#250 [Web TV] The 1 Mile Business Strategy


Have you ever set yourself a goal in your business or personal life that stretched you so much that you found yourself spiralling into overwhelm?

If the answer to that question is “no” then, as an entrepreneur, I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself as you are either super-humanly chilled or thinking and acting small!

Anyway, back to the overwhelm and big goals…….

I have 2 big goals I’ve been focusing on recently.

One is a business goal that requires a lot of work but I’m super excited to bring to fruition. The other is a fitness goal as I learn to be a runner.

I’ve really hit a few walls with these goals and each wall has challenged me to NOT give up, NOT find a way over it, but instead to find a simple way to step AROUND it.

The one that has really unblocked me I call the “1 mile strategy”.

In this short video, shared after my run along the beach, I share:

  • WHAT the 1 mile strategy is
  • WHY it is important, and
  • HOW to implement it yourself.

Plus I show you around Terrigal Beach near my home 🙂

P.S. If you have a friend or colleague who is stretching themselves out of their comfort zone, please pass this video on to them.



Hi and welcome, Janet Beckers here! Today, I’m going to talk to you about the 1K Club, and what is the 1K Club look like for you in your life and your business. So let me explain what it means.

I’m down here at beautiful Terrigal Beach, Australia. Have a look here behind me at this beautiful view and this is where I go running with a girlfriend every week. We meet here and I’ve been on a mission to be able to run 5Ks in 30 minutes and I’m not naturally a runner, but I get a lot of joy from it. And it’s been a goal I’ve been working at for a while and I keep on getting stumped. You know I just can’t seem to… even do the 5k. So, something’s been mentally stopping me and I’ve just recently become friends with a friend of a friend who has been a running coach and she totally changed the way I look at things. And instead of trying to do 5Ks, I’m focusing on doing 1K and doing it really well. And once I’ve done that 1K, then I’m focusing on doing 2Ks and that’s what I’m up to now. Focusing on doing 2Ks and doing that really well. And interestingly this has just mentally unblocked me. I have found it so much easier to go further with less Ks and more joy. 

So this is also something that I’m bringing over to my business. This morning I had a accountability call with a gorgeous girlfriend of mine, we meet once a week to hold each other accountable to that businesses and mastermind. And I have a big project that I was working for that was overwhelming me. And we ended up applying the same principle to, okay, it’s kind of like the equivalent of the 1k of this project and we worked out what that was, and I’m so excited now I can’t wait to go back and put it all in place because I know it’s going to help a lot of people. And it’s so much more doable and it’s all a step forward.

Now the thing is this is not a new concept. This is something that you know I do consciously in my business, but it’s very easy to forget, isn’t it? You know about you know overwhelming yourself with those big goals. So, it’s a really really good reminder. It’s been just what I needed this week and I’m seeing those parallels in my business and with my running goals.

So my question to you is what’s the equivalent for you of your 1k in your business, or maybe your fitness goals, or something else that’s happening in your life? I’d like to challenge you to look at everything you’re doing and if you’re feeling any sense of overwhelm, or wondering why you perhaps are not being as productive as you know that you could be. Have a look and see where’s the 1K for you. So, where is your 1 kilometer?

So I’d love to hear from you. Does this concept work for you, and what’s your 1 kilometer? What works for you? So just leave those comments down below. I’ll just let you have another beautiful look behind me. Here we go, Terrigal Beach. What a pretty place. And I shall show you up here behind me. There is Terrigal Surf Club and that’s where I booked out the whole of that top floor for my wonderful web leaders when we have our retreats. We’ve got one more coming up in October. So, yeah right on the beach. Nice spot here. Okay, bye!


  1. Yes I’m in overwhelm!!! U’ll work out the 1k goal – thanks 🙂

  2. supposed to be I’ll work out the 1k goal – sorry

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