
    Doesn’t want to tolerate a mediocre existence – wants to stand out from the crowd.
    Currently stuck
    Creative/Spiritual (artist, author) knows they have a message to take to the world
    Wants to Make a Difference
    Successful in her life but not fulfilled
    Passion has gone out of her life
    Loves traveling and desires a business that allows the freedom to work anywhere
    Single or In a supportive relationship and partner supporting her journey to freedom
    Knows she has to do something else to be able to make a difference to her life and in the world – knows she has to tap into her creativity and passion so she can be both empowered and fulfilled.

  25. Hey Leanne. Yep I like asking tricky questions. Mainly because it gets you thinking outside the box. The reason I asked this one is you will need to think about how you will find your target market. If they are still in employment somewhere that may help you work out how to find them now. For example, if targeting corporate, you may find that they tend to go to certain networking events that have a mixture of corporate and business owners. You can then either attend these events, or submit articles to their magazines, web sites etc and introduce your self to the people who own them. And of course join as a member. An example is Australian Business Women’s network or Biz Chicks as they tend to have a mix of both.
    Yep, once you have an idea that you are passionate about, there is a demand for, then you want to make sure your target market has a history of paying.

  26. Hey Susan of course I remember our conversation. Her previous employment may not be important but I ask you that question to get you thinking. I think one of the things you may want to think about, is bringing in geography. Mainly to differentiate yourself from other who are providing services you can tap into. So maybe one of your Avatar’s frustrations is that everything is US centric when it comes to learning about the Internet and there are few great conference in the UK. She is keen to meet other women in the UK who are on the same path and be part of a community? Does that help?

  27. Hey Lee you’re getting closer. From this I’m imagining you wish to provide training programs for art teachers so they can be better and more fulfilled? I suggest you spend some time surveying your target market (online and offline) to get a real feel for what they want and also, very importantly, what they will pay for.You’re close but we need to find the thing that is keeping them awake at night so much they would pay for a solution.

  28. Fran – spot on. I think you’ve got it nailed girl.

  29. Hey that’s great Karen. Amazing what a bath can do. I can see how your Avatar will be easy to identify when you meet him. A couple of questions to get you thinking further (you may need to run a bath).
    How big is John’s business? Think in terms of number of employees or perhaps turnover. Who would you like to work with.
    I ask this as it will effect your product offerings and prices. For example, if John is a one-man-band he will be looking for solutions that are low coast but also that come with you doing a lot of the service delivery through a maintenance package. If he has staff already, he may be looking for solutions that come with a training package so you can support his staff and keep everything in-house.
    I’d also be thinking about what advertising he already does. For example, he may be someone who already spends hundreds or thousands per month on newspaper ads (so you would use comparison of prices in your marketing). Anyway….just a few things to get you thinking.

  30. Kris your Avatar is very clear and I imagine, staying awake at night thinking of how to get help. Interesting you said she would benefit from a coach and I don’t imagine this is something many in this situation would think. They may be thinking they want to find a place with all the answers and someone they can trust. I say this because it may challenge the solution you had in mind. They may need a coach but maybe they need a reliable and caring place online to get great advice.

  31. Hey Karen. Your Avatar seems quite clear. The challenge here is thinking what things she will be searching for online so you can easily find her. So the challenge is to think re what she may be looking for. She may not identify herself with her crap childhood so may not be looking for things such as “get over the pain and move forward”. She may be looking for things such as new career, new relationships etc.
    Often it is a case of attracting people to you with what they want, then give them what they need! It would be interesting to survey your target market and find where they hang out and what their searching habits are.

  32. Suzie what you have described seems to me to be someone who is a leader but doesn’t know it yet. It may well be the way you find her is when she investigates things that leaders do. Eg, how to write a book, how to be the go-to person in your niche, how to interview people (interestingly, my Passion to profits program at , which is about positioning yourself as the go-to person through expert interviews, attracts many people who have real leadership qualities, even though they may not have recognised this in themselves yet).
    I mention this as this may help you refine your avatar further and help you decide which products to offer first. For example, does she want to achieve change-agent status by creating her won business?

  33. And the winners are……….
    Randomly chosen (by my kids) winners of my book:
    Betty Smith
    Linky Muller
    Susan Sweeney.
    Congrats girls and thanks so much for getting involved. Can you please email me with the address you would like me to post your book to. (It can be to you or to a friend if you want to send them a gift).

    And the winner of the clearest Avatar….Oh man this is tough. There were a few here that are just brilliant. But for today, the winner is Karen Thompson as I can see Karen that this was a new exercise for you to do and your Avatar is very clear. I know with the 30 minute bonus mentoring we will nail it and also work how how to find him and also rough out your product offerings. We can get through a lot in 30 minutes when you are so clear on your offering. Can you please email me and Laura will set up a time for your prize call.

    Thanks so much to all of you and congrats on the work you have done here. now I’m going to go and work a bit more on my Avatar!

  34. Thanks Janet!

    This is fantastic – will email you tomorrow to set up a time and will think further based on the comments you made before we talk.

    This will be such a boost for me.


  35. Susan Sweeney says:

    Hey Janet,

    I can’t wait to read your book, this is great and I’m delighted,
    thank you so much…

  36. Fabulous exercise. Thanks for the great feedback, Janet. It is spot on. I am in the process of setting up s wordpress site to do just that. Have an abundant day!

  37. Janet,
    That is fantastic feed back thank you- Interesting I have started to interview Spiritual Authors and getting asked to do more. I like your idea of refinement and i can see by the people ( men and women) I have interviewed so far they are definatly change agents.

    I appreciate you


  38. Thanks for encouraging me do this Janet!

    My Avatar is seeking a safe alternative and is willing to do whatever she needs to do to overcome cancer. She is from 40 to 65 years of age. She is scared enough to know that she needs to make some serious changes. She is also excited about the possibilities of the empowerment that comes with healing herself. Her health is important to her and she has made attempts to change to a more natural way of living. Her biggest frustrations are that she is pulled by different forces, doctors, family members and friends, but her intuition is ‘screaming’ at her to use alternative methods. (This is taken directly from a comment!) She is also tired of hearing conflicting information and doesn’t know who to trust. She has some knowledge about the damaging effects of chemotherapy and radiation and she prefers a more natural way of healing, but still she is not confident in making decisions about what to do to heal. She believes others have cured themselves, and she needs reassurance that she will be able to do the same. She needs guidance and unbiased information. She understands the value of products and information that improve her understanding and educate her on the best ways to heal herself.

    I do have a second Avatar who is younger and has had family members or friends die from cancer and treatments. This Avatar can be a man or woman. SHe is from 28 to 35 years of age. SHe wants to be sure that SHe doesn’t get cancer and will do whatever it takes to stay safe, even if that means eating more raw food and less junk! SHe is willing and excited to learn about new healing recipes and is interested in cleansing, making herbal medicines and going more natural. SHe also understands the value of products and information that improve understanding and educate on the best ways to live a safe and healthy life. SHe looks forward to a life without disease. SHer biggest fears are not knowing enough to prevent cancer and in getting cancer. SHer biggest frustration is in the mountains of conflicting information and not knowing who to trust.

    I hope its okay to have two Avatars?

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