Swipe file for sales letters for the female market

On our call yesterday with Lorrie Morgan – Ferrero, she promised to send us some examples of female friendly sales copy we can look at for ideas. Well true to her word she sent me an email today with some great samples to share with you.

Here are they are below.







Here are some extra words of wisdom from Lorrie
Remember, even though these are long copy sales letters, the formatting, the bullets and the headlines/subheads are designed to make the copy scannable and easy-to-read for busy women AND busy men. Yes, women despite our equality, it seems much of the household duties still far to us and our time seems even less than men’s.

 But the psychology of having all the answers, facts, and information on one scrolling page is still a proven copywriting device. Imagine how frustrating it would be to NOT get all the information you wanted about making a purchasing decision in one place and have to poke around many other sites to find it. It actually saves time to have it all in one place from one source. Then we can Google other sources to make our comparisons.

Thanks heaps Lorrie

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P.S.  Here is a link to Lorrie’s many products to help you master copywriting. This is really the no. 1 skill you need to master to create success in your internet business.

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