Sweat Equity and The Internet Dream

Are you familiar with the Internet Dream?

You know, the one of lying on the beach, hanging out in cafe’s and doing very little while the money gets deposited in the bank? I’ve made a short video for you explaining why this is absolute rubbish and sharing with you a simple concept that means you CAN live the Internet Dream.

Be warned though..you’ll either love this idea or totally hate it.

I’d love to hear your comments. Just eave them below or over here at Youtube.




  1. Congratulations Janet for telling it like it really is. For years now internet marketers have been pushing the make millions overnight dream when the reality is the same as every other business – you have to put in the hard yards and work your butt off.
    The industry is full of people who over promise and under deliver and it is not easy to find advisers/consultants in this field who have integrity and who can really help grow your business the way you want to without having to pay thousands of dollars in upfront fees.

  2. Thanks Janet for ‘being real’. There are SO many marketers out there that are making millions just ‘selling a dream’ to innocent people. Whether its selling them the ‘Ebook’ selling concept; real estate ‘options’ with no money down; Online share trading; through to training them to be life coaches @ $20,000 per course and everything in between……and they ALL say the same spiel: Imagine sipping cocktails by the pool; making money while you sleep…blah, blah, blah…what a load of rubbish. We know many people that have spent thousands with these so-called ‘Passive Income Gurus’ and have LOST a lot of money…..it’s no wonder these ‘Gurus’ all know each other and put on ‘selling’ events together …because they have SO much in common….but I won’t comment about what I think their similarities are:)

  3. Janet,

    Thank you for being so real and telling it like it is. As I always tell people, it takes a lot of work up front to actually make money while you sleep. Unfortunately that’s not the story always told, and I do agree that many people have unrealistic expectations. The good news is, if you love what you’re doing, you don’t mind putting in that sweat equity – it’s actually fun. And if you set up your business smart and right from the start, it is something that builds over time and that does pay off in big dividends down the road.

    Great advice as always Janet. Thanks for not being afraid to tell it like it is!


  4. Hi Janet,

    Hey thanks for the gravatar thingo.

    And thanks for your honesty with the sweat equity concept. Yes I have put in the late hours and now there is a stream of “passive” income. The next step is to turn that stream into a raging current…bring it on.

    Not quite sure what the next step is right now but I am sure the answer will present itself before too long.

    I have put in a lot of time, effort and angst over quite a long period of time, more than three years in fact and am eager for the next breakthrough that lifts me above this plateau. So your encouragement is well received. Thanks.

  5. Being right in the middle of the sweat equity building stage, I know you are spot-on about this Janet. I’m confident it will pay off in the end because of my passion and because I am publishing information that helps people (parents) with ‘stuff’ we all need help with. Glad you had a lovely anniversary weekend in Sydney!

  6. Hi Janet
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend. many more surprises like that for your two.
    Thanks for giving us a little bit of yourself every time you make your video blogs.
    It helps me to focus and keep going.

  7. Yes, Janet!
    There is no Easy Button in Internet Marketing, even though we would love there to be. I like the term “sweat equity” – I haven’t been afraid of a little hard work. It means I’ve put in my time, sweat and tears, and now have something tangible to show for it. It’s taken time to do all those things you mentioned in your video, and now I can reap the rewards of (some) passive income while on vacation.


  8. This is such a refreshing message! There are lots of people to learn from as you’re growing your business – but no conference, no guide, no book is going to short cut you past putting in the hard work to build your business.

    As a virtual assistant I am both building my business and working with many online entrepreneurs. Far too many of my clients grow frustrated very quickly and try to chase the next “quick fix” business idea.

    I also love Debbie LaChusa’s comment – some of the hard work should be fulfilling and fun if you’re doing something you really love. Keeping your eye on your goals and loving your work will get you through those frustrating moments.

  9. Wow, Janet. Thanks for presenting this just at the right moment for me! I have been questioning what I have been doing, as it is not generating the ‘passive income stream in 3 days’ that all the courses/gurus I have subscribed to, say it will, and I thought I was doing something wrong. It’s nice to know I am in the ‘sweat equity’ stage and I should trust the comments from clients to know I am on the right track! AND what I am doing is actually very fulfilling, with the fun part, travelling the north of WA every six months seeing clients and getting a change of scenery! I now know I need to focus on my goals and keep putting the systems in place – and delete those ‘quick fix’ emails!!

