How to Stay Positive All Day Even When the S#*T Hits the Fan


Do you have days when you start out with great intentions to be productive, focused and happy but then someTHING or someONE throws you off track? You can find yourself annoyed, distracted, irritated or simply just vague and day-dreaming (my default state to be honest).

Well here’s a home truth: don’t blame anyone else for your emotions today. It is all up to you.

In this video, shot live on Facebook a few days ago, I share no-fluff
strategies to take control, including:

  1. WHY it is essential you accept responsibility for your own emotions NOW
  2. The first step you need to do every morning and then repeat a few times each day (do this exercise for about 15 seconds each morning and watch your intuition increase)
  3. Inspirational ways to set your daily Emotional Intention
  4. Why you need to write your Emotional Intention – anywhere
  5. The concept of The Celebration Box
  6. The connection between Puerto Rico, Past Janet and Easter Eggs.

I’d love to hear your tips for staying positive, focused and happy each day. Just drop a comment below or message me on Facebook or email. I’d love to hear your wisdom.




Hi everybody! Janet Beckers here. Let’s just hope that my internet is working really well today because that does tend to be the biggest issue that I have with creating Facebook Live, so fingers crossed!

I share with you some really good tips on how to stay positive. You know even when the shit hits the fan so if you find that you might start the day with an intention to really be productive to make the most of it to enjoy what you’re doing and then things happen during the day. I could start as easy as when we get up in the morning and something doesn’t quite go right. You know, the alarm didn’t go off or you know you hop in the shower and somebody else has used all hot water or there’s no milk for your cup of tea or coffee. Simple things like that to during the day when you might have problems with technology or you get bogged down or you know you might get distractions is a big thing. Or even if you’re having clients you know that things even working with them and things don’t go quite right or or you know it could be people that you’re working with. All those sorts of things can really really rattle your day. But you do not need to let them happen. So if you ever feel as if your day is getting unraveled and you start it off with great intentions but it just is you can’t keep that momentum that joy that productivity. Well that’s what I’m going to help you with today.

This is a big thing that a quite a few years ago, when I first really started getting very in tune with my emotions with doing a little personal development. So it’s a story about the mastery of that mindset and personal development that came with me being able to kill myself of a long term illness that have you walking with a walking stick and very very sick to now you know, loving life! You know, being a runner, being anything else that uses your legs, like swimmers all those sorts of things. So now that’s where I became fascinated with the power of my mindet and my whole life and my health over everything. And I start developing techniques to be able to give me control over what was happening about my own subconscious. So, that’s my story of why I stopped becoming interested in this.

Now let me talk to you about why you should be interested in this as well. Because if you’re just saying an entrepreneur- you’re in business like I am. You can have a vague day but you cannot afford to have a vague week. In business that’s a whole, you know, a quarter of your month that you are responsible for growing your business, keeping it going. And if your spacing out, if you’re allowing things to irritate you, you’re not going to be productive. Your profit, your profitability in your business will just plummet. Now if you’re fortunate like I am and how I work with my clients you know it’s around creating a business that gives you joy that gives you the lifestyle that you want and allow you to make a difference to really enjoy what you’re doing so you could find yourself that you’re going “You know what? Here I was thinking I was going to be having “I love what I’m doing in my business. And I’m having a crap day, I am not happy. I’m not enjoying this. Forget this, I’m going to get a job.” You know what? You don’t want that.

And then you can also be bringing that over into your family life. If you have got, you know, your family you might have children, you might have a spouse, you might have friends that are around or you might have a dog. Whatever it is, but if you’re angry you just want to kick that dog. If you’re getting cranky, you’re snapping at your family. You can’t be present. Well you know it’s you. You’re the person that’s got control over this. So it has nothing to do with how you got out of bed, nothing to do with distractions, nothing to do with all the people around you. It is all up to you baby. You’ve got control of this. You’ve got this. So let’s look at how you can do that. I took a few notes that I wouldn’t forget to tell you the things here.

One of the first things you want to do is you need to actually be in tune with yourself. So just take a few seconds to just center to yourself and go you know what? How am I feeling today? You know-feel. How do I feel in my gut how I feel. How do I feel in my shoulders are they tight? How am I feeling when I’m anticipating what I’m going to be doing today? Am I feeling irritated? Am I feeling enthusiastic and looking forward to this am I feeling like I’m just go throw heaps of energy I’m on fire baby! Or are you feeling- I’m just feeling calm, chill. Be more in touch rather than just “Am i feeling stressed or not feeling stressed?” Get really in tune with what is your energy feel like that day? What is your emotion feeling like today? So that’s where you start. And you’re going to re-check in that a few times during the day. So that’s where you start number one.

Now I want you to think that “You know what, for what I have planned to do today, what is the kind of emotion and energy that will benefit me the most as I go about my day? Is today a really good day?” For example for me I’ve been setting up Facebook ads today. It’s a very methodical thing. Once you worked that creative side of it,it’s very methodical. That is not my comfort zone.But- I have a goal: I’m going to totally being really good at Facebook ads. It’s something I really want to master. So I’m determined to do it and I know that it’s not my natural strength so I made my emotional state today to be: CALM. I’m bringing calmness to everything that I do. I am bringing a sense of persistence. And when things don’t go right you know that will happen. But I will be calm, see why Facebook says they won’t accept that one. That’s my emotions, so if I’m finding myself getting irritated I come back, today is about calm methodical progress that I bring those emotions, that kind of person that is very calm and methodical. So think about what is it you need for that. You might have a day where you need to be on fire- aim for that.

