#251 [Web TV] Financial DEFENCE Or OFFENCE?


In this week’s video (under 4 minutes) I challenge you to a mind flip.

Have you ever found yourself in that chicken-and-egg scenario of wanting to invest in software, coaching, training or a new staff member but not having the cash flow to pay for it?

You know the investment will help you to grow your business, but frustratingly, you need to grow your business to have the cash flow to pay for the thing that……..will help you grow your business!

Aaarrrgggghhh! I get it!

In this short video I share:
1. The difference between defence and offence when it comes to financial decisions in your business
2. Who can’t act in the offence
3. The unique advantage of entrepreneurs
4. Examples of defence and offence scenarios
5. The question to ask yourself to create the flip

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and if you need help flipping your approach and getting better results, then we need to talk 🙂

P.S. If you have a friend in business who is struggling with the whole chicken-and-egg thing, please pass this video onto them.



Hello and welcome! Janet Beckers here and I have a bit of a mindset flip around for you today. My question to you is are you working on the financial defence or the financial offence? Are you been reactive? Or proactive? So let me explain what I mean.

You see the majority of people in the world have to work on the defence, the financial defence, because they are getting a set amount of money per week because they’re earning a salary. And so when it comes to an expense, even if they know that’s going to help them to make more money in the long run, really they’ve only have a set amount that they can do. So they have to really- their expenses are going to be narrowed. As an entrepreneur you have the unique ability that’s different to most other people. In there you can go “I have this expense. You know what. What can I do that’s going to be bringing in that money through my business so that I can cover that expense?” That’s a completely different way of looking at it, isn’t it?

So let me give you examples. You may have some software that you might want to be using that has a monthly fee that you know if you had that, it’s going to help you to automate your business and grow it. But at the moment, it’s going to be taking extra stuff out of your cash flow. Or you might have a program that you really want to invest in because it’s going to give you the skills and education to be able to take your business to the next level. Or a mentor, or a coach who’s been there, done that. But you know if you can work with them you will get ahead faster. It might very well be that you want to bring in a new staff member to free you up so that you can actually work in your side of excellence and get them to do the stuff that really drains your energy, but is important to get done. These are a few very typical examples of decisions you’ve been making in your business.

Very often you will look at what you’ve got. And we all have had those moments, those chicken and eggs, where you’re going “Oh! If I only had the cash flow or the money there to be able to invest in that. Then I know that my business will be able to scale faster and I’ll be able to get more freedom, more income. But I don’t have the cash flow, I can’t get ahead. But until I can get ahead I won’t have the cash flow.” You know, chicken and egg, chicken and egg.

So my question to you then is: If you want to be able to cover that expense because you know it’s going to help you grow, what can you do right now? What’s your fastest path to money that is going to help you to be able to bring in just that right amount of money. Now I’m not talking about the long term things that you will be setting up in your business. I’m talking about what’s going to work now. If somebody said to you that the person that you love needed a life saving operation and you have two weeks or a month to bring in the amount of money that was needed, you’d make it happen, wouldn’t you? As an entrepreneur, you’d be looking at what is it that I can sell? What is it that I can package? What would be absolutely irresistible to people that I’m going to be able to sell that and bring that money in quickly? There’s your sweet spot baby. So that’s my question to you, is how can you flip it around so you can see an expense for something that’s going to help your business grow? You can go on the offence, be proactive, and make that money come in.

I’d love to hear from you. You can share down below and if you have a friend or a colleague in business that is struggling with that chicken and egg, pass this video on to them. It may be just that mindset flip that’s going to help them to get those results they want. Ok? Bye!


  1. Good one Janet! Especially your example of ‘what would you do if your loved one needed medical help?’!

    It’s a similar thing with investing – do you invest to ‘not lose money’ or to ‘make money’? Both very, very different mindsets.

    As always, great questions, info and tips Janet. Thank you. 🙂


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