  10. Hey thanks so much for your comments. I know I still get seduced by the occassional offer that comes through promising an easier way forward in business. I think it’s a natural thing to do and at times when you feel a bit tired it is easy to think this is all too hard. Usually you feel like this JUST before you are about to reach a threshold and things start working. Deb I so agree with you that it should be fun and it will be if you are passionate about what you do. I think that’s why I really resonate with your approach to business. Actually that is one of my not-negotiables in business (to see what I mean just search on non negotiables in the search thingo at the top there and you’ll see my post on this). If it’s not fun I don’t want to play! Of course it’s not all giggles, after all anything that pushes you out of your comfort zone doesn’t feel funny all the time. But overall business should make you feel good about yourself.

  11. Hey Yvette I just want to acknowledge your comment about you know your work helps people. Just like your customers are telling you too Beatrice. This is the number one thing in business. You need to be providing value. It’s a really good indicator of your business will succeed if you can see objectively that you are adding great value to people that they were not getting before. Of course, they need to place enough importance on that value to pay you for it as well!

  12. Hi Janet

    Thanks for the great video message and the location is stunning. I shall visit Darling Harbour once my sweat equity pays off. My daughter and I are in the middle of building our new internet business and yes it is hard to do this whilst your real life goes on and other people are demanding a piece of you. I keep saying to my family that this stage won’t last for ever and then you will have my attention not 24/7 but more than they have now. Sweat equity will give me the opportunity to live the life I crave and that’s why my new venture will be successful. I too get inundated with “make millions in the blink of an eye” and I too am tempted sometimes. The reality is that they don’t work except for the guys who are fooling you. Have a great summer all of you in Australia!

  13. You know I don’t think a lot of the people who seem to promise easy riches intend to rip people off. Often I think THEY devalue the framework for their business they have created and they also know reality won’t sell. And often they may say in their message “you still have to work” but many people choose to ignore the parts of the message they don’t want to hear and focus on the dream.
    I think the consumer has to accept responsibility for using their brain and their common sense. For example, if creating a business around ebooks is being sold as an opportunity (which works)and you see they talk about researching the book, writing it, making a site and advertsing you just have to use your common sense to see that there is an effort involved in achieving the steps.
    Acknowledging sweat equity means acknowledging personal responsibility and the opposite of buying the promise of riches without effort is just abdicating responsibility.
    This is something I feel quite strongly about and could rant on for ages. Instead though, you can read a popular post I wrote here about my fridge. Just search up the top for fridge and you’ll see what i mean 🙂

  14. Gurl! I am sweatin’ in Texas, but I know it will be worth it. Thank you for layin’ on the line for us, Janet, you rock!And you know what else? I like to sweat.

  15. Hi Janet,
    Yet again you show your honesty and we love it!!!! I think I’m over ‘bright shiny light syndrome’ and hope for the many others out there that are trying to build online (or offline) businesses that they get over that too. A shiny light will eventually go out after all, so a more sustainable low glow at the start, then warms up lamp is a much better option.
    I’m sweating in Sydney, in my office at home, when I really would rather be reading my book – but it will be worth it in the end.
    As another gorgeous Kiwi once said “it won’t heppen over night, but it will heppen”.

  16. Janet, this is so true, as with anything in life you have to work hard to get the results you want. The thing i’m not sure about is do you ever get the lifestyle balance and in the end can you really only work when you want? It seems like the dream but then very few people seem to be doing it, certainly not the ones teaching it?

    • Good point Natalie about do people actually ever work when they want. I reckon the big catch is personal drive. Even if you COULD work less hours and sit on the beach etc, quite often as entrepreneurs we get excited about the next big project and throw ourselves into it. I suppose the test is, do people actively work in successful businesses because they WANT to or because they NEED to? I know when I seek out mentors, I always look at their lifestyle. I don’t care if they are working 100 hours per week as long as I can see that is their value and not the business model ties them into having to do that. For eg, I seriously considered mentorship from a man who I greatly respect for his industry knowledge (by the way to continue to succeed you always need to have mentors in your life, no matter how successful you are). I decided against working with him because his business model meant he was committed to half hour coaching calls,back to back, 3 days per week all day. Great for the customers but to me he was modelling an unleveraged business and I didn’t want that influence in my business. However, if he was working those hours creating new programs because he WANTED to, I would have been more attracted.

  17. Thanks for this video Janet – It’s a very timely reminder! I am starting to feel like I have run out of energy, and maybe staying where I am is going to be easier. Maybe in the short term, but my dream really is to be able to have flexibility in my life, and my regular job doesn’t allow for that.

    Thanks for the reminder that I need to put the sweat in to be able to take it out later


    • That’s a good point about running out of energy Gail. It’s OK to have times of frantic activity and times where you really lay low and get your energy back. I do this every January and always come back full of focus and enthusiasm. The trick is to give yourself a time to return to full focus again, like the end of a holiday. I usually find I’m itching to get back into it before the date arrives I’ve set.

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