I’m going to be an energy, I’m going to be dynamic. Stand back world! That’s the energy that I will bring if I’m really running doing teaching, if I am working with my clients, especially when I’m running a retreat or workshops-on fire. You know there might be other energies that you need to bring into what you do. Sometimes the energy that I need to bring into things is just to imbue absolutely everything I do with love that energy of love coming to everything that I’m doing. To be honest I actually use it every single thing I do. But some days that’s where I just want to live and breathe.

So number 1, be totally in tune first of all with how you are feeling. Number 2, you decide the emotional state that is best for you to serve you for that day. Make a decision on what it’s going to be.

Now number three is record it somewhere. You want to be able to not just decide what that emotional state is but you want to be able to verbalize it in some way. What I do is I either put them on my whiteboard scribble it up there. Or am I on a piece of paper or days where I know that I really need to get focused today I think I need some kind of accountability, I’ll put it on Facebook. So if ever I go back to Facebook during the day is a bit of a work distraction, I will see it and it will remind me. So write it somewhere.

Now if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to come up with what your “emotional intention” is today, here’s a few things to give you inspiration. I was given a gorgeous gift by one of my wonderful web leaders Sandra Fleming. And with these teabags, each one has its own little label attached and so they got things here like “find something that you love and do it every day” “Be bold be brave” “Be the change that you want to see in the world” So these are the kind of things that can really help you to come up with an idea. It might be this one here for example “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new” from Albert Einstein. So you know these are that would give me, you know, I’m bringing the emotional intention of stepping out of my comfort zone. So you might find inspiration in something like that or just put them in this little bag.

You might just look for inspiring quotes, look for inspiring images, heavens, there’s enough of them on Facebook and on Instagram. Have a look for the ones you can’t work out for yourself, if it’s just not obvious to you. One that I’ve been doing in the last week is I go down to the beach nearly every morning. Either driving pass there on my way home from swimming or running down there. I’ll take photos of the beach. I love seeing the beach and the last week I’ve been taking inspiration from it, it was pounding one day so you know I’m going to be strong and relentless so the next day it was gentle but you know I’m going to that bring energy and rhythm into everything I do today. So whatever works for you. Look for some inspiration.

Now the next thing you want do is, as I said, you want to document that somehow. This is the reason why this is important: throughout the day things are going to happen. You might find yourself aching out, going to the water cooler. So you might be going to work virtual or Coola or you might be getting irritated or cranky so it could be a vagueness thing or it could be an irritation thing. Again you need to just send to yourself when you have your breaks which you need to be making sure you do it every time you have your break. Ask yourself how you’re feeling? What’s my emotion today? And if it’s not what you set at the beginning of the day that was going to be your emotional intention recenter that. That’s why I say you need to write it somewhere so that you can go back and remind us of what your emotional intention was. Come back to that, because baby you’re in control. You’re not going to let circumstances outside of you dictate how you will be approaching your life.

So a lot of times people ask “Janet, you always seem so upbeat and positive. That can’t be real” The reality is, it is how I am because I have made that choice, that decision. That I’m in control of what kind of emotions I’m going to feel. And I make that decision about what’s the most useful emotion for me to have today or in this moment and I’ll make that decision “That’s what I’ll do” and I focus. I’m not a person who will meditate for ages. But if I can’t feel that emotion, I will take that moment and just sit quietly and really imagine and visualize it through my whole body. What is that emotion? Do this and you are not going to allow things out of your control to dictate what kind of day you have. You can choose that when even if you’re doing like I am today doing Facebook ads and something methodical and boring. You can choose to be able to say at the end of the day “I enjoyed the day. I was joyful. I kicked ass because I was productive. I stuck with it.” So if you can’t say that at the end of the day, reflect back for where you went off track.

I love to hear from you. I know that most people will be watching this as a recording. So I that’s totally cool. I love Facebook live so that at least I can be talking to you now and then it will be around for ever for afterwards he come back and visit this. I’d love to hear from you, share down below tips that you’ve got that allow you to control your emotions for the day. Just seeing if there was anything else I want to check with you.

Another important thing and this will be for another one. I’ve actually done posts for this. So I have this gorgeous box that I bought from Vieques island in the Caribbean. And here is where I put all these little pieces of paper with rewards for myself and I decide beforehand if something is going to be deep into the celebration box and then I will choose this or this one here: Margaritas with your man. Great idea for a Friday night. So yeah, there’s a lot of different things that I’ll go into more detail. This is actually a central part of this, with all my clients is dipping in celebration box baby. Because you can be the one that’s deciding that you’re going to celebrate certain things that are important to you. Those little milestones along the way. So again it’s taking control of your emotions your and your experience of what’s happening. Love to hear from you see you down below. Bye!


  1. Ah ha! Thanks Janet. I am seeing this more and more. I had been thinking over the last few days I would like a definition of setting an emotional intention. I can tie this in with my gratefulness and empowering beliefs.

  2. Great post Janet. Mindset is so critically important in all aspects of our lives. It’s being aware of when that ‘voice’ starts to sabotage or distract you that you need some mechanism (like you’ve described here) to bring us back on track.

  3. Thank you for this lovely tips Janet. There are always going to be times when you feel like you could have done things differently. Dwelling on the what if drags you down and keeps you in that rut. We all have that “could have been” feeling. As tempting as it may seem to think about, you have to remind yourself that you are trying to move on. Do not let your mind wander down memory lane too far. This is a drain on your energy and gets you no where.

    Cheers then

  4. Thanks for your comment Margaret. For this exact reason we have banned the phrase “should have” in our home and replace it with “could have”

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