Do You Have a Lifestyle Business or a 24/7 Job?

Life Balance Alert!

Before you hit the ground running with your exciting business plans for the year do the following activity.

Get your beautiful, blank diary for 2011 and block in your holidays NOW.

Then block in personal development, business development time THEN schedule your business projects.

You’re building a lifestyle business NOT a 24/7 job.

I share with you how I do this and something special I’ll be doing on Fridays this year. You may want to do the same.

I’d love to hear your comments below. Go on….tell me what you think ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. I should be camping on the beach while you watch this video so I’ll log on in a few days and join the conversation here. All part of Operation Automate Janet I’ll be teaching you on a special call in a couple of weeks.


  1. Catherine says:

    Janet You are right. Thank you.

  2. Great ideas here, Janet. I do this, and it has been wonderful for my life and my business. My family appreciates that we have so much time together each year.
    I hope you and I will have an opportunity to connect this year.

  3. Looking and sounding great Janet! Thanks for the wonderful suggestions and making me realise what I’m missing out on by not taking those holidays.

  4. Wonderful advice Janet – I want to come with you to belly dancing and drumming ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Thank you Janet, That is such great advice. I went straight to my family calendar and diary and did just what you suggested. It feels great to have a plan and direction. Very exciting ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I constantly read about the importance of taking time for myself, but you are right, it always gets put behind all the other biz stuff that comes up. Scheduling those holidays and different biz aspects sounds like a great way to get started. Thanks.

  7. Sharyn Swan says:

    Great reminder to us all Janet!
    I’ve booked in a few mini holidays throughout this year, as well as dates for next Summer.

    I also use and highly recommend ‘You’sessions! Start with the next week in mind and pencil in two x one hour sessions where you will committ to something else you enjoy apart from doing business.
    From that step, do it for the next week and so on.

    I love having my visit to the hairdresser, and last year started to block out the whole day and added in coffee/lunch with friends, nails or pedicure or go browse something of interest.

    Just begin and enjoy the power thrill from creating the life work harmony! Live Happy Sharyn

  8. Hi Janet
    I love your videos, they are such an inspiration.
    What you are describing is a bit like the ‘pay yourself first philosophy’ related to planning.
    It is so true we are in business to have a lifestyle that works for us, not to be a slave to our business.
    Thanks once again for the inspiration.
    PS When I do videos, I’m going to take a leave out of your book ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Sorry the words are garbled…….related to finances
    leaf out of your book
    Can anyone relate????

  10. Absolutely on Target, Janet! Relegate time NOW or NEVER, because the work WILL pile up and if we don’t take time to replenish ourselves then what can we realistically expect for our business? (We’re having snow here in my section of the world. You’re tropical holiday looks delicious!)

  11. I think I really can’t take a 24/7 job except maybe if I am going to be a mother soon…

  12. I think I cant take a 24/7 job because I am not that strong when it comes to workโ€ฆI still need a restโ€ฆ

    • so true. to be a good project planner you should write your goals and semi-goals, and write you achivment or failure

  13. Cher Shives says:

    24/7 job is really a tough one…I salute people who have it…

  14. Creating plans to achieve goals are very important and they are effective, for me…

  15. Resting is still important and I think I cannot handle a 24/7 job…

  16. Noraiza Braun says:

    Wonderful advice and suggestions! Remember, we all need rest. Taking on a 24/7 job is very dangerous. Take it slot and relax. And have time for other things especially your family!

  17. Victoria Taylor says:

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  18. Krysthal Wilson says:

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  19. This is nice and informative post from Janet. Certainly a good advice because never possible to do work 24/7 and it will extract our humanity and finally die. Need rest for developing our creativity where we work and make responsible ourselves. Thanks Janet for your wise writing.

  20. Abdul Awal says:

    Nice video. I been pleased to hear good advice from you. For every work need good plan besides need relax in work otherwise our goal will be postponed. Thanks nice sharing, Janet.

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  25. Make sure you do a schedule c for a small business make sure you have all your documentation of what you spent if you own a house make sure you itemize and also use h&r block there cheaper than a cpa or accountant and they will give you great advice on what to do next year i work for h&r block good luck on your endeavors

  26. I am now on the verge of starting my first business and I agree that this can help me improve up to some point.. dedication and hardwork is the key to a successful business lifestyle

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